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The worst new Disney Channel show in years...
MsMovie30 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I rated this show a 1 because of what the kids who watched it with me said. The kids ranging from 4 - 10 - which is probably the demographic this is aimed at because the plots are pretty thin - complained about the following: 1) Terrible acting, and they didn't like either of the girls either.

2) 2 of the kids said they could dance better and they don't think they can dance much at all (I have to agree I thought the dancing would be much better than it is).

3) The stories are lame - their word not mine. They said they are fed up with kids trying to get into show business as the story and said what about more regular kids - they do like "Good Luck Charlie" and "Wizards of Waverly Place". When I asked why they liked those 2 they said the kids were more real and could act, plus they love Selena.

From my perspective as a parent and a TV watcher of Disney Channel for some years now this really is one of the worst thought out shows. "Sonny With a Chance" is just about OK, but it started off pretty lamely too, but we've had Miley as Hannah, Demi as Sonny, it's about time Disney stopped making shows about kids wanting to get into show biz because maybe a different storyline would be more interesting and believable.

All I can say is if this is the best Disney could come up with they need a serious shake it up of their writing staff because too many more dreadful shows like this one will drive viewers to Nickelodeon in droves! To conclude: unlikeable characters, bad plots, bad dancing - makes for a bad show! 1 out of 10 because IMDb doesn't give less than that!
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Review from an adult's stand point
chicka9118 June 2011
I'll start with something positive. The show does have some catchy songs and fun dance sequences. That's about all I can think of.

Now, as an education major, and someone who has spent the last 8 or so years teaching children, I have to say, this is a whole new "low" for Disney programming.

For starters, the show has 2 cute, fairly talented young girls for lead actresses, and the foundation for what could have been a great children's show. However, the characters are not likable, and it doesn't help that the writers do not give them much to work with. They are whiny, annoying, complaining, self-centered little girls. Plus, being a show for a wealthy company on a popular channel, I'm confused to why these teen actors were not given acting lessons. The acting is not good, my friends. It only grates on the nerves of the viewers (especially adults.) Next, this show does not have a real point to it. Yes, the actors sing and dance, and there's a loose plot... but that's about it. Most children's shows, especially on Disney have (or should have) a moral or lesson (underlying) for each episode. Miley in Hannah Montana lied to her father, got herself into a sticky situation, received a consequence, and learned a lesson. It happened over and over, but the writing was generally good, the acting pretty good for a kiddie show, and each episode had it's funny and sentimental moments. (You can disagree, but compare Hannah to SIU and it's like night and day.) The same goes for Good Luck Charlie and Wizards, the only 2 shows left that are worth families watching on Disney in my opinion.

Shake It Up, is teaching kids what, to be sassy and disrespectful to their parents, or all adults to that matter? Sneak out at age 12, to a big party, and pretend to be 16 to meet boys? That's a GREAT idea, Disney. Great role models! *sarcasm* The girls have serious attitude problems, and the show glamorizes the fact that the kids are smarter than the parents, because the parents are always clueless. The teachers at school aren't seen all that often, and when they are, the main characters are being disrespectful to them, or behaving badly in order to be cute or funny.(neither work) The show COMPLETELY sends the message that school and homework="bad & uncool." The characters are always degrading the importance of education (Why would you want your child to think like that?) The main characters are not charming, and kids watching do not really learn anything of value. The little brother of one of the girls is a smart-mouthed little brat (the opposite of how you would want your child to act) who really needs a good spanking (if you disagree with spanking, then a time-out, and a quiet talk with his mommy). The comedy is just silly, even for a kids show. All around, I would not recommend letting your child watch this, unless you want to encourage back-talk, bad behavior, and sassy attitudes.

Come on, Disney. Cancel this show, and bring on something of value!
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Really Bad...
svanle-smb16 December 2010
Yea this show is just... really... bad. The cast is just plain awful. David Cleveland although he might just be an amateur is just intolerably annoying. And baaaaaad... I've met and babysat a lot of kids and I don't think any kid would act like that, which may be for comedic purposes... it's not... there's like no passion to his acting, it's like watching a elementary school play. Actually the whole show feels like that. In fact the only thing saving this review from a 1/10 is Bella Thorne who actually isn't that bad. Or maybe she's lucky she's really cute. Either way I actually liked that kid's performance and was the only reason I didn't hit that channel button. Her friend however... really irritating. Sorry to say. Of course this just judging from two episodes and frankly... I don't think I want to see anymore...
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Mell_bell_ily20 May 2011
This show is awful. The characters are such show-offs, they try to act "cool," and way older than 13. The little brother, Flynn, could not be more annoying. Cece is just... awful. Bella Thorne is adorable, I'll give her that, but the character is such a show-off, always calling herself the "best dancer ever," bragging about her spot on a dance show, and bragging about her debit-card and allll the things she just bought with it. Rocky is pretty much the same. She's not a good actress, and she's very obnoxious. The other two kids, Deuce and Ty, SO. ANNOYING. They're so cocky, and Deuce has a horrid name, its pretty darn easy to slip up and say something else...

