Abigail Spencer: Jessica


  • [first lines] 

    Kevin : Hi. Is this?... Are you Jessica?

    Jessica : Yeah.

    Kevin : Okay, you're Jessica.

    Jessica : Yes, I am.

  • Kevin : So tell me about you.

    Jessica : Pressure.

    Kevin : Pressure?

    Jessica : Well, yeah. I mean, who just talks about themselves except, like, actors?

  • Jessica : What should we call you, then? I mean, you're gonna need a name. You look like a Justin. How about Justin?

    Kevin : Justin? Really? I don't know. I don't think Justin feels right. I mean, they've been calling me John Doe and that definitely doesn't feel right.

    Jessica : How about Michael? I mean, I like the name Michael. In fact, a psychic once told me I was going to marry a man named Michael. I mean, not you, of course. Someone whose real name is Michael. Renaming doesn't count.

  • Kevin : No offense.

    Jessica : None taken. Do you ever notice that the only time people say 'no offense' is when they've clearly just offended someone? I mean, not me, but, you know, in general. I just always thought it was a really stupid thing to say. No offense.

    Kevin : None taken.

  • [last lines] 

    Ms. Laird : Lights out for the both of you.

    Jessica : Next time I get to have amnesia!

    Ms. Laird : No you don't, princess. Next time, I get to be the one with amnesia.

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