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Brilliant debut
pauleedee31 January 2011
Saw this beautiful movie yesterday on IFFR (google it) and was blown away by fantastic acting, a heartbreaking story and beautiful cinematography. I cannot say too much about the movie, since it speaks for itself, but I can say it depicts the situation of Ireland at the moment. Someone asked the director of the movie if the situation in Ireland as depicted was as bad as in the movie, he answered "maybe worse".

All in all this movie has grabbed me and my fellow viewers as a pearl. Camera standpoints are up close and personal and this really makes you part of the sad life of the main characters, never becoming melodramatic. To me, 9 out-of-10! If you're able to go see this movie; go! It's a beauty.
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Park yourself at the nearest cinema if you get a chance to see this
City-by-the-sea2 October 2011
A very moving film - a credit to the producers Ripple World and to a very talented cast. The story follows Fred Daly (Colm Meaney), an introverted and marginalized middle-aged man who returns to Ireland and ends up living in his car. He befriends a young homeless junkie, Cathal (Colin Morgan) and the two find comfort and a glimmer of hope in their low-key friendship.

Meaney gives a superb performance, walking the tightrope between sentimentality and cheap laughs without ever falling into either trap. He plays a man clinging to the last vestiges of normality, whether it be watering a plant or brushing his teeth, - a drowning man by the sea, clinging to the smallest pieces of debris to stay afloat. Morgan, best known as Merlin in the TV series of the same name, shows huge promise as a big screen actor.

Well written by Ciaran Creagh whose theatre background has given him a good ear for dialogue. Directed with elegant understatement by Darragh Byrne and with some beautiful photography from John Conroy including cinematic landscapes that lifted it away from potential TV-style relentless grimness.

If there is a single word for the movie, it is uncompromising. It takes a hard, unblinking look at lives on the margins but manages to retain its characters' humanity. I watched it at the LA Irish Film Festival 2011 and there were more than a few tears shed in the audience, which again is a credit to the film-makers in a world where shiny things and explosions usually dominate. For sure it is a slow burn, but all the more elegant for that. Full of sadness and pathos, but leaving the door open for a final sliver of hope to shine through. Bravo.
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An Emotional Powerhouse
jm-stanley12 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Parked is a small, independent Irish film with a big heart and unexpected emotional punch. The film is a study of humanity, of keeping that humanity, and ultimately, how we need and depend on each other for any life that's worth living.

Colm Meaney gives a stand-out, restrained performance as Fred Daly, a man reduced to living in his car when he can find no work and no public aid. He parks his 'abode' in a public beach front parking lot, and he is obviously hanging on by a thread, using the comfort of routine to get him through day after dreary day. Until he finds himself with a neighbor, a young drug addict named Cathal who parks his 'home' in the same lot, and shows Fred how to snatch humor, and even joy, out of a seemingly hopeless existence.

What elevates this movie is the direction, the beautiful cinematography, a haunting musical score, but most especially the acting. As I said, Colm Meaney, who couldn't give a bad performance if he tried, is poignantly stolid as a man abandoned and alone, clinging to what little civilization he has left.

The real surprise is Colin Morgan, who plays drug addict Cathal. His performance is a wonder. He has taken a mostly unsympathetic character and imbued him with pathos and humanity. His performance shows, by turns, a jittery, sad, friendly, hopeful and ultimately, powerless and heartbreaking youth abandoned by all those who should care.

The story of Fred and Cathal and their unlikely friendship is the crux of the movie and told in an organic, decidedly non-Hollywood and non-contrived fashion. It grows naturally and is nurtured with care by the director who lets the story tell itself.