Honestly, there is nothing good to say about this. It's just another awful Disney TV show.
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Disney's Worst Show Yet.
rachietanya13 January 2011
I watch this show with my little sisters, but it's the worse show Disney has produced yet. I like Wizards of Waverly places, but this show is just BAD in general. The jokes aren't funny, the story line is a bore, it consists of bad overacting and terrible dancing. The girls dance incredibly sloppily and the only character who can really dance is Roshon Fegan. During each episode, I feel like what they define as "acting" are just their lines said screaming. The only positive things I have to say about this show is that I like the theme song, the boys are cute, and the two main characters are gorgeous; that's probably the only reason Disney picked them in the first place--after all, they can't dance, and they definitely can't act.
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Hate it!!
nadia9811 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This Show is absolutely terrible...I'm a 12 year old saying this! Disney have officially ran out of ideas..the new show "good luck Charlie" was very good but this shake it up show is terrible and the main characters are so annoying!! i don't think it would be funny to even a 6 year old!! I hate this show and I bet there are many who agree with me!!! The thing that the show is about seems alright but the actresses act so bad It ruins the whole wonder they only have each other..i wouldn't like them ever!! This show won't go far. Even Hannah Montana is better than this rubbish and that is shocking so I wonder how the next idea of Disney's will end up like.
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What a stinker.
sguinee6530 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my word! Who's idea was this? This is the worst show Disney has ever had. The plot is dumb, the acting is terrible, and it's not funny at all. I'm sure so many people (including me) would love to be up there on TV, people with talent. Disney hit an all time low with this cast. They have no talent for acting whatsoever. Seriously, who picked these people? The plot is dumb because the most common people get picked for a spot on a dance show as background dancers. But they sure are in the front a lot for a couple of background dancers. And there these two German characters who make you want to start a war with Germany. There's this stupid red head twig, Cece, who has dyslexia. She gives it a bad name. She has bad grades and does a terrible job of acting stupid. It's so stereotypical. She makes it look like all people with dyslexia are lazy and stupid and they use their disability as an excuse. Her character is supposedly "wild and free", but she just looks like a moron to me. But then there's her best friend, Rocky. She's annoying and intrusive. And there's this guy Deuce. He's also not very bright. And he's also a "business man" if that's what they dare to call it. And then there's Rocky's older brother, Ty, who is equally annoying. He's a "playa" who wants to be a rapper. And then there's Cece's little brother. This child is rude and loud. My 7 year old little sister even hates this show. She's a kid who likes pretty much everything. Well, not everything I guess. I just didn't like this show and I thought it was dumb.
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The worst show in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
golebiowskichris21 January 2011
Ah shake it up, the worst show in history!!!!!!!! When i was searching through TV channels and nothing was on so i decided to put on shake it up because i had no choice. So when I just watch 30 seconds of the show, I was bored. The jokes are not even funny. The acting is so horrible that I would through up multiple times and that shows how bad the show is. This is not the magic of Disney. Today we get shows that have to do with real people. I remember as a little kid, the original mickey mouse cartoons were on so I would watch that( please note that I am 14 and the cartoons were re-runs). I wish Disney today would just go back to the basics and make more mickey mouse cartoons and i'm not talking about mickey mouse clubhouse which just ruined mickey mouse. So final verdict: shake it up is just a waste of time and is just stupid. And watch the show is going to get cancelled in a matter of episodes.
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Just awful.
david-927-59927910 June 2011
Shake it Up is, in essence, a cheap attempt by Disney to attract the singers and dancers who made up the "High School Musical" fan base. But this is just poor. The plot was probably thought up while the creator was on a drunken rant and the actresses hired based on their appeal to preteens instead of true acting ability. The show, like every Disney show, has the two female friends, their male companions, the ignorant black man who serves as a "clown" of sorts. This show couldn't be any worst. The jokes aren't funny,not even to my younger sister. The characters are unappealing, the show is extremely overacted and the whole thing has a production value that should PAY you to watch it. This just showcases, once again, Disney cannot rent a good show. Even when ABC or Disney gets a good show, they get rid of it for poor shows like this. I would rejoice if it were canceled.
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Disney has gone to a new low!
applover198926 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After hearing some friends say the show was good I decided to give it a chance even though I normally don't like these kinds of shows. I don't like Sonny with a chance and most Disney shows with "Teen" Singers/Dancers/Actors. But I thought I might like this one. I have no idea why and I was so wrong! This is probably one of THE worst Disney shows in years-if not the worst! Hannah Montana was OK and Suite Life was OK. This show is the worst of them all! Its the opposite messages you want to send to kids. First of all, in the beginning episode you see the two main characters, CeCe and Rocky, dancing for money on the streets. Not for food but for a cell phone! Next they go on a dancing show to fulfill their dream (nothing wrong with that , right?). Well, CeCe and Rocky come 2nd at some of the competitions. Instead of saying "We'll try harder next time" they whine and whine. Not a good message to send to kids! Next is the wardrobe. I noticed that the 2 main girls wear clothes and makeup that would take hours to put together. It looks unreal how they would look so "Professionally done" at school! Next is the writing. The writers just re-use the same lines on every show! And the same character personalities. Every show now on Disney there is a mean, popular girl, usually 2 girls who get picked on by the mean girl, the annoying brother and the goofy kid. Almost all those characters are on Hannah Montana. The one good show on Disney I like is Good Luck Charlie. Its good, funny and has normal kids. No kids trying to be famous. Go watch Good Luck Charlie!
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Grab the Remote Before the Theme Song Ends!
madelinebiz8 March 2011
Shake It Up! is Disney's newest show about two 13-year-old girls living in Chicago. The show is centered around the teens' new "jobs" on a hit television show called Shake It Up Chicago where the latest dance crazes are broadcasted. Plots of the episodes mostly include scenes from the show, school and some of the girls other antics. Not only are the plots hollow and problems resolved way too easily, but the girls are also far too independent for 7th/8th graders. There are almost no adults in the entire show (CeCe's mom works late nights as a cop, Rocky's mom has only been in one episode, and other teachers or authority figures are almost never shown). If any teenage girl actually lived like this, especially with how gorgeous Bella and Zendaya (stars of the show) are, they probably would have been kidnapped by now. Not only are the plots, characters, problems and resolutions ridiculous, but so is their dancing. The only good dancer on the show is the part of Rocky's brother Ty played by Roshan. In my opinion Shake It Up cannot be considered a "dance show", due to the fact that they ONLY display freestyle/fad dancing, aka the latest crazes in music videos. They pay absolutely no respects to any other form of dancing such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop, street, acrobatics etc. I have been a dancer for 13 years and I have never seen something so ridiculous as to call itself a dance show. In all, this show may be amusing to 5-7 year olds, but anyone older than that, grab the remote as fast as you possibly can.

