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Excellent in it's ability to create intelligent, offensive, hysterical satire
Red_Identity14 February 2011
I have loved The Onion website for a long time, but when I found out about a TV show on IFC I was skeptical. Could this actually work for TV? It definitely can...

The Onion News network has a pace that is always on lightning speed. It's definitely not for people who are not aware of certain topics and who get easily offended, but I mean, one has to love the way it's able to create such hysterical satire and comedy at the same time. Even when you are not laughing you can still appreciate and respect the source of the writing, and for that I am grateful that it is on the air. Hopefully IFC keeps it on...
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ONN Grabs You By the Short & Curlies and Doesn't Let Go!
Score_The_Film22 January 2011
Take the funniest of The Onion's print stories and put them in a CNN/FOX NEWS tabloid show setting and you've got THE ONION NEWS NETWORK. It's not the kind of thing that would likely air on one of the big 4 networks during prime time...but it should.

In a lot of ways it reminded me of that great British TV comedy series called BRASS EYE (1997) in how far they go for a gag. Like BRASS EYE, the humor goes to dark places to produce some great laugh-out-loud moments and there are plenty.

It's not often that the first episode of a series captivates me enough to be on board for the long haul but ONN did. It's lightning fast pace and sharp, biting jokes grab you from minute one and they don't let up for a moment. I'm sold. The rest of the season can't get here quick enough.
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Clean, professional, unstinting in its satire
rzajac29 January 2011
I love it! The Onion movie had the basic goods, but lacked cohesion. This format is perfect, and they execute it with aplomb.

It's not just funny: It's a vial of vitriol to the face of the pretense of culture and civility covering the rotting chassis of a heartless, soul-destroying high-tech, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, passive-consent-manufacturing media juggernaut.

Just when you're thinking, "Who's going to it? Who's going to pull the plug on Moloch's life-support?", someone comes along and gives it the ol' college go. And this time, it's them Onion folks, "Bob" bless 'em! Check it out. It's well-done. It's contemporary, and at the same time, timeless. They run a no-bullstuff operation, which is always heartwarming to see. They might give you a glib, postmodern guffaw. But, if you pay close attention, they just might rattle you to your core.

The only reason I don't give them a 10 in my rating is that I reserve that for regular, narrative theatrical productions that also rattle me to *my* core. So it's amazing to think that they come this close.
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Real Hard Hitting Hilarity
jimel9829 July 2014
The Onion has always been the benchmark for insanity. It's twisted sense of reality, Hilarity is totally over the top and is pure comedic genius. What's so great about everything The Onion does, it's done straight, VERY straight. I cannot help but think there are some folks out there who have watched this and thought, "This is just wrong. What is with this people?" and completely missing the fact that it's a parody, not real. Ever character, every news story is written and timed so well, it would be believable if it weren't so absurd. The talking head segments, the comments, everything is fantastic. It's got the same snap as National Lampoon had in it's heyday.

Lots of people can make good comedy. There are different styles and means of delivery and many of them work wonderfully within their style. Sure, there's a heck of a lot of garbage out there some folks are trying to pass off as comedy and sadly, more often than not, that's the stuff the birdbrains running the networks often flock to. But there are only so many who can truly pull THIS stuff off and why there aren't more seasons of The Onion News Network available is simply beyond me.

Peeling this Onion will make you cry tears of laughter. (Sorry, I felt I had to use that horrid metaphor).
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