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Disgraceful,this trilogy gets worse as it goes on,
lesleyharris3019 December 2011
Alvins And The Chipmunks:Chipwrecked is a terrible movie,the three Alvin And The Chipmunks movies aren't well received but to be honest I enjoyed the first two,but this one is absolutely awful,in the first two they sing a lot but at the right time,in this they just sing whenever they feel like it,but the thing I hate most about this movie is the god awful Zoe,played by Jenny Slatewho is just a stupid character,although I do like The Chipmunks themselves,not so much for the Chipettes.

The Chipmunks,The Chippettes and Dave go on a cruise on there way to the international movie awards,but The Chipmunks and The Chippetes get stuck on an island (long story) and Dave separately gets stuck with Ian Hawke in a pellican suit.
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Fun movie, but uneven at times
CMTiago15 May 2014
After watching the first movie, and loving it, I was hoping that its sequels would have delivered in the same manner. Having not had the time to watch Nº2, I came across this one and decided to watch it. By the end of the movie I had smiled and laughed in some parts, but overall the plot was very uneven. I am not gonna bicker too much since it is a family movie and the little ones probably laughed and had a lot of fun. To summarize some of the problems I had with the movie, I believe that some of the characters were a bit too cartoonish (I shouldn't be surprised though) and a weak plot guideline that doesn't leave anything to the imagination. The movie also lacks any real thrills, which hurts its chances with more mature audiences. I will say that the performances of Jason Lee and David Cross were what I expected. Alvin and company are undoubtedly a good way to spend an afternoon with your family watching movies, but do yourself a favor and don't watch it alone.

Rating 6/10
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A Nutshell Review: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked
DICK STEEL16 December 2011
For as long as the Chipmunks can be milked to draw in the holiday crowds, the sequels will never stop. After all, the digital templates are there and done up to be recycled countless of times, and the live action characters just jolly well need not be there for things to work. Pop hits between the films serve as the highlights for getting the munked treatment, and while they do sound cute initially, eventually this novelty will soon wear off. Director Mike Mitchell, who sounded the death knell for Shrek with his Shrek Forever After, happened to do the same for Alvin and the Chipmunks in coming up with something so uninspired and clearly going through the motion.

The first film as expected is the origin film, followed by the sequel which is more or less a mirror image of the first, except with the trio from the opposite sex known as the Chippettes. In the third film, with everyone - Alvin (voiced by Justin Long), Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler), Theodore (Jesse McCartney), Brittany (Christina Applegate), Jeanette (Anna Faris) and Eleanor (Amy Poehler) - all living under the same roof as Dave (Jason Lee) their surrogate dad/manager, you'd expect that perhaps things can get a wee bit more cerebral, but alas all we're getting is a rehash of characterization not already seen in the films, and done countless of times in their animated series.

Alvin is still being Alvin, Simon needs to chill and Theodore just needs to be cute. So goes for the Chippettes with vain Brittany, introverted Jeanette and Eleanor just makes a lot of clothes and costumes in this one, since they're all stuck in an unnamed island (in Hawaii on location so it seems). What was to be a family cruise vacation turned out to be an abandoned island adventure, with Ian (David Cross) the chipmunks' ex-manager and one time music executive on board as well as the nasty opposition (too weak to be called a villain or the antagonist), and Zoe (Jenny Slate), a woman stuck in the island for close to a decade, and exhibiting the very same signs of loneliness that Tom Hanks' Chuck Noland did in Cast Away, except that she has more friends other than Wilson.

Centering around the chipmunks' fight for survival amongst themselves and with Zoe, as well as Simon and Alvin's temporal transformation in character - one being French (don't ask) and more carefree while the other getting all serious and responsible, the story plays out like an extended cartoon episode, with Dave and Ian on a quest to try and rescue their cash cows before something untoward get to happen to them, which in the story, is zilch given a low threat situation, most of the time. Nothing spectacular gets to happen in the film, and it runs like on a plateau without any highs or lows, and soon you'll feel you may be better off looking at caged animals in a zoo.

