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28 Oct. 2008
Andrew Zimmern sets out to explore the customs and culture of Turkey, a continental crossroads that's rich in history. It's a country where the past still holds a strong influence on modern life.
1 Sep. 2009
Andrew Zimmern travels to Belize where it is stunningly beautiful to look at but concealing secrets beneath its dazzling surfaces. Thousands of visitors who visit never get beyond the shimmering coastline but Andrew uncovers the natural wonders of this country while also connecting with various communities.
8 Sep. 2009
In the beautiful island country of Cuba, Andrew Zimmern travels to places few Americans have had the opportunity to explore and samples unusual local foods along the way. Behind the palm curtain Andrew gets a rare glimpse into the lives of Cubans.
15 Sep. 2009
Andrew Zimmern ventures to Botswana where he heads deep into the Kalahari Desert. Surrounded by vast land and various exotic creatures he makes himself right at home with the Ju'hoansi tribe who has lived in the remote Kalahari for more than twenty centuries.
22 Sep. 2009
South Africa
Andrew Zimmern travels to the Republic of South Africa, a country known for its exotic wildlife, its kaleidoscope of cultures, and the apartheid that meant 40 years of racial segregation. Andrew gets a taste of some the traditions of the past and the present as he learns how the country is overcoming its painful history and looking to the future.
6 Oct. 2009
Andrew Zimmern travels to picturesque Sulawesi, a part of Indonesia where the funeral rituals are elaborate ancient customs still deeply rooted in the rich and colorful community of Tana Toraja.
13 Oct. 2009
Andrew Zimmern explores the stunning Indonesian island of Bali, where every aspect of life is fraught with meaning and ritual. From dance to food to ceremonies, Andrew meets islanders who inject every moment with a sense of wonder and mystery.
29 Sep. 2009
From cutting edge Berlin to kitschy Alpine villages, Andrew Zimmern goes beyond Germany's modern exterior to explore its hidden character. His traveling companion is Jasmin Manalac, Travel Channel's winner of "Are You Bizarre Enough for TV?" internet video contest. Find out if she has what it takes to follow in Andrew's footsteps!
20 Oct. 2009
Andrew Zimmern dives into the hidden aspects of Floridian culture to explore this land of oddities with enclaves of people living outside the norm. From sponge divers and frog giggers to mermaids and drag racers, Andrew explores what makes the Sunshine State a compelling magnet for the weird and the wonderful.
27 Oct. 2009
Andrew Zimmern heads to the northern Midwest for an adventure through America's dairyland, Wisconsin. It's a place where the people put their own take on everything from food to sports to old time traditions.

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