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Impressive for a small project, but a pretty bad movie otherwise
siderite30 December 2010
I liked the atmosphere of the movie a lot. They used a lot of green screens and then stained glass and grained film effects to create a surreal feel of the whole movie. That helped a lot with the suspension of disbelief which, let's face it, it's needed to even watch Snowblind.

The plot was pretty weird, in an post-apocalyptic world, with an evil "governor" hiring a gunslinger to kill another gunslinger so he can get his wife. A surprising move for someone who gets to use an entire army whenever he feels like it. I watched it, though, because of the said visual effects and the obvious effort that went in the film. They lost me when the black guy came out of the snow and then started singing. Of course, that is not characteristic of the film, but the scene just threw me off completely. The ridiculous gun battles that followed closed the deal.

Bottom line: an interesting experiment in movie making, Snowblind is distributed freely through Bittorrent in the Vodo network and funded by donations. As such, it is a decent effort and the makers have obviously invested quite a deal of effort in doing it. However, as entertainment value goes, it is pretty weak.
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Gritty, witty and quite interesting
paul_haakonsen10 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What a surprise this movie turned out to be.

Based on the movie poster/cover, I figured this was probably going to be an ordinary run of the mill western movie, but it was much more than that. And I especially like that this movie was made by movie-lovers, with a limited budget and such, because the end result was phenomenal. Thumbs way, way up to the people behind this movie.

Moving on to the story. Well, you have Clayton Young, a gunslinger, coming to kill Matthew Saberneck, who is also a gunslinger. Then Matthew's wife runs off with Clayton, and Matthew is left for dead. Turns out he is not, and the hunt is on. Throw in a weird governor in the midst, and put the entire setting in a snow-clad apocalyptic world, and you are all set for the movie that is "Snowblind". The story was easy to follow and you immediately immerse yourself into it. I liked the story and found it to be rather interesting and compelling.

The cast of actors and actresses was fairly good. Robert Lyons, in the role of Clayton Young, was really good. He was so well cast for that particular role, and he carried himself with grace and added a lot of character to the movie. Then you have Erik Hansen in the role of Matthew Saberneck, and he did a good job too, and he has a very distinct and noticeable voice. Those two were the ones who carried the movie. On the other hand, the appearances and performances of Mala Ghedia (playing Naina Saberneck) and Dharmander Singh (playing the governor) it was painful to watch and listen to. They were really poor in dialogue and acting.

Oh, and you will definitely love the way that Erik Hansen looks every time he is firing off a gun. He looks confused, dazed and sort of comatose. I was laughing so hard at that. Actually, most of the gunfighting scenes were laughable, but it didn't really matter, because the movie was driven by the story, not the action.

There is a very gritty feel to the movie, because of the way it is shot, and the use of special effects to make the movie look old. And also the use of filming on green screen and adding the backgrounds and such gave the movie a unique touch. Now, I think it is a thing that you either like or don't like, I don't think there is a middle point here. I, personally, liked it, and it did work well for the movie, even though there were times where it was painstakingly fake to look at. But in overall, it was cool.

"Snowblind" took me by surprise, and I enjoyed it tremendously. So I think you should take the time and sit down to watch this movie. Who knows, it might just be something for you?
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deadmanwalking69513 November 2010
Fyi i am not a critic, i am just a guy who likes to watch movies. This is the first time i feel the need to say something after watching a movie made out of hard work and dedication. I am very impressed i loved it from start to finish there were a few parts where i thought they could have done without. I wont get in to details about which part because I'm certain that any movie lover out there will figure it out on his own.

Once again loved it i really liked everything about it the plot the setting the characters and even the acting was not bad at all. I'd gladly watch the next movie. They could have however done a better job with the characters bit more background on them wouldn't have hurt but it is what it is. If you have time for a movie that shows you the old saying is true all is fair in love&war then watch it you might just like it.I Assure you this is not "Asylum" material.
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