Which is a bit frustrating because the story's written by both Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, who were also responsible for what I felt were some of the more intelligent animated films in recent years with their Kung Fu Panda and its sequel, having the right elements balanced in terms of story, characters, comedy, action and entertainment for both the kids and accompanying adults alike, but this effort seemed to be written without much heart put into it to cater for the lowest common denominator, and it shows. Granted they also did stinkers like Monsters Vs Aliens, but when you set the bar higher, that's where you'll be benchmarked against, and that's where this proved to be a total Chip-Wreck.
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If you've never liked the singing and dancing Chipmunk and Chipette trio, you're certainly not going to after this rehash of a sequel
moviexclusive13 December 2011
You don't change the formula, not when it is one that has worked to amass a cool US$400mil worldwide per picture. So despite boasting a new director in the form of 'Sky High' and 'Shrek Forever After's' Mike Mitchell, this third live-action adaptation of the classic animated TV series is surprisingly alike to the earlier two instalments. That's going to be good news for those who loved both the first 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' as well as the 'Squeakquel'- but for those hoping that this third outing will finally have the charm that eluded the first two, we'd like to warn you to be disappointed.

Penned once again by the duo of Johnathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, the 'Chipwrecked' adventure uses yet another paper-thin plot to string together the hi-jinks of the singing and dancing Chipmunk trio as well as their female Chipette equivalents. Here, Alvin's mischief while vacationing on a cruise with their kind beleaguered owner Dave (Jason Lee) leaves the Chipmunks and the Chipettes stranded on a desert island with a volcano that's about to blow its top. Oh and did we mention Alvin's hand-gliding stunt also lands both Dave and their arch-nemesis from before, Ivan (David Cross), overboard and washed up on the same, albeit different corner of the, island?

It's no secret how- let alone if- the Chipmunks and Chipettes manage to make it off the island alive, and not even the addition of a new character, Zoe (Jenny Slate), whom Aibel and Berger unabashedly models after Tom Hanks' FedEx employee in Castaway, adds much life to what is really an awfully predictable plot. Admittedly, none of the Chipmunk movies have had much story, and to expect better from 'Chipwrecked' would therefore be a tall order. Like the previous instalments therefore, this one is simply content to coast on the 'aw-shucks' cute charms of the chipmunks.

Indeed, each Chipmunk seems to be calculated to appeal to a certain demographic- whether the playful leader Alvin, the responsible brainiac Simon, or the adorably naïve Theodore, as well as the corresponding Chipettes Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor. Their incessant high-pitched bantering and bickering that unfolds at a lightning pace is still clearly the highlight of the show, not forgetting of course their regular song and dance numbers set to some of the contemporary chart- topping pop tunes like Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance', Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair' and Destiny Child's 'Survivor'.

Like we said, it's worked before- like a charm, if we may add- with family audiences, so expect more of the same this time round. A midway twist where Simon starts assuming an alter-ego in the form of Frenchman Simone after getting bitten by a poisonous spider tries to inject some novelty into the Chipmunks' routine, but the initial appeal of watching the usually rational Simon turn debonair and somewhat impetuous quickly wears out its welcome. Faring slightly better is the budding attraction between Simon and Jeanette, manufactured nonetheless to elicit maximum geek appeal.

Speaking of geek, those who loved 'My Name is Earl' may be dismayed to find that Jason Lee plays again the lead human character in the movie- and while the talented Jason looks like he could easily sleepwalk through the role, he does succeed in drawing out more than a few laughs in between his repartee with David Cross. Mitchell however displays little of the flair he exhibited in the superhero surprise 'Sky High' and his work here is as nondescript as his earlier in 'Shrek Forever After'.

Of course, the fault isn't entirely Mitchell's- after all, the template for the 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' live-action films have been pretty much fixed in stone after the resounding success of the first two movies. This three-quel is made only for those who have enjoyed both its predecessors, since ultimately it rehashes the same singing and dancing Chipmunk formula. Nevertheless, it's fast becoming a foolish consistency, and the likely fourth entry better not just be simply another Chip off the old block.

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Look in the Thesaurus under Execrable, Then Go Down from There
RichardSRussell-116 December 2011
Alvin and the Chipmunks [3]: Chipwrecked (1:27, G) — other: talking animals, 3rd string, sequel

Aauuugggghhhh! Ack! Gack! Bork bork bork. Bllegegegghhhh! Ptui ptui ptui.

My brain, my brain! Make it stop. Make it go away. I'll never be able to unsee this. Oh, god, the nightmares for years to come.

ALLLVVIIINNNNN! No, no, no, no, no, no. It was never funny. It was never endearing. It was never cute. It was just awful and horrible and beaten to death over and over and yet it keeps coming back like a vampire with 98 stakes in its heart.

I think my ears are bleeding.

My mind is going, Dave. I can feel it. I can feel it.

The horror. The horror.

