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24 - back to its former glory - love it!
david-497-3314746 May 2014
After so much build up to this 24 re-launch, I had a horrible feeling that it would all be so much hype, with nothing to justify it. I am glad to say, after seeing the premiere, this is the 24 I have known and loved and it is everything a 24 nerd such as myself could wish for! I think using London as the setting was an inspired choice, as being a Brit myself, I love London and there is so many great locations to choose from. It's nice to see that, so far, the landmarks everyone associates with the place have been absent (Big Ben etc.)and instead, we see some of the seedier areas, which to me gives a good feel for the kind of life Jack Bauer has had to endure since he disappeared 4 years earlier.

From the start, I love the energy, drive, enthusiasm and the feeling that the cast really wanted to be doing it (which is what made the Season 8 first episodes so flat because that was so obviously lacking). As ever, there are Jack's incredible escapes and anticipation of what people will do that make this always so exciting to watch. He's always one step ahead.

The new characters, even at this early stage, seemed to be getting proper development in terms of depth, and the return of the earlier characters seemed quite natural and not contrived in any way.

There is so much promise here for a powerful story, featuring the usual twists, surprises and shocks, it sure will be hard to wait for a week each episode.

All in all, this new 24 still has the power to keep me glued to the TV as it always has, something that very few other shows have ever done, and I await the remainder eagerly. Great TV!
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Events occur in real time!
Wow. What an exhilarating start to the return of 24! Bombs, interrogations, shootouts, drones presidents in danger (of course!), cover-ups, & a potentially high-quality villain in Michelle Fairley ...plus a heavily transformed Chloe (still the same at the core) looking hot with that new punk-rock style!

  • Don't recall a previous season of 24 that was as fast paced or as adrenaline rushing as this, though we are still to see whether they maintain this same pace, but is a high possibility with the shortened season.

  • In short it is everything I loved about 24 but made more modern, which only adds to the quality. Couldn't hope for a more high quality return and it reminds viewers that 24, especially this new fresher version, can give blockbuster action films & even Game of Thrones a run for their money!

  • "Events occur in real time"! Hearing Jack saying this at the start was the moment I truly realized how much exactly I missed 24.

  • Last but not least...it wouldn't truly be 24 if there weren't a healthy dose of DAMMIT's from Jack which were in abundance!
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This Won't Be Breaking Bad or True Detective... But It's Gonna Be (the good) 24. What else You Want?
jigsaw-915 May 2014
Since the original series premiered in 2001 and ended in 2010 the television has changed too much. TV Shows like Breaking Bad or the newest True Detective (just only with its powerful and unique Season one) showed than the gold era of the small screen wasn't dead and the bar could be raised far beyond the sky. That kind of shows included a truly intense and masterful psychological touches in the personality of its characters and in its stories. That stories and characters kept growing and growing never stopping challenging the audience (and our hype). A TV show like 24 had that amazing point in its era... until the last three seasons ruined it all. A show like 24 can't be a psychological show or an incredibly intelligent show because of its limited plot. In the first seasons the menaces were global but very intimating, close to the main character (the invincible Jack Bauer)and truly intense and groundbreaking to the television. But if the plot and the type of storyline were becoming repetitive since the beginning as a mechanical of the series, the last three seasons were truly disappointing in that terms. After a masterpiece like Season 5 was (in the same level of the very first one) the next season was make just for business and money reasons. Without a proper storyline and repetitive action, the show began its downfall. Season 7 was good. Very good. Could be one of the most entertaining of the series and the truly remarkable season of the last three. But it was no Series 1-5. And Season 8... Despite the last ten episodes were tense and heartbreaking, overall was disappointing and without the strength that a final season (like Breaking Bad, for example) could and MUST have. The ending could be fine to the season, but not very much for the series. And if the way was marked by a feature movie... Guys, don't call it an ending. Just say that it's a transition to make more money.