A beautiful film, poignant yet hopeful and well worth seeking out.
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A beautiful Film
sangitau200720 March 2012
It's not just a movie.It's a sad beautiful poem. I still can't get the characters (specially Colin's) out of my mind. The music is excellent ! I still have tears in my eyes whenever I remember Cathal's last moments :( . The only thing that I felt missing in this movie is a bit of details about both the character's past life. This is one of those movies which creates an ever lasting impression in a person's mind.It's heart warming and heart breaking. And one thing is sure Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan has made Fred and Cathal immortal with their strong performances. Hats off to them and also to all those who made this beautiful movie.
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Parked: Morgan's Montage Movie
xoxohannahm17 April 2013
Parked (2010) staring Colm Meaney (Fred Daly) and Colin Morgan (Cathal O'Regan) is a interesting but moving film about two men who never move at all.

Fred Daly (Meaney) is a homeless man in his 40's who lives in his car. He has a very simple life and is not that sort of street scum you'd expect. He meets a younger homeless boy; Cathal O'Regan (Morgan) who is more or less definitely that street scum you'd expect. It's an unusual couple who just help each other out in staying alive and don't ask for much. The troubles they come across though; with drugs, women and money, bring them close, but they end up being pulled apart by the exact same things that brought them together.

This movie is what I like to call a "montage movie". I love montages because they hold so much more meaning than dialog. Parked is full of it and I think 65% of this beautiful movie is montaging. Hence the title I give it of "montage movie". I think the produces and writers decided to use the least amount of dialog possible so when there is dialog, its brilliant. Colin has the most hilarious lines and Colm's character is so wise. They fit together so well; I love, love, LOVE the chemistry between them. (but not in a gay way) they work so well.

Another thing I wanted to touch on is the beautiful filming and camera shots. This is the reason I'm OBSESSED with this film. Far off shots in the distance with a simple ambiance of calming music, composed particularly for this film (MONTAGING!). Ugh its just SO brilliant.

The ending is quite sad and I cried but they may be to do with the fact I'm in love with Colin Morgan! It sums it all up pretty well though and there wasn't a moment which I didn't love. This movie is on my list of "things you must see before you die" and I've crossed it off so now you need too also!

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A big surprise
MartaLisaD27 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film really surprised me. I found it purely by chance and I really liked it!

It contains a lot of layers but basically is the story of Fred (Colm Meaney), who is hinted to be a former alcoholic, and his struggling with addiction, personalized by the charming drug addict Cathal (Colin Morgan).

Quoting the first lines of Dante's Inferno AND the last line from the same, the film does nothing to hide the fact that Fred has reached the middle of his life and has indeed lost the right path, but that he manages to get to Purgatory with some help and guidance from the dead-to-society Cathal as his Virgil.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, there are lots of other layers to the story. For example Cathal also personificates youth, which Fred is leaving behind. And there's also the part about Fred needing to be honest about his (housing)situation before he can experience a change (very much in line with The divine Comedy). And there might even be some Beatrice to the piano playing Jules.

Another surprise to me was that the symbolism is abundant in this film, Fred repairs other peoples watches (people who are more or less "stuck in time"), Fred finally jumping into the pool, the fireworks, the line about "the leaf falling from the branch", the various religious items etc. etc. Surprisingly the symbolism never feels out of place in the film and never slows the pace of the story.

It's definitely a film that grows on you, and I won't hesitate to recommend it. A little warning though: It's very melancholic and it WILL make you feel sad.

Finally: All the actors are great in this and leads Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan deserve all the praise they can get. I haven't seen either of them in anything else than Parked but I very much want to now.
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Excellent movie
noknow18 February 2013
(Sorry English is not my first language).

I put a 10 /10 because I haven't been able to watch "Parked" without feeling a deep compassion and empathy for Cathal O'Regan (played by Colin Morgan) and Fred Daly (played by Colm Meaney), the two leading roles of "Parked".

I watched this movie because of Colin Morgan (Merlin). I was curious to see him in a different kind of character than in Merlin (great show by the way). Watching "Parked" after "Merlin" shows how much Colin Morgan is capable of playing so many different emotions in a very realistic way, this is undeniably the mark of a very talented actor. It always amazes me how some actors are able to reproduce an incredible range of emotions with so much accuracy and realism, like if it were their own feelings. To be able to do this, they need to have a huge understanding of human soul I suppose. Colin Morgan give a very concrete life to the characters he plays, and this always in a subtle and intelligent manner.