BONUS: The main excrescence is preceded by a Blue Sky short animated feature with Scrat, the acorn-crazed squirrel from the Ice Age films. It was abrupt and pointless and about 100 times more admission-worthy than the title printed on the ticket.
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Thank goodness for Theodore!
TheLittleSongbird4 January 2012
I sort of enjoyed the previous two movies, they were not great movies but I found them quite cute. I wish I could say the same for this latest instalment, but I can't. It does have its moments, Jason Lee and David Cross are decent and have some entertaining exchanges. The film apart from some slapdash editing does look reasonable with the chipmunks looking serviceable and the scenery beautiful.

Best of all is Theodore, he always was adorable and made you want to cuddle him and here is no exception.

On the other hand, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked feels rather lacklustre this time around. The pop songs was a bonus in both of the previous two movies, here they sound really tired with generic melodies and forgettable lyrics. The vocals themselves are okay, not too annoying considering the tone, but again nothing out of the ordinary. The messages about family ties and responsibilities are important ones but they seem rather forced here.

The script generally was weak, there was very little that was fresh or funny for me apart from the exchanges between Cross and Lee, and there are some lines that have been covered in previous reviews that really don't belong in a family movie. The story like the previous two is predictable, except this time around it is not as charming or exciting.

I didn't care for the characters, excepting cute little Theodore. Zoe the eccentric castaway is more annoying than endearing, and something about Alvin rubbed me up the wrong way, he came across as too much of a jerk in some scenes. The acting/voice work is mixed, I liked Cross, Lee and Jesse McCartney, and Justin Long and Matthew Gray Gubler are alright I guess even with the bad material, but Jenny Slate didn't raise a single smile and the rest ranged from adequate to bland.

All in all, not as tortuously bad as some have said, but it wasn't anything special to me. By all means I understand why some may like it, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Better than the second, worst than the first and fourth
vciccarello8 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Ok, this movie is as bad as the second but better. But, the name of this movie sound as bad as it is, right? This movie is a total Shipwreck, oh I'm sorry "Chipwreck". Where's the plot? Are the chipmunks not in school anymore? Also, are animals even allowed on cruises? Yet again, we met Ian Hawk and some weird chick named Zoey who has no friends. Zoey is also a really annoying charecter because the only reason why she was on the island is because she spent almost a decade trying to find some hidden treasure.

It's still a more enjoyable film than the second movie, but all the singing was just bad. Don't forget Simon, he gets bitten by a spider and then makes him feel all Russian of course.
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Innocuous enough, but this series has officially worn out its welcome
callanvass2 September 2013
What will they think of next... Alvin and The Chipmunks: In Space? Somehow I wouldn't be surprised... I thought the first movie was really cute, and the second movie sucked major donkey balls. What about this one? It wasn't as bad as the second sequel, but it wasn't very good. The chipmunks are very obnoxious in this one, and lack the innocence that they had in the first two. It does have a couple of funny moments near the end, but that's really about it. Jason Lee's role is reduced significantly here. He wasn't that big of a focus in the second one either, and that trend continues here. His interactions & chemistry with the Chipmunks is what made the first movie so enjoyable. It just fell flat in this one. David Cross returns and his menacing act has gotten extremely stale. The Chipettes are more tolerable than the chipmunks in this one believe it or not. Spending 90 minutes with these guys has gotten to be rather tiresome

Final Thoughts: Better than the second one, but that isn't saying much. It's a mediocre film. Time to put the kibosh on this series

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Better than The Squeakquel...
Racetrip20 December 2011
To begin with, the G rating is all wrong - this is a PG movie, but obviously and attempt to lower the G movie standards as they did with PG movies 20 years ago. I originally gave this movie 3 stars, but changed it to 4 just because I actually like those little furry guys - it's not really their fault that the writers, producers and directors made a couple of BIG mistakes during this movie. In a G movies there IS NOT supposed to be suggestive remarks or anything below the belt of ANY kind and there was three of those: #1 Dave gets hot coffee spilled on his crotch. #2 Alvis shouts "My acorns!" #3 Zoe says "I just gotta wrap up my balls." As mentioned in another review - Zoe is the worst character and a mental case rip off from Cast away... they really blew it there, but she can dance! As also pointed out in another review - too MUCH singing with those squeaky high voices and in the wrong places. All in all the movie is okay, a bit corny and nothing I would buy on DVD. The first Alvin and the Chipmunks was original and they actually but some thought into the script, after that it went downhill with The Squeakquel where the humor was so out of place, especially with below the belt violence in the end. Chipwrecked may be a wreck, but better than the Squeakquel by far. Too bad, with a G rating I was hoping it was safe to take my girls to the movie theater - guess not.
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more like the sinking of the Titanic
facebook-124-9558456 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed Alvin and The Chipmunks; I even enjoyed Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squekquel, albeit a little bit less than the original. The two movies combined for a gross of over 400 million dollars. No, that's not a typo, I said 400 million dollars! It goes without saying that 20th Century Fox had a money maker on their hands, and was going to keep going to the well until it was emptied. Anyone who has seen Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked should be able to tell you that the proverbial well is BONE DRY!