The movie didn't came out and the time was expiring. Then the miniseries appeared. I was truly happy with the plot and the teasers. In fact, the first episodes confirmed me that. 24 is back in the most entertaining of its ways. It could not be that masterpiece and that surprising fresh air of the Days 1 to 5, but it's truly better than the last seasons. We don't see Jack Bauer do extremely creative things, okay. It's running, escaping from his custody after being trapped by the CIA (IN A VERY COOL WAY THAT I WONT SPOIL), stopping attacks and trying to clean his name and helping his friends (?) (although this time he claims that he has no friends at all... and that could be truth).

24: Live Another Day is not truly original or innovative. By the first episodes, it's 24 compressed in 12 episodes. It's more of the same but with a plenty of energy and in the half of time. That allows to the show to be more flexible, to cut off poor story lines (the very weak point of the original series!), and to deliver the whole plot in a faster and (could be) better way. In fact, the most distinctive change from the original series is the jumping forward in the time. I think I remember that after the first episode that begins. And if the creators and writers take it in the best of the ways that could deliver a lot of chills, false clues and twists along the predictable way. Also is a clear opportunity to send off the (incomplete) plot of the Final Season of the original series recurring to "lost characters" (Audrey and Heller, for example) and with a more attractive plot than the typical nuclear bomb. This time, the drones and the leaks give us chills and it's treated in a very interesting way (at least, in the first episodes). In that terms, I'm very happy to say that Live Another Day delivers. I hope that this won't be ruined by the end of the miniseries.

And finally... My dilemma. The final day or not? Well, I'm a fan of 24. Really. But I wish this could the truly final day of Jack Bauer. He survives or dies... He is walking under the sun with a lover or going to the hospital dying... I'm risky, but I think that another season or another miniseries "if this is successful" it's not a proper treating for this or any show. Every story has an end. And I personally think that Live Another Day (if continues the same rhythm and the same top notch quality from its powerful start) could be that awesome final season that we didn't received in 2010. I clearly think that could be a very good end to Jack Bauer. Live Another Day could be the perfect movie to end Jack Bauer story in a happy or sad way. If the creators want a spin off with Kate Morgan (such an interesting character) okay, I let it go on. But let Bauer apart. The business is not a way to treat a show like this. It's only the way to drop it down in quality and excitement (look at Season 6 and the first half of 8, please).

The performances are terrific, the action is like a big budget movie, the tension is awesome and the storyline is not original but very good on its own terms. The menaces are more palpable and different from the usual ones (VERY GOOD!) at least until episode 3 (although I won't be surprised by the future moles, possible bombs... to come).

Let's hope that 24: Live Another Day would be an excellent miniseries, a rushing season and that last season that we didn't got when we need it.

Sorry for my English. I'm trying really hard to improve.
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Wait and see...
p-oxford-743-86329511 May 2014
The first five seasons of 24 remain, in this reviewer's opinion, the gold standard of the series in terms of intelligence, creativity, casting and emotional resonance; arguably the most riveting television ever. I gave them all ten stars, ranking up in the stratosphere with ground breaking TV series like The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad.

These seasons were very much the product of writer, co-creator and self- described Hollywood right-winger Joel Surnow and were adept at reversing liberal expectations, for example providing a villainous-and black- First Lady, and imposing agonizing choices on the protagonists. When Surnow's full time commitment ended following the masterful fifth season the franchise shed a dozen IQ points. But 24 still scored as more entertaining than your average fare thanks to the compelling- if arduous- format he devised with Robert Cochran and the always reliable Kiefer Sutherland.

Critics and many fans considered Season 6, featuring Jack Bauer's pathological family (who knew?), a misfire. The chastened producers were determined to right the ship and the first half of Season 7, set in Washington DC,re-captured some of the old magic (Surnow agreed to return as exec-producer for the fist eight episodes) before entropy set in and the show collapsed into terminal silliness (those ridiculous missiles!). NYC based Season 8 proved a disappointment although the final episodes were admittedly thrilling even as Jack stepped out of character in his quest for vengeance.

