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  • Still gravely pondering his place in life, Clark lets Lois drag him along to their Smallvillle high school reunion. Rather than enjoying his hero status, while Lois shines less than she expected, Clark worries when he spots Brainiac, but it turns out he returned from the future with the Legions ring to show Clark how vital his contribution is to prevent a horrible future for him, Oliver, their friends and the world.

  • In an attempt to cheer up Clark, Lois convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana and Chloe, while Lois is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student. Brainiac 5.0 uses his Legion ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future. He shows Clark what really happened the night Jonathan died, Oliver's current pain and Clark's future at the Daily Planet with Lois and his role as Earth's favorite red and blue superhero.


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  • At his barn loft, Clark is looking at recent magazine articles speaking out on heroes, and wonders if Jor-El was right that none of them are the ones to lead humanity. Lois comes up and he apologizes for having been out of touch for three days. She notices the magazines and insists that the Blur would never let them down, and insists that she'll stand behind him no matter what. When Clark wonders why, Lois insists that's what someone does when they need someone. She decides to cheer Clark up by reminding him about the Smallville High five-year reunion. Clark notes that she was only there for 23 days, and showed up for five, and Lois admits that's the best she ever done and doesn't plan to miss it. She encourages Clark to go and figures that nothing could go wrong.

    The next day, the Smallville High School guidance counselor complains to herself about how she had to deal with dozens of meteor freaks, and they're all connected to Clark. She grabs a doll of him and starts stabbing it, and says that now he'll pay. Suddenly, time freezes and Brainiac comes in. He tells her to leave Clark to her, and extends a metallic finger into her head.

    Clark and Lois arrive on the day of the reunion and Lois is eager to see everyone. Clark has a bad feeling, and starts remembering his past there with Lana. He runs into the guidance counselor, who cheerfully gives him a hug and says that they have a special treat for him later. As they go,, they're unaware that former student Greg Arkin has arrived, driving an expensive car.

    Lois tries to bond with her fellow students, only to discover that no one remembers her. Another student, Suzanne Capra, greets Clark at the reception desk but also has no idea who Lois might be. As Lois looks for her badge, she notices Lana's badge and realizes what is bothering Clark.

    When Clark sees Chloe's badge, he goes to her old office and remembers her showing him her Wall of Weird. Zoe and Clayton, the new Torch reporters, come in and wonder where Chloe is. They figure that some conspiracy is involved, and recognize Lois because she was dating Oliver Queen. The two reporters then explain that they've taken the Wall of Weird on-line, and share their theory that the Blur was born and raised in Smallville. When Lois objects, Zoe points out that Chloe wrote about all of the strange superpowered incidents that happened before the Blur appeared. Clark says that the Blur has gone away and may not be back, and Lois points out how many people the hero has inspired. As Clark prepares to go, the reporters tell him that it's a good thing that the Blur isn't there, because he'd steal Clark's thunder.

    Clark discovers that he's been made homecoming king. As he sits on his "throne," time suddenly stops and a glowing portal appears. Brainiac steps out of it and apologizes, and then explains that he's only there for Clark and that this is the moment that Clark's life changes forever.

    Time starts moving again, and Lois discovers that Clark has vanished.

    Clark finds himself in the woods with Brainiac, who thanks Clark for saving him. He then shows Clark his Legion ring and explains that he joined them and became Brainiac 5 after they cured him. Brainiac 5 explains that they were both created by Jor-El to save Earth, but became corrupted. Clark doesn't understand, so Brainiac 5 offers to show him. He then shows Clark the past, at Jonathan Kent's funeral, and explains that it was the day Clark started to blame himself. When Clark notes that he chose to let Jonathan die, Brainiac 5 shows him the barn where Jonathan attacked Lionel. They watch as Jonathan feels the pains of a heart attack, and Brainiac 5 asks why Clark won't forgive himself. Brainiac 5 tells Clark that Jonathan made his choice to protect Clark, and they all choose their fate.

    Next, Brainiac 5 takes Clark to Oliver's apartment in the present, where Oliver is watching a broadcast about his recent revelation that he is Green Arrow. Oliver turns off the news and checks his calls, and learns that Clark hasn't called him. As Oliver looks pensively at the phone, Clark realizes that Oliver needs him. Brainiac 5 reminds Clark that the darkness is his past, and he punishes himself and everyone around him for what they've done in the past. He tells Clark to help Oliver be who he can be, in the present and the future, rather than ignore him.