I wish I could tell you that Chipwrecked was just a tad beneath the quality of Squekquel. I wish I could tell you that the Chipmunks and the Chipettes were just as cute as you remember. Unfortunately, that's just not the case. The musical numbers were forced; the shenanigans were tired and old, and more important that anything, the chipmunks as a whole just weren't cute and funny. ******************************SPOILER ALERT******************************** David Cross, who can be quite funny, is relegated to spending the entire movie in a bird suit. Jason Lee, who must be getting an overwhelming payday to keep coming back, spends most of the time whining. The introduction of Zoe, played by Jenny Slate, was a cheap attempt to add a foil to the characters. Honestly though, she came across more as irrelevant. By no means was I looking for a movie written by Aaron Sorkin, Academy Award winning screenplay writer of The Social Network, but a little bit of an effort would have been nice. It seemed as the Writers were only worried about how many songs they could squeeze into the film and how many movies they could spoof off of, most notably Castaway, The Lord of the Rings, and James Bond; there's even a bit of The Jersey Shore thrown into the mix. Once you add it all up, it equates to nothing more than very lazy writing.

My wife and I took our 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter with us, and although the two of them were entertained, my wife and I were both extremely disappointed. If the intent is to move forward on additional films, then the writing is going to have to improve. I find it hard to believe that after 2 movies, the writers can't come up with any original ideas. If that's the case, then I think it's time to put the film franchise back in the vault and bring the Chipmunks to Saturday morning cartoons.

Grade: D

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Not AS "Chipwrecked" as everyone says
SpiffDico5 January 2012
"Alvin and the Chipmunks" is a franchise that's been getting much popularity with many kids of passing generations. The film series, based on the 80's to 90's cartoon, based on the 50's album, tells the story of the relationship of Dave Sullivan taking care of 3 chipmunks who become rock stars, and it's been told as it's been. The film series is something that most people find to be anything, but masterpiece material.

With the first film, it was a decent film that introduced the new generation to Alvin, Simon and Theodore, on how they met Dave Suvil, played by Jason Lee, but didn't do as good as was expected. The film, however, was far from terrible, so it was something one could watch and enjoy from time to time. The second film however, didn't do as well as the first. It felt too much like the first film, with David Cross being the film's antagonist again, and repeating some of the same jokes. With the new film, only four words would describe it.

It's not the 'Squekquel'.

The new film does try to work in a new kind of concept and bring something new into it, but mostly falls flat due to most clichés. This is the only movie where David Cross isn't the villain and it doesn't involve any of the chipmunks or chipettes in cages. I do give credit for trying, but it's not enough to say that it's as good as the original. I'm not saying that it's TERRIBLE or anything, but it's not good either. Some of the jokes in the beginning along with some scenes with David Cross are what I seemed to have laughed. The pop-culture references and songs sung in the film are sort of recognizable, but some aren't ones that I'm not very fond of.

Another thing that is kind of upsetting is the cast of characters. If they're going to alter the voices anyway, then they could've just gotten some new actors to do it anyway. But then again, some people are desperate for work and will do anything for a paycheck. Would I say it's bad? Mostly, but it has it's moments sometimes. Would I pay tickets for this in the theater? Technically, I did, but for others, I'd wait to rent it.
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Alvin and the chipmunks- Brain-wrecked
marios-krantas29 December 2011
My review will be short since i don't have much to say. You must be either 2 or 3 years old and drunk or high on drugs to enjoy this movie. Once again the director proves how bad he is and that he destroys the childhood of hundreds of kids.

The movie is just awful and adults and kids above the age of 8 will find it plain stupid and awful too.Even my 3 year old cousin found that awful.The whole theater was either sleeping or just leaving.

I wish i could give it 0 out of 10 The funny thing is that I enjoyed the first one and i found the second great for young audiences.But this is not for young or any audiences at all. If jigsaw made a new trap in SAW(Which is not gonna happen) he should feature a trap that should be named : Escape from the theater while watching Alvin and the chipmunks Chip-wrecked.

Awful.Watch it if you want to suicide
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Truly Awful!
jose_andres20085314 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
You know, sometimes movies have to be super brutally and insanely awesome to surpass my expectations. But this deep bull-crap of a movie did not pass even the slightest of my hopes. The first was OK, the second one was boring and this one? Yeah, Chip-Wrecked plot, horrible dialog and nothing was funny.

