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Peter Stormare: Scott Langral



  • [first lines] 

    Langral : Again, what happened in that hotel room?

    Snow : Oh, it was coupon night and I was trampolining your wife.

    [Snow is punched in the face] 

    Langral : You're a real comedian aren't you, Snow?

    Snow : Well I guess that's why they call it the punch line.

    [Snow is punched again] 

    Langral : You don't like me, do you?

    Snow : Don't flatter yourself. I don't like anybody.

    Langral : With that attitude, I can see why nobody likes you.

    Snow : Oh, come on. People love me. Just ask your wife.

    [Snow is punched again] 

  • Langral : Who was the mystery man on the phone?

    Snow : Uh, his name was Fuck You.

    Langral : Really?

    Snow : Yeah, he was Asian.

  • Langral : I don't like hurting you, Snow.

    Snow : Is that why you're having him do it?

    Langral : I can have Rupert bludgeon you all night.

    Snow : I'm being beaten up by a guy called Rupert?

  • Duke : Who are you?

    Langral : Secret Service.

    Duke : I didn't hear anything about this.

    Harry Shaw : That will be why they call it secret, right?

  • Harry Shaw : [over the comms]  Snow, what's going on?

    Snow : [on the ship, rubbing his head]  You know, global warming, some celebrity is getting a boob-job, Congress is screwing the pooch again. You know, same old.

    Harry Shaw : Snow, come on man! I mean, what's going on there?

    Harry Shaw : Oh yeah. Well, you wild-cat smacked me in the head with a fire extinguisher and locked herself in some room. So, she's safe. Send the cavalry.

    Langral : Listen, Snow. You stick to the plan. You better do your job or I'll hit you with a Sherman tank. Got that?

    Harry Shaw : A Sherman tank? Yeah, right. Toss my caber, Langral. I got other things to do.

  • Langral : I'm here to tell you the good news, Snow.

    Snow : [in his holding cell, sarcastically]  You're finally getting payed? Congratulations.

    Langral : You've been convicted. First degree murder and conspiracy to commit espionage against the United States. That's the set-up. Do you want to hear the punch-line?

    Snow : Yeah. I'm dying to.

    Langral : M.S. One. Thirty years stasis. No parole. Effective immediately.

    Snow : And nothing about a constitutional right to a fair hearing?

    Langral : I think you waived that right when you shot Armstrong.

  • Langral : [about Snow to Harry]  I can't tell if he's stupid or a really good liar. Either way, M.S. One would have been good for him.

  • Langral : We had the Colonel under surveillance. He was selling secrets about our space programs.

    Snow : Well, that's interesting because Frank told me he was protecting them.

    Langral : Did he tell you this before or after you killed him?

    Snow : Why would I kill him? He was a friend of mine.

  • Snow : You know this may come as a surprise to you, but Frank didn't trust you guys anymore. So, he asked me to back him up. He wanted some one from outside the agency. You know, to protect the package.

    Langral : Who was your back up guy?

    Snow : Why do I get the feeling not telling you is the only thing keeping him alive?

  • Snow : [about MS-One]  So, how many prisoners exactly?

    Langral : 497. Mainly rapists and murderers. You'll fit right in.

    Snow : [about Emilie]  How do we know she's not dead already?

    Harry Shaw : She's wearing a telementry medical transmitter. All the first family have them.

    Snow : So, if I actually find her, if she is alive; how do we get off the ship?

    Snow : Easy. Hitch a ride, man. There's an escape pod on level five.

  • Langral : What happened in that room in New York?

    Snow : What-what was the question?

    [is punched in the face] 

    Langral : [angrily]  What happened in that room?

  • Langral : [to Snow]  What happened to the Colonel?

  • Snow : Are you setting me up? Is that what this is?

    Langral : All we know is the Colonel arranged the meeting in that hotel and somehow, you showed up and killed him.

  • Langral : [to the President]  Sir, with in the last hour, there has been a massive infraction on Supermax M.S. One. It's a take over.

  • Langral : [over the comms]  This is Special Agent Scott Langral and I'm in charge of this situation.

    Alex : In charge? That's where you're very much mistaken!

  • Harry Shaw : Hey, tell me you are not thinking of negotiating with these psychos!

    Langral : This is all over the news in six hours.

  • Langral : Looks like my plan is working.

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