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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of fantasy violence and action

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Throughout the film many scenes show large fires, multiple screen-filling volcanic eruptions, explosions, earthquakes, raging giants, roaring fire-breathing monsters, people covered in burning coals that climb along their arms, black hills in the underworld erupting in flames, armies marching with swords and long staffs, a few knife and sword fights and exhibitions of people throwing lightning and shock waves out of their hands to destroy the landscape.
  • In an underworld scene, lava flows on paths and climbs up a chained man's arms until they turn black and a younger man punches him 5 times until an older man stops him and he goes up to Earth where he fights several men, stabbing them with daggers and swords and being stabbed in return (we see little blood).
  • In an underworld of black hills, four men argue, and one man ties another man at the wrists between two columns using chains: lightning flashes through the sky and flames lick up from a pit nearby as fire-breathing gargoyles or dragons and fire spitting humanoid demons dash across the screen and the demons lash out toward the audience; the demons and dragons break through the ceiling and onto the Earth's surface where they chase people in a village, a large, two-headed, slobbering, lion-like animal breathes fire and fights with a man, its tail becomes a hissing cobra and the man slices it off with a sword (we see little blood), then stabs the beast numerous times with a dagger (no blood) and chains its heads together (the beast accidentally catches itself on fire and burns itself to ashes).
  • Several people walk down a walkway and enter the underworld where a black wall grows a fiery face, arms and legs, and eventually breaks free and walks up to Earth; two men fight with knives and punching and kicking, one of the men stabs a woman in the abdomen below screen and we see her fall out of the shot, apparently dead, and the two men continue fighting and one dies when the other stabs him several times (we see some blood). Demon-men run through an army and kill several men with sword slicing and we see bodies fall (a little blood is seen).
  • Several humans and two gods leave the underworld and go to Earth via a flash of power produced by a magic long staff/trident weapon that creates a bright flash; on Earth, a Greek army fights four-armed demons and a giant charred demon-god that breathes fire and creates several explosions of flames and black smoke as large as nuclear mushroom clouds, and two gods fight the huge black charred demon-god by throwing lighting and power shocks until it is destroyed by another man that jams a long, lightning covered spear down the demon-god's throat.
  • A search party walks through a maze and a prison where floors and walls move, rocks fall and three people are squeezed between two walls that are moving inward; a slobbering humanoid monster that has wooden horns and cleft lips attacks a man who fights with the monster and stabs him many times with a sharp metal staff (we see some blood) and the monster dies.
  • A hunting party in a forest trips tripwires and a man is taken up through trees in a wooden cage; two Cyclopes appear in sequence, stabbing large daggers toward the audience and roaring; one Cyclops chases a man through the woods and they trip one another with tree branches, punches and leg grabs, the Cyclops cuts off the tips of large trees with a broadsword and we hear loud yelling until a large tree falls on the Cyclops' head and knocks him out (the other Cyclops yells and an older Cyclops call off the chase).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Titans can be frightening to children.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.


  • 1 uses of Bloody, 1 uses of Bastard.

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