Only two episodes in, one is impressed with the driving energy of Season 9. It resembles an expertly constructed amusement park ride. But the quieter, character defining moments are not much in evidence- so far. Condensing the number of episodes down to twelve may to blame, but showing Jack Bauer's conflicted nature is essential.. I'll keep an open mind and may revisit this review later.

Incidentally, I and a friend ran into Sutherland last year in an LA supermarket parking lot. He was loading his SUV (natch) with grocery bags. A very personable, down to earth man.
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the best TV show ever4 made
bbuteo75 May 2014
I have to agree that 24 it is one of the best shows ever produced, from acting, storyline, directing, photografy, emotion....dam epic rush, God i love this show so dam good and im not action movies fan but 24...is another championship. the first time i watched i was hooked for good, im a music producer and even the soundtrack involved in the show is well refined, i cant say that the show hasn't have some flaws, or some mistaques during the 8 seasons(specially the 2nd season...if im not wrong, president palmer and the atomic bomb..or was the 3rd? ) but the story came always quickly to the right track. i already watched the 8 seasons twice with my girlfriend, the 8th season was pretty sad because was the last one and after watching 24 what can i watch after? homeland? the only show that i enjoyed, was house of cards, anyways i cant say how happy i am to see jack again, so i hope they go all the way till 20th season lol long live to most heroic guy of the TV Jack Bauer
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24 & Jack Bauer is Back!
joonas1346 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
(May contain minor spoilers) I was thrilled to see first episode of newest season and guess what? It delivers, I was so focused every second what's gonna happen and yeah there are still similar situations as other seasons before, but still exciting and thrilling! What we know about Bauer it was really confusing to tell what's her plan to escape for interrogating him and what happens next and so on.. it was really intense to watch and every minute passes game changes and it's on, THIS episode doesn't not disappoint one bit, everything is so well executed, but maybe repetitive way, but that doesn't bother me at all. Just sad to see this is only 12 episode series.

End scene was brutal and make me wonder, there is someone behind all this again and it's time to Jack save the Heller again. Welcome back JACK! Total 24 fan and maybe watched all the series 7-10 times. No kidding.

Hands down to the best television series ever!
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very exciting, like before, like always!
dark_prince2771 June 2014
Jack is back, with no changes at all! but more brutal, lonely as much as before, 24 series fan will like this season! like always terrorist wants to attack on west and jack Bauer wants to stop it before It's too late. but As we saw in last season, He isn't like a normal agent. So you see a nice interaction between jack and other agents. seeing new character as well as old characters (Chloe O'Brian)will satisfy 24 series fan. but for whom that is new with 24, I strongly recommend to watch all 8 seasons before watching 24: Live another day.because IF you don't know the jack Bauer as we know (fans), you'll hardly can accept the behavior of the jack in this season! 24: Live another day has 12 episodes at this moment. we are expecting to extend this episodes from 12 to 24, like previous season, like always. If you want to watch an action series that can boost your Adrenaline level, don't miss 24: Live another day!
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A Solid Return So Far (but a return was inevitable)
vonnoosh15 May 2014
It's hard to imagine four years has already passed since 24 ended it's run. The ending of the series was fitting and it suitably left the possibility of a return for Jack Bauer either in a mini series or perhaps a feature film. Well, the feature film never happened (was sure that's what would happen, events would be in real time of course but the storyline could still be in 24 hours). I thought 24 : Redemption was a test run for the format more than a TV movie prequel to Season 7. What you have after Sutherlands imaginative TV series Touch ran its course is a limited 12 episode run for the show.

The change in format makes perfect sense. Firstly, because the 24 episode format always had a different villain to chase after the first 12 episodes concluded the initial storyline and second, the investment wouldn't be such a burden for the network. One of three things sink every TV show eventually, either the ratings are poor or the cost of production eventually outweighs the rating value. Cost of production includes salary increases for regular cast members which grows significantly after three successful seasons. The last being a creative decline because the well of imaginative ideas ran dry.

