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Time Of Eve Anime ( 2010 ) Review

Time Of Eve Anime ( 2010 ) ReviewStory86%Animation89%2016-01-2888%Overall ScoreReader Rating: (1 Vote)91%

Eve No Jikan” or “Time Of Eve” is an anime mini-series created by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. It comes in 5 easily digestible 15 minute episodes plus a half hour finale. My first thoughts about “Time Of Eve” go a little something like this: at first glance the artwork is fresh and edgy; the story is easy to relate to, even if it’s been done before; and the two main characters are straight out of your old (or maybe current) high school. Pretty cool stuff.

The concept is simple: man and machine coexist in a society very much like our own. Machines have evolved into androids and must respect Dr. Asimov’s Three Laws*. They now belong to an entire new caste, one that is deemed inferior to ours and are easily distinguishable from their human counterparts because of a glowing,
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