(p.s. I am a 16 year old girl who actually enjoys a few a Disney's other shows, pretty much only Phineas and Ferb along with Wizards of Waverly Place)
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This show is terrible
owensmomma0815 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you thought the Hannah Montana character was disrespectful to adults, you'll think she was an angel compared to these two characters, Rocky and CeCe. They talk back to their teachers and are flat out disrespectful. The characters are spoiled and act as such. You would think Disney would want characters on their shows who encouraged kids to be better kids but these certainly wouldn't. The "Show It Up" episode is particularly terrible. Disney makes Rocky come across as ungrateful and only doing good deeds to get recognition. (She storms off the stage at an awards show at school because she keeps getting 2nd place awards. Even mocking the 1st place winner as she storms off. She talks back the principal as well.)

The acting is terrible. While I can stand to watch CeCe, the Rocky character is awful. Maybe it's her acting style but everything is way overacted and over the top. None of the other characters stand out as exceptional either.

Sure the idea to have a show with the dancing theme is different, the story line itself is not that exciting either. Even the dancing to me is sub-par. I just think with all the talent out there, Disney can do better than this show. I really hope Disney decides not to renew this show.
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Worst show ever.
bluedevils2012724 August 2011
This show is the worst show I have seen come out of Disney, wait, I have a correction, it is tied with A.N.T Farm.