24 survived two of the three listed above. The show plateaued ratings wise which led to its cancellation but there was never a real drop off. The cost of production skyrocketed by Season 5 and I can't imagine anyone feeling Season 6 wasn't a sign of trouble in the writing room. Worse yet for 24, Season 6 with its sour ending was followed by the writer's strike which held up production for two years. I for one never returned to watching the show after the strike and I am sure others felt the same.

I recently watched both Seasons 7 and 8 in their entirety and found it departed from the bizarre (and I felt quite hackneyed) plot twists in 6. The show was back in form specifically in 7 with its blend of drama ,action, political intrigue and mystery. The writers looked to be developing their story lines along a basic theme as well.

It's too early to see if Season 9 will pick up where the show left off. I was leery toward the return of James Heller and his daughter Audrey to the storyline (they departed in Season 6) but the characters remain interesting enough to be in the storyline (it also helps to draw back some of the older viewers of the show as well since many feel the show was at its peak when the Hellers were in the storyline back in Seasons 4 through 6).

The storyline also wisely starts up years after Season 8 concluded. It remains to be seen if the 12 episode variation will work to cram in a shadowy secondary villain in the back end of the season like the 24 episode seasons did. It would be quite a feat if they could. I expect the shorter season to be a set up to that secondary villain should their be a 10th. If not, then perhaps the events toward the end of season 8 will catch up to Bauer the more time he shows himself in public.

There's a healthy dose of intrigue still surrounding the character of Jack Bauer and many will continue to watch wondering when he will come up short during his next metaphorical jump.
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24 is back and is was... Perfect!!
micahratchet7 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The 24 Live Another Day finale was fantastic!! Wow! The season as a whole was brilliant, intense, sad, epic, twisted, and exciting to watch! I think this season goes down as one of my top favorites! What a great comeback to be off the air for 4 years then just show up and be as good as it was! 10/10!

Premiere review: 24 Live Another Day has now come back with one of the strongest season openings I think in the history of 24! It's so far looking to be an amazing return! Some of the things I've noticed so far is the excellent pacing and story structure! In just 2 episodes we already have plot lines following a story about Jack Bauer making his return from the shadows, a US Drone pilot being set up for an attack he didn't commit, A planned terrorist attack with the intention of starting world war III, A President who's mind is degrading by an illness, A man who is trying to keep his wife safe from her past, A shamed CIA agent who is trying to prove herself, and many more smaller plot points! IF this wasn't writing at its finest then I don't know what is. Pretty much everything about what I've seen was simply put.. AMAZING! The Action, Writing, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, ACTING! The whole package really builds the intensity and overall suspense!! I am very much looking forward to the rest of what is looking to be one of the best seasons of 24 yet!
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24 Live Another Day 2-hour episode
ssvramdeen6 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the 2-hour premiere on Fox one can easily say that this carries you back to the days of season 1. 24 continues to prove it is ground- breaking. Kiefer Sutherland is excellent as Jack Bauer. From beginning the show has been nothing but excitement. There are the new cast who are doing well so far and formers cast members like Mary Lynn Rajskub, William Devane and Kim Raver fit right back into character. Jon Cassar also took to twitter quite recently to thank fans for their continued support and said it was because of them that '24' is back. The new setting of London didn't fit too well with me at first but now it seems just nothing short of exciting with the beautiful backdrops. Kim Raver is now married but goes by the name Audrey Heller as well.
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24 Yes's! 24 is back and it's better than ever!
Richasantos9 May 2014
After an amazing journey through 8 seasons and Redemption, Jack Bauer is finally back! If you can remember, and specially for me, those last 5 to 7 episodes of 24 previous seasons were full of action and kept me waiting for the next episodes with my hearth pumping blood all over the place. This new season, since the start, makes me feel those feelings again. This is a season full of action since the first episode. Jack Bauer is back with style since the first minute of the show! I really hope this new season can be considered a test pilot to release new seasons in the future. I really hope, more and more people start to watch this show.
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The Legend Returns
Harun_Karali6 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The story kicks of with Jack being Caught by the CIA. Morgan(Yvonne) is surprised of how Jack is taken. So She decides to look deeper into the matter although she doesn't have the clearance. Yvonne's character Morgan reminds me a little of Jack. The way she breaks ranks. I think they picked the perfect actress for the part of Morgan. I was a bit worried about the storyline, but from the first 2 episodes I can say that it met my expectations if not passed them. I hope that they can keep this tempo in the show cause it has even more action scenes then before, if that's even possible.

