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Surprisingly Sweet
burtonislame31 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When I originally heard of this series I was expecting nothing more than "fan service". It's definitely there, but it's hard for me to call it that because it becomes so much more than that as the show goes on. As a guy it really wasn't something to turn me on or anything, it was just how those kinds of awkward situations would really feel or play out. It's by far the most hilarious and westernized anime I've seen. The two main characters' relationship is actually pretty painful to watch because of how much they want something so simple yet they just can't have it. It also brought me back a few years in my life when I was a freshman and how many mistakes I made in similar situations.
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Hopeful and entertaining
spunkenhimer-847-95266417 November 2013
Its a great show for anyone with an open mind and a hopeful heart. Its extremely funny and entertaining. I really wish they would bring it back or continue it but i'm pretty sure they wont. Still a great show for people of almost all ages. I wouldn't say let your kids watch the show but its a great show to watch with a girlfriend/SO. I guess you could call it an anime version of "How i met your mother". Just change the line to "How Yamada lost her V card". With all the raunchy lines and risqué scenes you might think you would be on the border of being a perv watching a show like this at first, but it has such a great way to tell its story that it keeps you coming back for more and such a great delivery of the lines and the voice actors that it makes you kinda reminisce about your own firsts loves. All the characters have some of the best material for growing up and having entertaining way of going through high school and the adolescent attitude towards the opposite/same sex.
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Never actually seen an anime girl going all out!
Irishchatter28 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yamada is definitely one of the outspoken sex advocates you hardly ever seen in anime as well as being hilarious based on some of the stuff she comes out with. Herself and Takashi did match well despite their personality differences. They were literally adorable and it was funny in the near end that they tried making "love" in a love hotel that the bed they were on was spinning out of control. However Takashi got hurt so it was a bit of bummer that their first attempt didn't go well lol.

Anyways definitely watch this anime folks, if you need a laugh or want anime that does have sex jokes in it. 8/10
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While this show is really funny at some points, the ending makes you want to pull your hair out
dussaultjulien8 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This show started out so funny, but eventuality turned into a boring, unfunny piece of garbage with no character development. The ending is so bad that I had to kick myself for even watching it because it was so infuriatingly stupid.
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A sex comedy shouldn't put you to sleep
residentgrigo25 April 2015
This is my 4/10 mangaupdates review for the manga. The anime adapts most of it and goes of script towards the end while skipping some of the trashier parts so you can add 1/10 if you want or not: The 4-koma format puts a narrative and the comedic timing into way too artificial borders so it shouldn't be uses in a long form tale but this series fails as is it represents 9 full volumes of warmed up nothing. The leads are all just boring tropes as they include a tsundere protagonist, the clumsy but lucky love interest who constantly catches the lead in various stages of undress, the sheltered rich girl as a "rival" (who is even in love with her perfect brother), the cooler sibling and... Yamada further constantly monologues how she wants to have sex with at least a 100 boys, can't stop to masturbating at school and so on but then can't even get the one guy into her panties who is heads over heels for her for nearly 3 full years. I can only repeat that it takes the main couple, who are the only characters who get a plot, the entirety of their high school career to actually do something and the manga just ends with a graduation thereafter. What sort of sex focused rom-com would pull such a stunt and all the jokes present are the same ones you will find in all the other equally lame siblings. Look this series may be better than the author's previous trashy hentai but if this can't work as a comedy, romance or a porno then why down it exist again? The award winning and also animated Ping Pong Club (7,5/10), the satirical Jigokuren (8/10) and the out of control The Penisman by Sui "Tokyo Ghoul" Ishida (8/10) all prove that Japanese sex comedies have no excuses to suck or put you to sleep and if you want to read a highly explicit romance that cares to tell a story thicker then the paper it is printed on then go for Natsu no Zenjitsu (9/10), a 17+ comic by Image or Yanagida-kun to Mizuno-san (6/10) which is a "real" tsundere porno. The last one may suffer from the usual hentai problems but it accomplishes WAY more in 1/4 of the page count and i lastly gave up on Yoko's new 4-koma ecchi comedy (how original) after barely 2 chapters.
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