I have only seen a couple episodes while babysitting a 6-year-old, and to put it frankly, I cannot see how she finds it a good show. I would rather her out Hannah Montana on than this thing they call a TV show,

So this show stars two 13 year girls. (Don't ask me their names because I couldn't tell you.) They are dancers on a show called Shake it Up Chicago. But the thing is, it is not really dancing. It is shaking their 13-year-old booties on a stage in clothes acceptable for...... a nothing really. When they are not on this show with no purpose, they are out trying to achieve their current egotistical goals that involves benefit for them. Meanwhile, there is a 6 year-old boy who never seems to be under the watchful eye of anyone. In reality, this show is meant to make a 6-year-old to shut up for 30 minutes.
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FlyingSockMonkey8 July 2011
Shake It Up is about 2 girls aspiring to be on their favourite dance show, & of course they do end up on the show. Afterwards, the show is about how its like to be on Shake it Up Chicago & the struggles with all the characters. Well, At first I thought the show was funny & that was only because of Gunther but afterwards I realized the show was terrible! First of all, these girls Cece & Rocky are supposed to be really good dancers but honestly I don't think they are even that talented! Cece's brother Flynn is an absolute headache & cannot act AT ALL. Any thing he does seemed so fake. I thought that Ty & Deuce were kind of useless as characters & were an excuse for a laugh. Gunther & Tinka, are probably the most funny part of the show or the only reason its watchable. Cece & Flynn's mom really didn't do much for the show either & I think she was as useless as Deuce & Ty. Ty, Deuce, & the Mom were basically just added in there as excuses for characters. I think that in this show, Disney tried too hard to get creative with names because I have never seen anyone or heard of anyone named Deuce. Doesn't the word Deuce have something to do with Tennis? The music, the fashion, & maybe Gunther & Tinka are the only reasons I think anyone would continue to watch this show.
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Disney went downhill
AMNgymnast25925 February 2011
I think that Disney channel hit its high point when it created Hannah Montana and wizards of Waverly place. however, it went downhill when it created sonny with a chance and then even further when it created good luck Charlie. when i first saw shake it up i knew it was going to be bad. the two main characters CeCe and Rocky get discovered dancing and get put on a TV show. It is exactly like how Sonny got discovered and put on the show So Random. The dancing in the show is very bad and the characters acting is terrible. They OVER act using too many facial expressions and hand gestures. The only thing i somewhat enjoyed were the two Russian characters who were kind of funny. After a few minutes of watching the show, my head started to hurt and i had to turn the channel to something else. Disney Channel needs to come up with better ideas.
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I cannot stand this show
TheLittleSongbird19 July 2011
I do love Disney, having grown up with it. Not all the Disney Channel show stuff is bad, I love Good Luck Charlie, Sonny with a Chance and Phineas and Ferb(and also Even Stevens when it was on). On the other hand, there are also some stuff on there I cannot stand, especially this and Hannah Montana.

At least Shake It Up! has Bella Thorne, who is very cute and is pretty decent compared to everyone and everything else on the show.(I have never been able to stand Miley Cyrus, not just as a singer and actress but as a person too).

I cannot stand everything else though. Zendaya Coleman is incredibly irritating, and Davis Cleveland is so obnoxious that there are times where you wish the ground would swallow him up. That's not all, the production values do look amateurish often, the music is forgettable at best, the story lines repetitive and predictable, the jokes and writing unfunny and tired and the characters clichéd and irritating.

In conclusion, I just cannot stand Shake It Up! despite any effort to try to tolerate it at least. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Dear God, Disney has hit an all time low.
moonrunner2426 November 2011
There are no words to express how much I hate this show! Let me start with the atrocious actors: Zendaya, or whatever her name is, cannot act to save her life!!! OMG all of her facial expressions make me want to punch her in the throat. She can't dance, can't act, or SING. Goodness did they just find her off the street???? ZERO TALENT WHATSOEVER! Bella Thorne, is not as bad as Zendaya when it comes to acting, but SUCKS at dancing! Good lord in the first episode at the ending dance scene you can see her COUNTING! She also has ZERO TALENT. Davis Cleveland has got to be the WORST ACTOR TO EVER GRACE THE Disney NAME! Are you effin kidding me??? He's got the acting skills of an ametuear elementary school play! He is so freaking annoying and they need to write him off the show. The annoying siblings who also think they have talent: Annoying, but not as bad as everyone else. They too, HORRIFIC at dancing. Older brother: Has got to be the best person on the show! He's got the best acting skills, which is not saying much but still! He is freaking AMAZING at dancing and can do SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS! Deuce(The guy whose face looks like its painted on): I don't really pay attention too sooo IDK? But judging from the rest of the cast he can't be too good.