I especially enjoyed Chloe's transformation, it's like she's become a whole a new person.
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Jack Bauer is Back, & frankly thats the only thing that matters!!! :D
navinpais5 May 2014
Loved it.., but something felt off... it wasn't as great as I hoped it to be, at times it didn't even feel like 24, the tinkering with the ticker color & font didn't help either..., I wish Heller wasn't the President..., even Stephen Fry didn't impress... & thats where the main problem lies, even with a stellar supporting cast, its only Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub & Benjamin Bratt who look like they belong in the show/story..., the rest are just stuck, lost in between..., Michelle Fairley was great, but we only got to see her for some seconds..., hoping she saves the show. Not that it needs to be saved per se, but its unfair to have a show rest on one mans shoulders..., however f#@$ing good he may be, he cant be in every other frame... Gbenga Akinnagbe & Yvonne Strahovski are horrible, especially the former. Coming back to Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland, he certainly looks a bit aged, but at the same time he looks angrier & grumpier than ever, not in the mood for anything, well, other than saving the world for the nth time... As for the background score, it felt a bit wanting, in the first two episodes there was only one moment where the score was great, at other times it didn't feel like Sean Callery. And may be, its just the whole setting, there were times when I wished they were back in America. So was it worth the wait, totally if you are a fan of 24 like me, who loves Bauer, but if you are someone who just likes the show, then you will be disappointed.

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Dmasters858315 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
No idea why this is getting such good reviews?? The writing is about as lazy as it gets - the writers clearly have an idea of where they want the story to go but have no problem using ridiculous and badly thought out ways of getting there. 24 has never been realistic but this really is a joke.

It's painfully clichéd too, and the same old story lines keep reappearing - what a surprise there's a mole in ctu! Jack kills everyone as usual and is typically self righteous and proves everyone wrong over and over again. It's an shame they can't even be bothered to give jack a happy ending. Whether that means they're going to produce yet another series goodness only knows, but I'm sure we'll all know what's coming if they do. 24 has been much better than this. Just finish it. Total brainless dross.
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If you didn't watch 24, don't bother with this
gdump19 May 2014
I watched (and enjoyed) the first couple of seasons of 24, but then it got too silly for me to be able to "suspend disbelief" any longer.

I was hoping that Fox would have learned their lesson and gone back to at least slightly believable story lines, but it wasn't to be. Even worse, now the writers expect that you were a loyal fan of the previous series right up until its demise so if you weren't, you'll be totally lost as to what went on before and what the motivations are for the characters to be acting in the bizarre ways that they do. I struggled through two episodes before deciding that it just wasn't worth trying to figure it out.
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Same ****, different day
beckmen19 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When I heard the news of 24's resurrection, I was excited. The prospect of 12 episodes instead of 24 indicated a denser season with less B-plot filler. Perhaps there is a bit less, but more or less the show is the same animal. Pretty much every 24 cliché is here. All of the twists feel recycled. If you watch the show purely for the action, you should be in for a treat. This season might boast the best action set pieces, and there are quite a few of them. There's some feature-level visual effects. A lot of stuff blows up. Dozens of people get shot. If you don't mind the cookie-cutter writing, it's not a bad season. But for me, I have been waiting over a decade for a season of 24 that would bring the kinds of twists and inventiveness that the first season had. The only season that felt at all fresh or unique. 24: Live Another Day fails to deliver on that dream.
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Jack Bauer pursues Simone Al-Harazi on London Underground
phil-forster29 May 2014
As an Englishman, I'm finding this series extremely fascinating with London providing an interesting alternative to American locations used in preceding series. At the time of writing (up to and including Episode 5), London-specific attention to detail by the show's producers appears to be virtually faultless - one notable exception being the London Underground faux-pas in Episode 3.

