"The Cleveland Show" Another Bad Thanksgiving (TV Episode 2010) Poster

Jason Sudeikis: Holt Richter


  • Donna Tubbs : [to Janet]  Girl, what did you do last night?

    Holt Richter : [as he comes downstairs]  Me. Rub a dub-dub. Two men in two Tubbs. Their last name is Tubbs.

  • Janet : [to Holt]  Look, about last night...

    Holt Richter : Rob Lowe.

    Janet : You and me...

    Holt Richter : Dupree.

    Janet : We...

    Holt Richter : Women's Entertainment network.

  • Cleveland Brown : Gotta go find Holt and Janet.

    [to the turkey] 

    Cleveland Brown : Luke Wilson, make sure no one steals my goggles.

    Holt Richter : [walks over to Cleveland]  Cle-Bro. Grub time. They were out of sliders, so I got you popcorn shrimp.

    Cleveland Brown : [to Donna; crying]  I told you I'm sick. I found him an hour ago. I was gonna tell you, but then I got hungry and thirsty. Oh, Donna. Nobody is more disappointed in me right now than I am.

  • Cleveland Brown : Holt, you don't wanna marry Janet.

    Holt Richter : Because of the C-section scar? Doesn't bother me. Bothers me a little.

  • Janet : Look, Holt. I can't marry you. My sister's right. You're too nice a guy for a party girl like me.

    Holt Richter : Oh, God. I think I need a Red Bull.

    [someone hands him a Red Bull] 

    Holt Richter : Thank you, Freddy.

    Janet : I'm just realizing that I'm not ready to settle down right now. I'm sorry, but I am open to being non-monogamous, long-distance boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Holt Richter : What does that mean?

    Janet : I'll sleep with you whenever I'm in town.

    Holt Richter : Do I still have to dress up like Austin Powers?

    Janet : I never asked you to do that.

    Holt Richter : Didn't have to. Wedding's off, everybody, but we're still gonna shag, baby.

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