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Sex & Nudity

  • It is implied that a married couple have sex, while someone else is watching on a camera.
  • A woman confronts a man in the bathroom, and he assumes that she wants to have sex with him in one of the stalls.

Violence & Gore

  • Almost Non-stop violence
  • blood is scene in huge amounts spilling out of neck wounds, out of stomach wounds etc.
  • Many people are shot. with bloody bullet holes seen.
  • here is a lot of combat that contains punching, kicking, choking and sometimes neck-snapping.
  • There is also stabbing and hitting with heavy objects.
  • In episode two there's a torture scene.
  • They are injecting some kind of a serum in to a woman, which is causing the woman to feel pain (she screams hard).
  • Another woman is tortured by being hung by her wrists, having water thrown on her, and being electrocuted. Then they threaten her with a power drill.
  • A missile blows up a building with hundreds of people in it. People are thrown from a window.
  • A head is chopped off with a sword. Some blood can be seen spurting out of the body. Very brief.


  • Frequent use of dammit. Bitch, ass, bastard, hell, and pissed are sometimes said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • a serum is injected into a woman which makes her scream in pain
  • People are scene drinking beer and scotch
  • a man drinks even though it is forbidden

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • As the hours/episodes go bye it gets more intense
  • Some main characters die which may be depressing for viewers, it can also be hard to watch other characters handle their deaths
  • The tortures/interrogations are violent and intense.
  • many people are killed, sometimes unexpectedly.

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