While she and Jack are tracking terrorist Simone Al-Harazi from Kennington tube station, Chloe notices she's taken a northbound Northern Line train (the only line there). North of Kennington the Northern Line splits into two - the 'Charing Cross' and 'City' branches - and Chloe identifies Simone's train as the former. So far, so good.

Jack then drives them helter-skelter to the next stop Waterloo, where he dashes out into the underground to intercept the train... which, hey presto, is now JUBILEE LINE (Neasden-bound - as shown on the front of the train and as announced while stopped at Waterloo). OK, Simone could conceivably have changed trains from Northern to Jubilee at Waterloo but, as they're at opposite ends of the station's underground complex, that would involve an extremely long walk (or run) between the two. And of course, Chloe would have tracked all this and directed Jack accordingly (which she doesn't).

Of no real consequence perhaps, however I'm surprised they didn't use the Northern Line at Waterloo for continuity - or else show Simone making the long trek to the Jubilee platform, with Chloe providing Jack with a running commentary as she tracks Simone's movements via CCTV... which could all have added to the suspense (though obviously at the expense of other footage - probably not an option).

But hey... who's complaining? Love it!!!!
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edlaxton24 July 2014
Clichéd script, unbelievable from the scratch and yes, you get to see Chloe looking miserable/vexed and Jack looking terse, so no change there then. The CIA runs riot across England unknown to UK authorities and apparently unobserved by members of the public. "MI5" does an armed raid. US President gets barracked by British MP's.... The list of nonsense goes on. Jack and Chloe haven't developed into three dimensional characters yet and show no signs of doing so. Oh and did I mention the usual hi-tech underpinning I.e. lots of laptop screens with nice big red and green bars to tell you something important is happening.
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Basically what you'd expect
kgiesing24 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit, I'm a bit baffled by the appearance of "24: Live Another Day" in the top 10 rated TV shows on IMDb.

Those who watched the main run of the series 24 will know basically what to expect. Before the story even begins, we can safely assume Jack Bauer will be fighting a major terrorist threat, hampered by both political infighting at the top of the government food chain, and by ignorance and mistrust within the intelligence agencies that should be on his side. Some familiar faces will return, as evidenced by the poster art; new ones will rotate in to play familiar roles.

Having watched the first three episodes, it's safe to say 24 fans will not be disappointed, as all the elements are in place. Jack provides a constant stream of action sequences as the backdrop for personal and political drama, while the overall puzzle slowly emerges. Is it well executed? I'd say yes. Is it predictable? Of course. Is it brilliant enough to hold its own against the likes of "Breaking Bad" or "Game of Thrones"? Not even close.

The only explanation I can see here is the self-selecting nature of 24 fandom. The folks who came back to 24 are, one could reasonably guess, precisely the ones who love the show's formula. It's also interesting to note that 24: LAD is rated significantly higher than the original series; while the original run did have some dud moments to dilute the pool, I'd say LAD is a far cry from the show's peak.
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Oh dear, age has got the better of them!
christiank715 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As someone said in another review "Jack Bauer is Back, & frankly thats the only thing that matters!!!" this could be true except that the plot usually had a coherence and methodology that was at least somewhat plausible. This last series is without a doubt the weakest and sends a clear message that the Bauer character with his husky low whisper like voice just does not cut it anymore. Even when he lopped of the head of the bad guy who came across quite mundane, we did not get a sprinkling of real fury. This is the direct result of the direction and plot management of the very tired crew. Tired from the exhaustion of those many seasons that have gone before and that we the viewers, unless we are total addicts which I am certainly not, have no sense of critical comprehension. Sorry but this time I hope the Russians kill him off permanently. A comeback would really be a sad note but then there seem to be enough devoted followers to make the thing happen yet again and put a few more million into Sutherlands account. Time for a new age of political terrorist drama maybe set around the traitor Obama and his nutbag administration. That would be fun.
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I can't wait for the next episodes...
tootihamza7 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Alright, after 2 years of being member in IMDb.. This is my first review ever...

