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An improvement. Not a gigantic leap forward for cinema but, armed with a new director, a new story and the return of a trying-harder Worthington and good ol' Liam Neeson as a put-upon Zeus, a marked upgrade in quality.
It's a mess too, but it's far more defensible as a lazy Sunday lark for those who have just recently outgrown action figures.
Wrath of the Titans relentlessly wore me down with special effects so overscale compared to the characters in the film that at times the only thing to do was grin.
Boxoffice Magazine
Wrath of the Titans delivers blockbuster bluster with single-minded blandness.
If even a tenth of the care and attention lavished on the production design and action sequences had been afforded the script, this could have been an adventure of legendary proportions. As it is, this fizzles whenever anyone opens their mouths.
This is a relentlessly mechanical piece of work that will not or cannot take the imaginative leaps to yield even fleeting moments of awe, wonder or charm.
The biggest fault is that comparatively little attention is given to the monsters.
I've always said, "If you've seen one god, you've seen them all," and Wrath of the Titans only serves to underscore my point.
Wrath Of The Titans is shopworn and derivative even by the degraded standards of contemporary blockbuster filmmaking.
Slant Magazine
Made possible by the half a billion dollars Clash of the Titans garnered worldwide, Wrath of the Titans sputters and coughs on the fumes of its own inevitability.

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