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Law with a lot of spark
pipin_ferreras20 October 2010
It's a very good show. It takes the classic law formula but gives it a fresh new flavor that really works. It combines courtroom drama/tension with humorous moments, some romance and a little bit of Nip/Tuck lifestyle. The cast and the chemistry between the actors are solid, while Beluschi delivers some great moments. Interesting sub-plots as well, for example the relationship between Kaczmarek and the district attorney. Can't wait to see if they are gonna bring in a few good guest stars to the show, that would be awesome. Also, the city of Las Vegas is filmed a bit differently than usual, maybe in a classier way. Leaves you with a strong feeling at the end, so you know it was worth watching.
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Defending the Defenders
a-taglietti12 August 2011
What a shame this show has been cancelled, two excellent comedy partners and fun story lines set in a great location.The story lines seem very genuine which is a surprise in its self, the last show I recall that featured Las Vegas (Las Vegas) was so way over the top it in my opinion made James Caan look like a two bob TV star rather than the Hollywood legend he is.

Would be Interested to know the rational as to why cancelled after one season, it does seem that lots of shows are not given the time to develop, how many great shows that were persevered with in the last twenty years have grown better and better! . I guess another one hit wonder!
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Finally, a great show about a couple of lawyers
gs2029 September 2010
While i'm sure there will be some big cases along the way, it is gratifying to watch a show with realistic legal issues that ordinary people might run across in real life........and while in real life it is hard to find real lawyers who actually care about their clients, it is at least nice to know that the protagonists in this show resemble real people for a change.........the cast is perfect and the action is brisk........very entertaining and it, you'll like it.......the heroes, while being careful not to go ridiculously too far, realistically push the system to defend their clients, to the dismay of the prosecutors..........Jim Belushi is perfect for a las Vegas criminal attorney and if you watch carefully you will notice the differences in Nevada law when compared to the variations of law where you live.......very true to life.
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An Awesome Show that is NOT UNREALISTIC - or at least not as unrealistic as some.
karishma-521 October 2010
I absolutely love this show! Of all the LAW shows on TV right now...CBS has my two favorites! The Good Wife and The Defenders. This show is funny but smart, entertaining but realistic (at least somewhat). And the chemistry between the two lead actors is phenomenal! I love it! I'm not a professional critic but I swear to you, if you give this show a chance, you will not turn away from it. :)

The cases are unique, because of the setting (Las Vegas), and the script is genuinely well written. In a time where intelligent writing is rarely found on anything by the big networks, this show is definitely a class act. Which is not surprising considering it comes from CBS, the only network to have a drama on the top 10 Nielson shows on a consistent basis (I am referring to NCIS - the only show that is able to compete with Dancing with the stars and other reality shows that seem to be overtaking the ratings game).
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Where Will These Lawyers Go From Here
DKosty12325 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the pilot for this series, I think hey this is OK but what will there be in the next show. Jim Belushi & Jerry O'Connell head a largely not well known cast in this pilot.

The start here is a young man accused of shooting & killing someone in the back deliberately in the back during a fight. There is no question he did it. The question is was it deliberate and pure-meditated? There was a classic series in the 1960's of this same name. I think this show is after the same kind of ratings that one got which was on CBS back then. While the first show here is a solid start, it is the following shows & luck of the time slot which will determine this.

It appears that Belushi is trying to be the role of EG Marshall from the classic. O'Connell is trying to be Robert Reed role. Being set in Vegas, there is no shortage of scenery or eye candy so far in this first show to distract this.

The scripts of the next few episodes will decide on this. Hope there are more good scripts coming up. The few shows that were done before it was canceled seemed to be maintaining the quality of the 1960's version. Too bad it got canceled so quickly because the Vegas setting was definitely a plus and the cast was doing a great job in their roles.
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killer1h23 September 2010
Fantastic start to a great show, setting a legal drama in Vegas was a very clever idea, but putting such a talented cast together to do it was a stroke of genius. What I found most appealing about this drama is the fact that they push dirty tactics to a whole new level, think of this as picking up where Boston legal left off in the toying with the legal system department.

This show revolves around 2 lawyers who are more like frat boys then actual attorneys, Nick(Belushi) seems to be a veteran lawyer who's more then a little unhappy with his ex-wife and so through a haze of drinks and antics he's the lead in this firm, his second in command is Pete(o'Connelly) who seems to be more of a pretty boy and flaunts his charms at all the right people including the ADA. Together with a assortment of dirty tricks and legal bravado they seem to make the perfect pair of lawyers. 10/10 for a show that's got depth enough to understand that character development is far greater then legal jargon early on in the show.
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Great mix of humor and sophistication, and it's real
cathy-shea1111 November 2010
My husband, who's a public defender, and I just love this series. Jim Belushi has come a long way in his career. His acting and expressions are just terrific. I didn't expect to love a series set in Las Vegas. And I've been really bored with the usual lawyer plots... most are just not realistic. We love the back and forth with the judges in this one. Love the dialog between the district attorney's office and the defense. Jerry O'Connell is a perfect foil for Belushi's character. They play off of each other brilliantly. O'Connell is not just a pretty face; he's got it down. He reminds me so much of when my husband worked for an SF law firm with all the young hot shots. The casting and writing is excellent. Great show. We never miss it.
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The Defenders Takes the Offensive ****
edwagreen25 September 2010
Still another excellent new television show for the 2010-11 season beckons.

John Belushi and his partner play 2 hip lawyers who really know how to manipulate the system. The partner is one of these cool guys. He seems to have a girl in every town.

This episode dealt with an alleged killing where the defendant claims that he shot the guy by accident, after the latter with a group, came after his brother with bats.

Belushi is excellently able to manipulate the system to get the verdict he wants. Even the judge is fooled by his antics.
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Amazing Duo
SnoopyStyle15 September 2013
Nick Morelli (James Belushi) and Pete Kaczmarek (Jerry O'Connell) are two best of partners defense attorneys in Las Vegas. They will do the craziest flashiest things for their clients. They are brash and loud. And they can always count on their assistant Lisa Tyler (Jurnee Smollett-Bell).

The chemistry between the two guys is amazing. They have a buddy duo comradary that's rare on TV. They have a great back and forth. Although I think most people may find them too loud and too brash. Sadly it last only 18 episodes and didn't get renewed. It definitely had enough fun to be renewed.
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The Defenders
bradleyjstevens-122 April 2019
This show was outstanding. Just as good as Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five -O , which started in the same year.
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