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Light and Bubbly and I Love It!
derrickluciano1 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is one film you'll enjoy on a popcorn weekend night with your friends. Just go with the tide and enjoy Corey's affairs with two hunky guys.

The plot: Psychoanalyst Corey proposes to boyfriend Jon. Jon who thinks he's "flexi-sexual" got scared and runs off with an older woman who later became one of Corey's patients. Corey meets and dates hunky pizza boy Pete. Then it's Corey's turn to get scared of the potential perfect boyfriend. Who is he gonna end up with?

The film is peppered with hilarious characters: the crazy lesbian sister, the "animal lover" patient, the schizo puppeteer, the cookie old woman. Editing is fast and not a scene is wasted. What can you say when two guys go "catch me if you can" in the woods. Very funny indeed.

Tyler Poelle who played Corey is a natural comedian. Joel Rush who played pizza boy Pete is more than just eye candy. The other actors look very professional and have natural comic timing. Over-all, a likable film...
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Lovely Story
Camideville14 November 2016
I want to start by saying I don't take movies too seriously. If you can get me to sit through one...congrats on the writing & execution. I had been dying to see this because one of my friends; local Dallas artist, Paco Estrada, has a song on the soundtrack. It's the beautiful medley when Corey & Pete hookup. I'll do anything support Paco. I think the story is cute, I like the actors & would recommend it to anybody. I had empathy for the main character & enjoyed the comedic relief of the sister. I also felt for the Pete. The first boyfriend, was a perfect antagonist. The clients are a little far fetched. I think it's to make you see how much worse things could be on the other side of the fence.
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Modern Screwball Comedy
donwc19961 August 2014
This film is an absolute hoot. It has some of the funniest bits ever done in film and it is a modern rendition of the classic screwball comedy of the Thirties like Bringing Up Baby with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn or My Girl Friday and other great classic comedies. The cast in this film is utterly inspired they are so perfect. The lead is like a puppy he is so adorable and the two hunks after him are so hot you almost want to cry. The sister is almost the best part of the film she is so incredibly lovable and funny. You just want to hug her forever. The photography, locations, music are all first rate making this film just plain fun, fun, fun.
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A typically stupid gay movie from LA (where else?)
jm1070126 January 2015
Love Or Whatever is completely unbelievable, unfunny and unromantic.

The main character is ugly and obnoxious, a whining, self-obsessed creep. We're supposed to believe that two West Hollywood gym bunnies are in love with him. We're supposed to believe that he's a licensed, practicing psychotherapist. We're supposed to laugh at a slobbering, leering, lecherous old woman and at a middle-aged woman who enjoys being attacked by male mountain lions.

We're supposed to be touched (and laugh too, maybe?) when WeHo Gym Bunny #2 (the pizza guy, the tall one with blue eyes, in case you have trouble telling them apart) wipes the snot dripping from the poor heartbroken hero's nose. We're supposed to be thrilled (and laugh too, maybe?) at the possibility that they may indeed be THE ONE for each other.

Only fans of the endless Eating Out series and similarly stupid gay comedies could like this movie. It was made by and for morons.
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Nothing new, but quite cheerily done...
CelluRob20 January 2020
This is quite an enjoyable, throw-away, tale about a successful man who had a good job, a good boyfriend and a loving (if slightly in-your-face all the time sister). His boyfriend dumps him for a lady, and so off he goes on a new journey of self-discovery. Along the way he meets some pretty people and some new love! Now and again, it can be quite funny and it's all been seen before, but it's only 80 minutes! A longer credit list than "Lord of the Rings", though - what did they all do??
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The difference between this and a straight romantic comedy....
ekeby16 September 2018
Is probably ten or twenty million dollars. Meaning, better production values, better direction, script doctors, etc.

Rom coms are one tough genre for gay folk, evidently. There aren't many that succeed. This one doesn't either, but I can see how the script--which is pretty innocuous--almost makes it over the finish line. There are at least a couple of sharp lines in the movie, all delivered by the hardworking Jennifer Elise Cox.

I've come to the conclusion that it's a matter of money. There are plenty of straight rom coms that are much more watchable than this movie, but they aren't really any better. Throw a lot of money at a mediocre script and at least it's viewable. Is it really that simple?

This premise could have been sharp and original. But the writer and the director went for the obvious to make up for what the script lacked. And the result is overwrought and overacted and unnecessarily frantic. Too bad. It could have been good.
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