I just thought it would be good, because it was in jungles and forests and there was volcano exploding...yeah, that was nice, but this? A psychopathically boring movie?! You know how many times I exited the room and used "Im going to the bathroom" as an excuse to not see it anymore? Minimumly, 4 times.

Seriously...AWFUL. The kids will enjoy it a lot, but teens like me? Hehe, I don't think so. This series just keep getting worse every time.
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Chipwrecked won't leave you stranded.
rampantfilm4 January 2012
My Mother,My eight year old son and I, enjoyed ourselves. Chipwrecked started of questionably, but honestly it wasn't as bad as some uptight reviewers may have made it seam. If you are a member of the target demographic of this film (5 to 10 years old) this movie is great. It's family friendly though a little hard for grownups to swallow in some areas, it does it's job quite well. It was pretty much what i expected and let's face it it's not Gone With The Wind, it's the Chipmunks. Check your movie snobbery at the door and have a good time. I actually laughed out loud three or four times and more importantly my son was happy, and really, that's who this movie is for.
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Bring the kids, and enjoy the show.
fatsamuraireviews9 January 2012
I remember when I was a kid and this was popular. I guess all things are new again. This is the third of the Alvin movies that have been made. It's a blend of live action and computer animation. The story is cute and will engage kids of 5 and younger but I did not think it needed to be on the big screen. This was a movie that was fine on a straight to DVD release. A mix of pop music and funny life lessons about family that only rates a yellow light.

Alvin and his friends are going on a cruise to attend an international award show. They get into typical Chipmunk shenanigans on the cruse and in a series of events they get swept off the ship and land on an island. Dave (Jason Lee) and his arch nemesis, and previous Chipmunk manager, Ian (David Cross) inadvertently join forces to rescue them.

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cute with simple plot for children
jlj9675-116 December 2011
My only objection to this film is seeing Carnival, which is the worst cruise line there is, getting any positive publicity. I can't believe the accommodations shown were actually on their ships! The plot, although thin, was still plausible and believable. The scenery on the island was lovely. The chipmunk characters were cute as usual, along with Dave. There was lots of current pop music throughout and enthusiastic dance scenes. Although I was horrified at the bad examples of behavior aboard the ship by Alvin and children passengers in the very beginning, the rest of the movie had a good moral to the story and depicted positive values for everyone. The children at the theater seemed to love it and laughed a lot. As an oldster, I enjoyed it for the most part too.
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Alvin grows up
dtucker8616 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up watching the Chipmunks on TV and I hoped that it would have made me feel a little nostalgic watching this film and I did. This is our third go around with those lovable little rodents and I enjoyed it. It warmed my heart that I saw so many parents and their kids watching at the movies today because there is an important message in the film for kids. Alvin causes all kinds of mischief at the beginning and when Simon gets bit by the spider and undergoes that drastic personality change, Alvin has to take charge and get them off the island. I think that is a great message for kids that parents should discuss after they watch the film. I wanted to take the filmmakers to task on one point for their lack of originality. That flaky girl on the island is an obvious rip off of Tom Hanks in Cast Away.
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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
jboothmillard29 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the musical band and the children's cartoon, which I remember watching, the first film was terrible, the second film was only mildly watchable but still tedious, I think I knew what to expect with this third film, directed by Mike Mitchell (Surviving Christmas, Sky High). Basically David 'Dave' Seville (Jason Lee) with the Chipmunks: Alvin (Die Hard 4.0's Justin Long), Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Theodore (Jesse McCartney) and the Chipettes: Brittany (Christina Applegate), Eleanor (Amy Poehler) and Jeanette (Anna Faris) are on a vacation on a cruise ship, but of course the furry cannot stay away from trouble for long. After messing about on the ship deck the Chipmunks and Chipettes end up accidentally thrown overboard, Dave chases after to rescue them, with his old boss Ian Hawke (David Cross) tagging along, the six friends end up marooned on a tropical paradise island, and some time after them, unseen, Dave and Ian are swept up on the island also. The island appears to be deserted at first, but then seemingly crazy castaway Zoe (Jenny Slate) shows up, with her various playing balls that she talks to, she claims she has been stranded for years waiting to be rescued, Dave and Ian search the island to find them. On the island Eleanor sprains her ankle, and Simon is bitten by a spider, with the side effects being that he changes personality, into French adventurer chipmunk Simone (Alan Tudyk), while the other Chipmunks and Chipettes try to make the most of the situation they are in "Simone" stumbles upon a piece of treasure Zoe has been looking for. Zoe suddenly turns nasty against her furry "friends" and demands to know where the hidden treasure she has been searching for is located, by this time Dave and Ian find them, it becomes a chase to rescue their friends and save themselves from the threat of the erupting volcano, of course in the end all of them get away from the island in time, and the Chipmunks and Chipettes make it in time to perform at the International Music Awards. The animated animals are relatively cute and funny in moments, while the live actors are rather cheesy, the choice of songs is varied, including "Trouble", "Party Rock Anthem", "Whip My Hair", "Kumbaya", "Survivor", "Bad Romance", "S.O.S." and "Firework", some are catchy, the problem of annoying squeaky voices and immature behaviour remains, and it is predictable, the kids may enjoy it, but this overall is a silly part-animated comedy adventure. Adequate!
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workstupid55521 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As an "Alvin and the Chipmunks" fan, I believe that this franchise has a lot of potential, yet unfortunately is being poorly written, directed and produced (No offence). I get the impression that the film crew working on this franchise are just creating them to get them out of the way, and not paying attention to detail, or anything of this matter.

