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Sex & Nudity

  • A girl says "I've seen my grandmother naked. Nothing scares me more than that" when another girl tries to scare her.
  • A man is seen wearing only a diaper and we slightly see some pubic hair.
  • A girl says (laughing) "He's so naked!"
  • A girl holds two coconuts at the chest level and a guy says "Nice ones".
  • A character's clothes are stolen from him, and we see him in a towel
  • A LOT of passionate kissing between high-school teenagers. One between a teacher and an auditioning woman.
  • There are girls in bikinis shown
  • A girl walks past a laptop and we see her butt (in tight pants) on the screen.
  • Some songs have suggestive material such as "Take a Hint."
  • A young boy says to three teenage girls, one by one he wants to kiss them, afterwards a teenage boy says that he better stop there.
  • In one episode there is a bet were the boys compete against the girls to see who can go the longest without using electronics, Tori mentions her sister taking a picture of her butt mole and posted it on the internet, but it was a lie to get the boys to try and use their phones.
  • In another episode Robbie and Cat are mugged and are left in their underwear and the two have to cover up with trash cans, although there is no nudity but you can slightly see Cat's bra.
  • A few sexual jokes. Usually used by Jade.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a LOT of slapping, punching, kicking, but it's all comedic.
  • In one episode a character is shot with an arrow through her hand, no blood is shown but she is taken to the hospital.
  • A character has monster makeup on her that may scare little kids, in the episode the makeup had scared girl scouts
  • A man shouts "Get that dry blood off the floor"
  • A boy gets bitten by a vampire mob on the neck.
  • In the episode on a plane, a 9-year-old boy keeps kicking Trina's seat. Trina gets annoyed says something she's going to tell on him so he'll be fired from the plane. He replies: "Ooh, you're a scary witch." And Trina says: "I wish I was a witch, cause I would take my broomstick and--" "TRINA SIT!" Tori says to calm her down. Later (or earlier) Trina is putting on eye-shadow and then the boy kicks her seat again and made her poke her eye with the pencil. A man falls out of a truck and gets seriously inquired.
  • A girl punches another girl in the face. It is implied that she broke her nose and she is taken to the hospital. (Comedic)
  • A character is sprayed in the eyes with beast repellant.
  • A character is taken blood from a doctor three times, one bag drops and blood scatters everywhere on two characters.
  • A girl accidentally kicks her shoe off (while dancing) and it goes right on a man's last eye. Everyone thinks she did it on purpose.
  • A girl slaps a young man in the face, twice, in front of the whole class.
  • A car battery drops on a girl. She is also hit with small batteries. A young man is hit in the stomach with a bowling ball (hard) and yells in pain. A girl gets punched in the face. A girl is seen with a black face, which implies she has been close to fire. A girl is seen stuck with feathers. A toilet falls on a young man, and he later says that he can't feel his toes and is seen in a gypsum.


  • Characters often say holy Chiz (parody of Shit), and some characters ask "What is chiz anyway?" chiz is used as a substitute for shit.
  • The term "sucks" is used in one episode
  • "Oh my gawd" is used. Similar-sounding "oh, my God," isn't.
  • In one episode, Tori posts on the Slap, "WDFD", which means "whoop de f*cking doo"
  • Name calling "Ugly Betty" "jerk" "nerd" "looser" "douchebag" "moron" "pre-turd" "turd".
  • One use of "Dog-jam it!"
  • Jade in one episode says "P-O'd" which means 'Pissed off'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is a teenage partying, but no alcohol, drug use or smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few emotional scenes.
  • A special effects from creating stage tornadoes goes wrong, and it sucks in a puppet up (the puppet gets frightening)
  • A dog attacks a man, we only see it through the windows
  • The characters make a movie, where a character faints, and dies, later, a girl is shown whipping blood away from the knife, and putting it back where the girl whose died picture is shown, this scene may frighten little ones
  • There is one short film a character (Jade) made for the audition. It is a horror short-film and a clown has red eyes when he pops out of the weasel (it may scare some) and a young teenage boy starts yelling
  • In one episode about the prom, there is a scary mini movie played as a joke, and it has black riders, vampire baby heads, worms covered in blood, and a zombie (with a grey skin)
  • Season 2 is rated 12 in the UK on DVD.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Few episodes take place at the hospital. One character (Rex, the puppet) dies there but he comes back to life, because of Tori

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A girl and boy dressed like a girl both do a stunt where they jump down from a high ledge. The boy 'falls' deliberately as part of a stunt, but the girl is pushed. They both land safely on an inflatable safety mat.

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