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Callum Blue: Zod


  • Tess Mercer : In every relationship, one person stands while the other one kneels. I will not be forced down again.

    Zod : I wouldn't want you to be.

  • Zod : How did you weaken me in the barn?

    Tess Mercer : You have your secrets and I have mine. Now we're even.

    Zod : I've waited a long time to savor the power of my Kryptonian birthright, and I will do anything what it takes to protect it. You must know that.

    Tess Mercer : In case if you hadn't noticed, Zod, there a few that can stop you.

    Zod : Which is why the information you have is so valuable.

    Tess Mercer : You talk like we're on different sides.

    Zod : You tell me. We are partners, after all.

    Tess Mercer : I doubt that you've only used yours powers for seduction.

    Zod : They certainly come in useful, especially when it comes to keeping an ear and an eye out for my competition.

    Tess Mercer : If you're referring to Clark, you may have met your match, but he's not your competition. *He's* one of *you*.

    Zod : But he stands apart. Read your own newspaper, Tess. With the help of a certain lovely reporter, The Blur has becomes humanity's new Messiah. Now, I may be able to fly, but the world would willingly follow him on foot.

    Tess Mercer : You're jealous.

    Zod : I want to know what gives him that power. And I want to know what will take it away. But you'll never tell me.

    Tess Mercer : Information is also power. But you understand that better than anyone.

  • Zod : [calling on the encrypted phone Clark uses as the Blur]  Hello, Lois.

    Lois Lane : It's you. I was wondering, hoping, that you'd call again.

    Zod : I need your help.

    Lois Lane : Anything.

    Zod : I need you to get information on Tess Mercer.

    Lois Lane : Well, you've come to the right girl. Just give me the question. I'll find you an answer. No matter what it takes, I'll do it. I wanna help. I will get you the information you need.

    Zod : But you can't tell anyone about it. Promise me you won't.

    Lois Lane : [glancing at Clark]  I promise.

    Zod : I wouldn't ask, Lois, if it weren't a matter of life or death.

  • Zod : Your choice of meeting place is revealing. Even when he's gone, Clark rules your mind.

    Tess Mercer : And yours. And since we have no common ground, I thought it only fitting that we meet in the home of the one person that unites us. Whether you want to admit it or not, Major, we all want the same thing. A better world.

  • Zod : You crave a man that's your equal. But everyone you've ever let in has betrayed you. And will never trust you.

    Tess Mercer : Well, sometimes trust comes at too high a price.

    Zod : Obsession can cost you more. Come with me. We'll go to Cyprus, rule the world. Drink wine, swim in the sea.

    Tess Mercer : You sound like a man without a care in the world. Not your usual goal-oriented self.

    Zod : Oh, I still have goals.

    Tess Mercer : [reaching under his shirt to feel his recent gunshot wound]  But do you still have secrets?

    Zod : Not from you.

  • Tess Mercer : I don't remember you telling me that you discovered your powers.

    Zod : How did you find out?

    Tess Mercer : You're a soldier dedicated to his cause. There's no way you'd run off to Cyprus unless your war was won.

    Zod : Your instincts are remarkable.

    Tess Mercer : So is your ability to heal. You were shot a few weeks ago, but I just checked and there's no wound. My little experiment proves that my instincts were right.

    Zod : And if you were wrong, your experiment would have killed me.

    Tess Mercer : Some risks are worth taking.

    Zod : And some aren't.

    [grabbing her by the hair and effortlessly picking her up] 

    Zod : You know my secret. I can't afford to let you share it. What would you do if our positions were reversed?

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