Action-wise, this franchise is a little on the disappointing side. Sure, there were damsels in distress and a moment of fear evident in the characters' eyes, however, none that would compel you to want to talk about it over and over. These are children's films, I get that, but there are a fair few of individuals older than a child whom are fans as well, and would like to be really up on the edge of that seat. Franchises like "Ice Age" or "Shrek" are rated PG, they make you wonder what's going to happen next, surprise you when a character is faced with life-threatening situations, but then still gives you that good old happy ending, and you leave the theatre feeling pleasantly satisfied. The "Alvin and the Chipmunks" franchise has a lot of potential, however it hasn't exactly met its mark just yet, action-wise. Also, I saw an extreme alteration in the character Ian Hawke's personality. I enjoyed him on screen during the first instalment of "Alvin and the Chipmunks," however, when he just so "happened" to be working as entertainment (Chipwrecked) on the exact same cruise Dave and the chipmunks and the chipettes were on, acting like he had truly lost his marbles and felt a little out of place gave me a bit of a bad impression on the film. To add to this, it felt as though all Dave and Ian were doing throughout the ENTIRE duration of Chipwrecked was arguing and looking for the chipmunks and the chipettes. They didn't really play a very significant role in the third instalment at all. This other character didn't seem very special either; Zoe, the strange yet quirky castaway (or as we find out towards the end, a "Pirate") the chipmunks and the chipettes ran into on the island. She seemed as though she was just created to 'be there', all happy and lively, and then go nuts when suddenly finding out (by 'Simone') there really was gold on the island, that she'd been looking for for nine, or it could be eight years. She didn't really have a back story, besides the fact that she so happened to come across a real treasure map and was more determined than ever to find it when "they" told her she was crazy and said the map was fake. There also was no story behind the treasure map or how the gold was embedded there; did it just happen to be there?
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kdorsey32118 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For my next movie review, I'm reviewing the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked," starring Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. I want to start off by saying that I think people are taking this movie way too serious! The "imdb" final ratings(as of now) of this movie is 3.4 out of 10. This movie was not that bad. For one this is a kids movie and two what are you expecting from this movie? What you should expect from this movie is Alvin somehow getting all the other chipmunks in trouble and Dave finding a way to save them. And that pretty much what happens in this movie. Let's keep in mind that what was once a thirty minute cartoon is now being turned into a movie.

I tell you what I really like about this movie. I like how they keep the musical theme in the movie. If you can remember when you were younger. The chipmunks had musicals throughout the cartoon series. So its nice that they incorporated that into the movie. Plus, it was nice that they incorporated songs that people were familiar with so people could kind of sing a long and enjoy the movie in that way. I like how the plot simply involves Alvin getting the other chipmunks into trouble and Dave or Simon has to find a way to get them all out. I'm not sure if you should expect anything else.

I tell what I wasn't feeling about the movie. I thought they could have came up with a better theme for the movie as a whole. I felt like something a little less dramatic, besides them ending up on a deserted island would have been fine. At times I did feel like the movie was a little rushed. They could have also dumped the guy with the chicken suit. I felt like there was no need to have him as an antagonist in this film. I think being on a deserted island is antagonistic enough.