I had to write this because seriously guys after nearly 4 years of 24 TV show absence.. it came back as charm.. it never left our hearts.. I was one of 24 big fans.. and I won't lie.. I cried when I heard that they aren't going to make another season...

And now it is like our life came back.. When I just watched 2 first episodes of Live another day.. Maaan I gotta say I loved it..Heller being president, Audrey ( Jack Bauer Ex-Girlfriend ) being married to one of president Superior ( Who hided some information that Jack Bauer is back in action from president and Audrey ), Chloe changed a lot from wife & mother to group member of hacking organisation.. US military's drone hacked, etc Everything changed.. Just everything.. Which makes it interesting and which make the next episodes unpredictable like the last few seasons.

The most powerful words that Jack Bauer said was: I don't have friends... It is just that no matter how hard he tries how well he does.. No friend would help him out... But Chloe just proved that she would be there for him always.

However that Kate agent Morgan.. whose her husband betrayed his country by selling confidential informations to Chine.. I loved her from beginning. especially how she tried to prove how well is she as agent.. It is like she is female version of Jack Bauer.. Let's hope that she would be working side by side with him.. or even better against him.

That US Military Drone that got hacked by ex colleague of Chloe and killed 4 soldiers ( 2 Americans soldiers and 2 British soldiers ) is seriously very interesting story.. I mean We gotta see how Jack & Chloe prove that It was hacked and controlled not by an American pilot who can turn the world to the 3rd world war.. It is all in Baour's hand to stop that war.
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What a shame for a potentially good series
TheReviewPerson18 July 2014
In a way, this show is quite good, but it lets itself down in far too many other ways.

The premise of imminent terrorism is quintessentially the same as every other thriller on TV, but nonetheless the writers seem to find it necessary to spell out every plot point to its audience, which having watched intelligent thrillers like Fargo and Homeland, can be incredibly frustrating. It's bereft of the 'guessing factor': the essential hint of ambiguity that is vital for thrillers to achieve 'edge-of-your-seat' status.

There also seems to be a distinct lack of three-dimensional characters. Everyone's lives seem to rotate around the events of the day; there's no irrational fear of green apples, secret addiction to on-line gambling or any personality quirks at all - sure, there's a bit of emotional entanglement here and there, but it's so flat that it practically reflects light. There's no fluctuation or development in the characters, either. I know that that's quite difficult to achieve in a plot that spans across only one day, but to put things in perspective, when explaining the plot to someone, to me Jack Bauer is 'Mr Whispery Voice', Chloe is 'Miss Grumpy Face' and Audrey is 'Mrs Doe-Eyes'.

Unfortunately, the poor writing means the acting is disastrous - I almost feel sorry for the actors having to put up with such unrealistic lines.

I understand that 24 was a much-loved series and that this reincarnation has been highly anticipated, but really by itself it is not a thriller worth watching.
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Just awful
dharma-dave13 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I came here expecting to be among many people sharing a similar opinion, That "24 Live another day" is a truly awful TV series. I used to Love 24, I watched all 8 seasons, and despite the show gradually getting weaker and the suspension of disbelief becoming a near impossible task, they ended it, before I could hate it, THEN, they bring it back, "OK" I said, "I will give it a chance", and I did, The writing is diabolical and the acting is poor to say the least.