    At the reunion, the couples dance while Lois looks around, alone. Clark and Brainiac 5 watch while Lois admits that she's there with Clark Kent. The punch woman, Maddy, is impressed that she's with Clark, and admits she had a crush on him. As Maddy talks about Lana and Chloe and how they were with Clark, Lois admits that she and Clark aren't really together, and Maddy wonders if Clark really likes her. Brainiac 5 asks Clark if he cares about Lois. Clark insists that he tried to protect her after what happened to Lana, but the Brainiac 5 says she doesn't look protected. Clark sees Greg come in and approach Lois, and says that he has a message for Clark. Clark tries to go back to present time and grabs Brainiac 5's ring when the Legionnaire refuses to let him. Suddenly Clark finds himself in the future, at a Daily Planet running articles on Superman.

    Clark looks around and bumps into Lois. She pulls him into an office and has him put on his glasses. As she starts to go, he asks her about the reunion, but she says that they'll need to talk about it later and don't want to give people ideas. As Clark goes out, two reporters wonder if he's someone else, but realize he isn't when they notice he's wearing glasses. Clark goes to his desk but discovers that it's no longer his and hasn't been for years.

    Lois calls Clark into their shared office and asks why he is acting so strange. Clark tries to explain that he's from the past, but Lois misunderstands and assumes he is talking about the fact that she knows he's from Krypton and that the Kent's raised him. When Clark sits down, shocked, Lois apologizes for forgetting the anniversary that Clark trusted her with his secret. When Clark still doesn't realize what's going on, she assumes that he's suffering from kryptonite radiation. Clark figures he needs the Legion ring, and asks her where it is. She reminds him that she had one bad experience with it, and then leaves for an interview with the mayor. Clark goes after her and tries to explain that he needs to get back using the Legion ring. She suggests that he check out his collection of mementos at the farm, and shoves him into the elevator.

    Clark finds someone waiting for him: his future self.

    Future-Clark explains to Clark that he knew he would be there because it happened to him. He tells Clark that there's a nuclear reactor that's about to blow and he needs to be there. He also needs Clark to help him because there is another emergency on the roof. As Future-Clark leaves, Clark goes to the office window and sees his future self deal with the explosion. Lois calls in a mayday from the roof, where her helicopter is going over the edge. Clark superspeeds to the roof and pulls it back up. When Lois realizes who has pulled them up, she knocks out the pilot so he can't see the undisguised Clark. Once they are safly set back down she gets out and tells Clark to put his disguise back on. Clark kisses her and thanks her for protecting his secret, and she tells him she'd do anything for him.

    Clark reluctantly pulls himself away and Lois says that she'll see him later. Once she goes, Brainiac 5 arrives and tells Clark that he would have gotten there sooner but when Clark grabbed it, it interfered with the ring. He tells Clark now that he has seen the future he can face it without fearing the darkness. Clark does admit he's become afraid of what will happen. Brainiac 5 tells him that he'll be fine as long as he forgets the weight of the past.

    Back at the reunion, Clark and Brainiac 5 watch as Greg tells Lois that he became obsessed and went overboard, but Clark saved him when he set Greg straight. Greg asks Lois to pass on his thanks and leaves. Clark, witnessing the exchange, admits that he's spent too much time dwelling on the past. Brainiac 5 tells him that heroes are made in the present, and leaves. Clark goes to Lois and leads her out onto the dance floor. Before they can do much, the reunion ends and Clark apologizes. Lois insists that she had a lot to do anyway and they leave.

    Later, Clark goes to his father's grave and tells him that he has to move on. He buries his father's watch in the grave and says goodbye.

    At Luthorcorp, Oliver is preparing for an exclusive interview. As the reporter asks why Oliver became a vigilante, Clark comes in. Oliver explains that he lost someone, and he refuses to dwell on the past or the future, but rather do something for the city and the country here and now. Clark smiles in approval and Oliver says that he's okay because he's not doing it alone.

    Later, Zoe and Clayton are at the Torch office and get a text message from Chloe thanking them for carrying on her legacy.

    Lois goes to the Kent barn and discovers that Clark has set it up for the dance that they missed. She hesitates but he tells her to be quiet and dance. She finally steps onto his feet to dance, and Clark admits that he loves her. Lois says that she loves him and says there's something she has to tell him, but he asks her to wait until tomorrow. As they dance, Clark unknowingly floats them both a foot off the ground.

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