At any rate, these are hard movie to rate. You kind of don't want to put it on the same level as certain movies and you also don't want to down grade it too much. I'm giving this movie a 7 out of 10. If you have kids and they love Alvin and the Chipmunks, definitely see this movie. If your grown and you just wondering if you should check it out. I don't see a problem with that. I'm going to say that you can wait for Redbox or Netflix's if you low on cash.
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Chipwrecked is funny. You could do a lot worse.
william-sleonard1 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Alvin's shenanigans have gotten The Chipmunks into plenty of trouble before, but when Dave takes the 'Munks and their female counterparts The Chipettes on a cruise, Alvin's horseplay goes completely overboard - literally. Stranded on a remote island, stomachs growl and tensions flare as The Chipmunks and Chipettes struggle to adapt to life without their usual creature comforts.

Chipwrecked begins abruptly. There's no semblance of a back story or attempt at character introduction. Critics may see this as a cinematic faux pas, but these are established characters and if you can't deduce that they must board a ship in order to eventually be "Chipwrecked", maybe something a little less plot-centric would be a better choice for you. A Chipette rendition of the Go-Go's "Vacation" sets the scene and is the first of a fast and furious onslaught of songs. Musical numbers are better integrated in Chipwrecked than its predecessor The Squeakuel. Chipwrecked spares us from characters bursting into song or brief snippets of tracks squeezed in merely to secure a place on the movie's soundtrack.

The story moves quickly. After their unintentional departure from the ship, the result of one of Alvin's hair-brained schemes, we begin to see different sides of the Chipmunks' personalities as their relationships are put to the test. Alvin emerges as an unlikely worry-wart, taking on the task of keeping morale up and organizing the group's efforts to stay fed and sheltered. Simon undergoes a Peter Parker-like transformation when he suffers a venomous spider bite and transmogrifies into a free- spirited playboy with a French accent. His charms coax Jeanette out of her shell, leaving Brittany incensed that her sister is getting so much attention. The usually bashful Theodore is also encouraged by Simon (who now refers to himself as "Simone") to try bungee jumping and later invite Eleanor to dance. The previously ignorable Eleanor spends much of Chipwrecked on the sidelines, having suffered a sprained ankle, until she emerges as a heroine at the film's climax, leading the group to Jeanette, who has been 'munk-napped by Zoe.

Ahh, yes. Zoe. The real wild card of the movie is the new human character whose origin is somewhat mysterious. She claims to have been stranded when her UPS cargo plane crashed (a spoof of the Tom Hanks film Castaway) but emerges as a potential villain when it is revealed she came to the island seeking a lost treasure. She is neither a help nor a hindrance for much of the story but makes for better laughs than the bumbling Toby in Squeakuel. As original characters go, she's probably the best yet, aside perhaps from Claire Wilson in 2007's Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Critics have raked Chipwrecked over the coals while fans graded it an A- on the site Yahoo! Movies. It still holds the #3 spot at the box office and has grossed almost $100 million. I think the question to ask yourself before seeing this movie is "am I a fan or am I a critic?"

Chipwrecked is funny. Most of its laughs are references to pop-culture, including viral internet videos, one-liners from other movies (Castaway, James Bond), and even a Sarah Palin joke. The Chipmunks ARE a pop- culture reference and always have been. But the characters play on each other as well, and the scenarios themselves are funny on their own. One of my favorite laughs is when, after starting a fire, The Chipmunks wonder what to do next. Alvin shrugs and proceeds to lead the gang in a round of "Kumbaya". The 2007 Chipmunk movie was full or subtle humor and a little of that has been revived in Chipwrecked.

The entire pace of the movie feels just a little too fast. Songs, although well integrated, do come quickly at first. There are no less than three full-blown musical numbers in the first ten minutes, plus another song from the soundtrack playing as background music. Character development feels rushed at times too, such as when Simon is compelled to rescue Jeanette but simply declares he "can't do it". Moments later he swings to the rescue on a vine. Ian Hawke's redemption of sorts is also awkward and somewhat inexplicable after being a villain for so long, and Zoe is quickly forgiven for 'munk-napping Jeanette. Chipwrecked squeezes a lot of story and action in to 87 minutes and it's definitely a tight fit.

I found two other things strange about the movie. One is that there is almost no implication of peril at being dumped into the middle of the ocean. I also found the movie somewhat insensitive to heavyset people. At one point, Alvin trades a plateful of donuts to a husky boy in exchange for his toy. Ian also refers to Theodore and Eleanor as the "chubby one" and "girl chubby one" and implies that they are uninteresting.