I literally cannot be bothered to list everything wrong with the show, But I have to mention this as it was in the last episodes that I watched, Jack Bauer - One minute he is a wanted "terrorist", high on the CIA/FBI wanted list, literally about 30 minutes later he is armed, sat in a room alone with the president of the United States, Being told he is the nations best hope of surviving the impending terrorist attacks, He can have anything he wants, Like really? And don't even get me started on Simone "accidentally" stabbing her dead boyfriends sister.

Not even Jack Bauer can save the day this time.
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They should have called it '24 sinkhole'
raysoedhoe24 July 2014
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Hi, this is my first review on IMDb.


The raving reviews from other users felt fake. So i felt compelled to point out the ridiculousness of the series and its dubious message.

I think 24: Live Another Day is really bad. The plot is unbelievable; terrorist obtain an override device, so they can control Drones and its weapons. Jack and his team then off course kill and torture with impunity. Like they are superheroes always in time and killing with one or two shots. The hacking into computer systems is like...well like fantasy; totally unconvincing, they super hack everything.

The Terrorists are of course Arabian and Chinese ( were are those evil Russians !? ) The good guys are the US and its dementing president ( probably the worst acting president in the 24 series ) Jack is the hero showing no emotion at all, like a robot. His interaction with the other characters is below average, too dull. The terrorist are portrayed as very evil too simplistic. The subplots are not worth remembering, i forgot them. There is no tension, everything was predictable for me. 24 felt like it was shot quickly with poor special effects and a low budget.

I think that US viewers will like it, its like a US military/army propaganda movie; 'support the Drones and US military deployment all over the world, do not worry we are the good guys! 24 surveillance/spying on everything all the time is good'. Watchers from outside the US will probably quickly determine it as a simplistic propaganda tool, not worth watching, its an insult to their intelligence.
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Great, addictive television
jellyneckr12 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When "24" ended in 2010, the possibility of it ever coming back as a television series seemed highly unlikely. The show had run for eight long seasons, had lower ratings than Fox probably wanted, and the chatter of a "24" movie seemed like the franchise would continue on the big screen. But, because it's hard to kill off a cult favorite, it wasn't surprising when "24: Live Another Day" was announced. The idea of the franchise coming back on television was slightly disappointing, if only because if there has ever been a television property that deserves to live on as an action-packed movie series, it's "24." Luckily, the first few episodes of "24: Live Another Day" are just about as entertaining as any film version of the show could have possibly been. In fact, the new series is as entertaining as "24" has ever been.

The creative team behind the new series has a concrete understanding of what fans want to see: Jack Bauer beating people up, Jack Bauer screaming, and a story that manages to find ways to include lots of ridiculous action. While the show is definitely a drama, there's the clear realization on behalf of the writers and director Jon Cassar that there is also fun to be had along the way. The fun aspect is ultimately what distinguishes "24: Live Another Day" from most other current dramas. While Jack Bauer may seem superhuman as he will get out every single dangerous, violent situation relatively unharmed, there is still a strong sense of excitement that's hard to find anywhere else on television. Although there are some grim "24" staples such as torture, the series is never completely unpleasant or depressing to watch and seems downright tame compared to some of the shows that have been on the air in the last few years.

Of course, the main reason that the series works as well as it does is Kiefer Sutherland. Always an actor who is mesmerizing to watch, Sutherland brings the same intensity and charisma to Jack Bauer as he did years ago. Lesser actors could make the character seem so over the top that the character and the show would become nothing short of a cartoon, but Sutherland manages to keep the character just restrained enough for the tone not to go overboard. The supporting cast is solid, though there haven't been enough episodes to understand what the characters eventually will become. This being a "24" series, there will surely be dozens of plot twists involving the core characters.

"24: Live Another Day" is probably not going to win Emmy Awards. The series is unlikely to restart the franchise in a major way that will lead to the movie that both Sutherland and the fans so desperately want. However, the show accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: be exciting and enjoyable. This is great escapist TV for those who can suspend disbelief. 8/10
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