Lets move on to the writing, one word: AWFUL. The jokes are lame, the script is stupid and the writer just needs to be shot. This is just terrible. And this show dare calls itself a dance show! Not only is the choreography just atrocious,the girls CANNOT DANCE. The brother should be the only one on that stage and of course he is barely seen dancing! They are having episodes where the girls are "teaching kids how to dance" well, THEY ARE THE LAST PEOPLE TO LEARN FROM CHILDREN! RUN FAR AWAY!!!! Not only is the show absolutely fake, its just plain awful and its obvious Disney is getting desperate. I mean come on, shows like ANT Farm ,Jesse, Fish hooks?!? I wish Disney could go back to shows that were actually worth watching, like Lizze McGuire, or Even Stevens! Disney is going downhill fast, and they don't care who they cast in their shows anymore. I could get a part in a show and be making episodes by next year! You no longer need talent apparently anymore, just look at Zendaya and Bella Thorne.

I would rate a 0 but it doesn't go that far.
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brutalkid199719 February 2012
this show is unfunny , stupid , too cocky and just plain annoying whats so entertaining about 1 smoking hot chick and one ugly chick dancing and being b***** to each other. I'm so annoyed by this show and I'm so angry that people even like it.suite life on deck , sonny with a chance , my baby sitters a vampire , so random and good luck Charlie are funny this is not this is retarded just like the hot girl in shake it up.

this show could be better if they well they cant now that they are too far in i have seen the trailer for the next season and there's only one thing to say HELL NO JUST NO.

i don't recommend this unless your so dumb your IQ points are 5 or under or if you as smart as a sperm cell
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Not great
lamareikan19 October 2011
I could probably comment on how Disney is going downhill, or that they need to stop with the shows about double-lives or trying to get into the show business. I will give it the benefit of the doubt that the jokes are a result of bad writing, the acting has potential though. These are the kinds of jokes I'd probably find funny if I was still 4-11 years old, because they've been recycled so much on Disney. For the most part it's so unrealistic, and need I explain why? It should only take you one episode to determine no 13 year old girl is THAT independent in the middle of Chicago. I remember shows like Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire, that are arguably just as cheesy as anything else Disney puts out. However, the main difference was it taught kids valuable life lessons, and TV doesn't care about that as much any more. The kids act spoilt, sassy, like they can always win and always get whatever they want. If kids keep growing up with this idea in their head that they can be sassy little brats as adults without getting beaten up or killed, it just shows you what's wrong with today's generation.

However, I do have a guilty pleasure for the fashion, the theme song is catchy and danceable, and the actors are really cute. However, those aren't really good reasons to like a show, but it did lift my rating from a 1 to a 3.
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Disney Channel....grow some b******* and get back to your good programming
devin-takahashi7913 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, let me begin by saying in a nut shell: this show a disgrace to Disney Channel. Now to elaborate on that nut shell statement, let me just begin with the characters, awful, just awful. Rocky=smart-a**and arrogant beyond recognition. I will say her dancing is not bad, but seriously, every time she laughs it just sounds more fake and fake (don't even know how that is possible). She has an awful ego and many other reasons (I want to keep this review as short as possible), then there's CeCe= such a valley girl, I don't even know. Now my main complaint against her is she makes dyslexics look bad all over the place. Trust me, I've gone to a school for gifted and dyslexic people, and there were super smart people. Anyways, she complains in the beginning of the series about Rocky knowing about her dyslexia, however she is beyond a failure at school and gives a bad impression for dyslexics. It's her own fault she doesn't study and ultimately fails, and still has the audacity to complain. Next character: Flynn. Good grief have mercy on this kid. He is ANNOYING and has the undeserved ego that equals to that of Lexi from ANT Farm or Zuri from Jessie. I'd prefer Matt from Lizzie McGuire because he was tolerable and funny at times, however, Flynn just makes me so angry every time he talks, it's like I lose brain cells. He thinks he's cute (honestly not really), and almost always has a sarcastic remark for what anyone says. The other two characters, Deuce and Ty, are such wannabes. That's all I have to say.