"Parked" touched me and makes me remember that everyday we can see around us people like Cathal or Fred. We end up ignoring them like they were invisible, trying to forget that they are part of our society. But they are exactly like us, made of the same substance. We could be them. What can we said about a society where strong people crush the weak instead of helping them?


If you like this movie, I also recommended you to watch "Island", a very good Irish movie with Colin Morgan (I already was a fan of Irish movies but now, after Colin Morgan, I'm going to be unbeatable on the subject!).

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The Film that has changed my life
sandilo-265-65874418 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
PARKED is such a remarkable and emotionally raw film; and Colin Morgan and Colm Meaney are Brilliant in their portrayal of the characters Cathal O'Regan and Fred Daly. It is a moving character-study. The first time I watched PARKED, it left me completely emotionally drained. It took me days to recover to a point were I could function in my day-to-day life. So much of this movie reflected parts of my own life once, so it hit me very close to home. This film has reminded me to not just exist ~~ but to LIVE!!! There is a scene where Fred and Cathal are sitting in the car overlooking Dublin and Cathal asks Fred if he has ever seen the actual moment when that leaf breaks from it's branch; if you don't know the outcome of the movie, I think this is the most telling scene. The allegory is simple and so breathtaking. And so incredibly sad. What kills me the most is the beauty lost in this young man. This is him, not only acknowledging that nothing lasts, but also him capable of recognizing and bringing out the most precious moments, seeing beauty and fragility in life. As fleeting as his own. Cathal's struggle with himself and the despair in his soul is indicative of many of whom go through this challenging arena called life.
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EFF This Movie !!!!
tigerbonewan21 May 2017
Just tried to watch it on video and gave up at the 25 minute mark. Why? Couldn't hear the dialog - even though there's not much, I cannot stand a movie in which I can't hear the dialog. You keep turning up the volume to try and catch what the characters are saying in their thick accents, and then suddenly, you're blasted with the background music. Why no subtitles on the DVD??? It really needs them. Maybe the dialog is supposed to be of no importance and the story is only supposed to be told visually. Don't care! If it's not a silent movie, I need to hear the dialog and you can't. If it isn't too low volume, then it's being drowned out by car engines or feet scuffling on pavement or some other background noise. I don't know how all the other reviewers found themselves so moved by this movie. The execrable sound recording job done on it totally ruined it for me and made the movie an unconditionally frustrating experience that I ultimately just gave up on.
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To watch once it's okay
deloudelouvain1 June 2018
I wouldn't call Parked an excellent movie like some others on here but it's a good movie enough to watch once and that's about it. The story is okay but in my eyes it's been told a bit too slow. The homeless guy living in his car because of unfortunate circumstances with a heroin junkie as his neighbor also living in his car. You can have some sympathy for one and a bit lesser for the other. It's interesting to watch them becoming friends with all the differences they have, and to watch them struggle to get their life back on track again. Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan did a good job playing the two main characters. The movie could just have used a bit more tempo and a happier note but it is what it is. Not bad but not excellent.
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Powerful film
leiaalderon17 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*May contain subtle spoiler*

I am not usually one to enjoy such emotional films, but since I like the work of Colin Morgan, I decided to give this one a shot. It was phenomenal. Colm Meaney was also brilliant in this film. It's a movie that all parents should have their teens watch to show them what drugs can do to a person and the heart-wrenching end result.

You could see how the two main characters helped the other change somewhat... even just a slight amount. Colin's character showed Colm's character how to break out of the routine he strictly followed. A perfect example of this was when he took "Fred" out in the car for a quick drive. And when "Fred" tried to get "Cathal" to exercise and become more responsible.

I enjoyed the added humour and the contrast between humour and intense emotional scenes. Colm and Colin worked incredibly well together.

A wonderful film I recommend to anyone, just have a box of tissues handy.
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