Chipwrecked works because it doesn't try to be a bigger movie than it is. It's a "threequel", and a kid's movie. It manages to be endearing without being sickly-sweet. The animation looks great. At times I thought the Chipmunks' movements were a little too jerky and quick, but it still looks better than the first two films. The characters are expressive and interact seamlessly with their environment. There are plenty of laughs. More sophisticated humor wouldn't appeal to the younger crowd, and would probably seem out of place to the adults in the room. The Chipmunks are a pop-culture litmus but are hardly one trick ponies. Each has their own identity and their antics supply plenty of unique humor on their own. Chipwrecked may be the movie critics love to hate, but the rest of us could do a lot worse.
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So funny
muffeen24 December 2011
Even being an adult, I really enjoyed these furry animals once again. I always enjoy seeing them around Christmas time. I hope there are more to come.The facial emotions on these creatures is amazing. Could have had more speaking but overall it was cute! Others I was with said that the voices (singing) was getting annoying and with the singing I would somewhat agree. I would have liked seeing more of the Carnival Dream ship since I have sailed on that ship before. The scene on the adult deck was real funny. Would have liked seeing them play practical jokes on some of the passengers, or even be a in one of the production shows aboard the ship. Or even order cabin service and run up Dave's bill. Love those furry creatures, though!
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the smallest of hope
SnoopyStyle22 May 2016
Dave (Jason Lee) takes the Chipmunks and the Chipettes on a cruise ship. Ian (David Cross) is bitter for losing his job and is now the pelican mascot. Alvin's irresponsible ways get the Chipmunks stranded on a tropical island where they encounter Zoe (Jenny Slate) who has been stranded for 8 or 9 years. Dave and Ian get thrown overboard and washed up on shore.

This is pretty horrible for the first third. The Chipmunks are so fake already. Putting them on cruise ship only adds to the glaring artificially of the whole enterprise. This seems hopeless but the movie adds Jenny Slate to joke about 'Cast Away'. It should be a straight shot to spoof that movie. Zoe could ask the Chipmunks about the world in the last 8 year and they could make up a lot of fun misunderstood news. There are a million ways to add comedy to this but I don't think the writers care. This is strictly for the littlest kids and any real jokes are superfluous.
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This Film Should be a Wood Chipper.
anaconda-4065819 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011): Dir: Mike Mitchell / Cast: Jason Lee, David Cross, Jenny Slate, Andy Buckley, Michael P. Northey: Third in this tiresome and annoying franchise. The subtitle physically refers to the fact that Dave and his fuzzy companions are stranded on an island, but it also symbolizes the behaviors of the chipmunk personalities. That is about the height of any intelligence coming out of this waterlogged screenplay. Dave and his singing chipmunks are on a cruise and one thing leads to another until they end up on an island. This is quite boring and Mike Mitchell does his best as director whose film is totally dependant on the chipmunk talking visuals. Mitchell previously made the underrated Surviving Christmas as well as the retread Shrek Forever After. Jason Lee is well cast as Dave, the chipmunks owner and manager but the role is routine and cardboard at this point. The same goes for David Cross as Ian the scheming villain who reemerges in a pelican mascot outfit on the cruise. Jenny Slate plays a total moron named Zooey whom the chipmunks and chipettes encounter on an island. The reference to Cast Away is one of the better jokes but this character is so brain dead that viewers will likely lose any sympathy for. Andy Buckley is flat as the annoyed cruise captain. Michael P. Northey is billed as the Hawaiian Shirt Guy, and that is about as creative as this junk gets. While Alvin, Simon and Theodore are visually amusing, watching the chipettes in bikini outfits dancing to techno music is enough to make a person toss this family oriented crap overboard. Score: 3 / 10
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spuriafiore10 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a huge fan of the 80s Chipmunks, even though I didn't grow up with them and I got to know them with the 2007 live action movie. "Alvin and the Chipmunks" (1983-1990) is certainly a clever cartoons series and it doesn't treat children like idiots. The characters are also cool and adorable at the same time. However, this movie is pretty disappointing. I think there are three big problems that make this movie unbearable for adults to watch: 1) The human actors don't give a **** about the movie and their acting is really bored and they look annoyed and frustrated all the time. Plus, the first 20 minutes of the movie don't help either: the humans all act like clowns. 2) Alvin: in the 80 series he was a mischievous kid, but at the end of the day, he had a heart of gold. In this movie, he's an annoying rat that makes lame jokes and annoys everyone. 3) The story isn't really new or original and they should have given some character development to Zoe (the new character who lives in an island). She's evil and after a while, she becomes good... too cheesy.

But there're also good things in the movie: Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes. They're nice and they do some funny things while they're stuck in the island. The songs are average, I really missed the day when the Chipmunks had their OWN original songs and they didn't only make covers.

Don't watch this movie unless you're under 8 or you're a huge chipmunk fan.
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