This show overall, is just a massive pile of s#&*. The plot is mundane and repetitive. The characters wish they could act, but sadly can't. Parents, if you want your kids to become smarter individuals, I highly recommend letting your kids avoid this show.
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Worst Disney Show Ever!!!!!
TVPrincess9619 February 2012
I think this show is completely awful and annoying. The acting and story lines are bad. I think the two main characters personalities are very similar and they do not act like individuals. They both think they are perfect and vain, which I guess it's good in someway to teach self confidence however it does get annoying after a while. Cici and Rocky wear a lot of makeup on the show, even my 12 year old sister pointed out how oddly dressed they were. However that is just a minor thing. Cici and Rocky are background dancers on a popular dance show, but they are not the best dancers. If they are, they do not really show their talent on the show. Compared to previous shows like Hannah Montana and the Suitelife which I found enjoyable and funny, Shake it up is not. The comedy is my main deciding factor on whether I would enjoy a Disney show, since Shake it up has none, I wouldn't watch it.
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Very bad, One of Disneys worse shows ever
koohru15 October 2011
I watched 3 episodes since i wanted to see how it was. Before i watched it i knew it would be bad and i was right. It has bad acting, bad dancing, jokes that aren't funny, weird clothes and too much make up. Is this what Disney wants to show kids cause if so this generation is ruined. Did i also mention that the jokes were already used before in other shows which is why its not really funny. If you want to watch something good or have kids watch something good i would suggest older Disney shows since they have meaning and are actually enjoyable. I may only be 15 but i have seen so many old Disney shows that were great and seeing this just makes me upset. Its as if Disney channel is creating bad shows in order to gain attention of young girls and more money. If only Disney channel was how it was before because now i can no longer watch it without this and other shows coming on that aren't even good.
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r-frisby21 February 2011
Since I can't stand this ridiculous, talentless muck that passes for entertainment (similar to that annoying Bieber a$$), I haven't bothered to memorize any of the character names, so I'll just refer to them as girls and guys. First off, I think these girls (main actresses) should stick with dancing and abandon acting because they are about the worst I've ever seen on the Disney channel or on any channel for that matter. Seriously, did somebody actually trick these girls into thinking they have acting talent? If so, they should be put in front of a firing squad and blasted into the Universe.

Also, the cop mom looks like she should be sliding down a pole somewhere with the way she looks and dresses and unlike the other Disney shows worth watching, (Wizards, Zack and Cody, etc.) she's the only mom character that has a masculine demeanor. Then of course let's not forget the black lady with the most annoying laugh in the world. As if the acting isn't bad enough, we need to listen to that Hyena/Jackal laugh???

This show is just pathetic all the way around and I can't wait until it's canceled...which won't be long...I hope.
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Absolutely horrible !!!
Wtfisup1 June 2011
This show follows two girls who dance in the subway because the biggest problem in their life is not having a cell phone like everyone in their class. The girl who plays Rocky over acts way too much and has overly expressed facial reactions, more of the lines of Hannah Montana than Jim Carrey. CeCe is the typical character in the show that is idolized and humorous because of her slow mind. She does horrible in school and acts out. And of course there are the kids who are to play their "rivals", Gunther and Tinka; the foreigners. Although , Gunther is an inappropriate character. I was doing work with " Shake it up !" playing in the background. All of a sudden , I hear Gunther say something on the lines of having his puppet play a boy going through the time of his changing body , where he continued to say , in his puppet voice " There is yarn where there wasn't yarn before " Seriously ? How did that get passed Disney. I have read a review saying that an old lady character saying " you call that dancing ? I did better than that when I was a Vegas showgirl, and I did it in my birthday suit !" Uhm, no. I would not let my children watch this show, if I had children. I am 17 and it upsets me with how inappropriate this show can be knowing who their target audience is.

If you want your kids to idolize the young greedy whiney girls who dance like their clubbing on TV , then what this show. Especially if you want to teach your kids about strippers and puberty when they're young !

P.S. Why would they name a character "Deuce" ? First time I heard his name , I thought it was ridiculously stupid. " Deuce " to me will always mean " taking a poo ".
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Shake it up you mean shake it down
pooterbear12 August 2013
What in the hell is this?! The first episode was a slap in my face, I just knew this wasn't going to continue well. First off we have a stupid red head who probably knows nothing but Dance an that's the worst part....she CAN'T dance!! Then we have this know it all smartas* who can't dance either and thinks she's best at everything, which she's clearly not. Then we have lame as* Tinka who looks like my uncle gold tooth every episode. This show is by far the worst Disney could think of! Who ever thought this show was a good idea, probably never had a childhood experience with Disney and their entertaining shows in the past. The only time I smiled and enjoyed the show was when the credits were on the screen going to good luck Charlie. I feel bad for Selena Golmez she had to sit there and record there shi*y theme song.
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