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A guilt-ridden Naomi is forced to testify against Mr. Cannon in court during her sexual harassment hearing when she feels she losing control of her ability to lie about it all. Meanwhile, Annie tries to move on and forget her relationship with Jasper by hanging out more with Silver when they decide to purchase a '65 Ford Coupe for themselves, but when she and Silver drive past the scene of her hit-and-run, the guilt comes rushing back to haunt her. Dixon and Ivy continue to maintain their fake relationship and decide to take it to the next level. While Navid becomes uncomfortable about Adrianna's new romance with a girl, both Gia and Lila grow uncomfortable with Navid trying to start a friendship with Adrianna which leads to Gia cheating on Adrianna with her ex-lover Alexa. Elsewhere, Ryan continues dating Ivy's troubled mother, Laurel, who pulls him into her dangerous lifestyle of pot-smoking and free-love, while at the same time, Laurel wants to sign Adrianna to a recording contract, ...

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