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MPAA Rated R for bloody violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Contains very mild sex references
    • A man suggests he finds a woman attractive and his companion makes a comment about him 'hitting on her'.

Violence & Gore

  • 3 military guards and a doctor are killed by an Alien by shooting, there is blood shown.
  • A military woman is stabbed in the head with a syringe and screams while blood drips down her face.
  • An alien rips 2 men apart while they scream, blood splatter hits the wall.
  • Two soldiers fist fight in the lunchroom with one another and a female soldier punches another soldier in the back.
  • A lab assistant is stabbed in the neck with a pen.
  • A badly wounded military man who's leg past his knee has been ripped off crawls for safety but is pulled back by an alien and killed.
  • A lab guy is shown bloody yelling "no no" before an alien pulls him away.
  • An alien is shown sticking its (hand? claw?) through a photographers eye and the photographer screams while blood is shown.
  • An alien with octopus like legs stabs a man in the body and smacks him against the elevator, blood is shown.
  • An alien grabs a man by the elevator and his blood is splattered on a female soldier that is grabbed herself and bitten in the neck, lots of blood is shown.
  • Another soldier is grabbed around the neck and pulled away.
  • A soldier turns into an alien and then the soldier is shown with a bloody hole in his head.
  • Red Human Blood pores on a soldiers face as he's shooting an alien and then the guy shooting the alien is then stabbed himself and killed.
  • Alien eats off of one mans face, stabs 2 soldiers, and rips another in half.
  • A bloody body is found by a photographer who screams, many dead aliens are shown with their bodies ripped open.
  • An alien is blown up.
  • An alien's powers cause a military man to bleed from the sides of his eyes.
  • An alien shoots and wounds a reporter.
  • A reporter (who's an alien that morphed/changes into many people) shoots a military man in the chest and is then shot in the head.
  • A building blows up.
  • And a huge nuclear bomb or something blows up.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Since this movie deals with the subject of Aliens, this may be frightening to some viewers.
  • The first Alien you see 9 1/2 minutes into the movie may be frightening to some viewers as it looks like a person covered in skin with veins surrounding it, it can also morph into anyone it comes in contact with.
  • Military persons are shown ripped apart and bloody, this may be extremely frightening for anyone.
  • Aliens are heard a few times killing someone, this is not seen, but it is heard: the screams and gurgling which may be very frightening for some viewers.
  • The alien morphing (changing into other people) may be frightening for some viewers.

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