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Michael Fassbender: Carl Jung



  • Carl Jung : [to Sabina]  My love for you was the most important thing in my life. For better or worse, it made me understand who I am.

  • Carl Jung : Angels always speak German. It's tradition.

  • Carl Jung : Sometimes you have to do something unforgivable... just to be able to go on living.

  • Carl Jung : There must be more than one hinge into the universe.

  • Sabina Spielrein : I somehow imagined you'd have found another admirer by now.

    Carl Jung : No. You were the jewel of great price.

  • Sabina Spielrein : [Sabrina is discussing her studies at medical school]  When my father brought me to you I was very ill and my illness was sexual. It's clear that the subject I'm studying is entirely grounded in sexuality so naturally I'm becoming more and more acutely awake of the fact that I have no sexual experience.

    Carl Jung : Law students are not normally expected to rob banks.

  • [first lines] 

    Carl Jung : [to his new patient]  Good morning... I'm Dr. Jung. I admitted you yesterday.

    Sabina Spielrein : I'm not... I'm not mad, you know.

    Carl Jung : Let me explain what I have in mind. I propose that we meet here, most days, to talk for an hour or two.

    Sabina Spielrein : Talk?

    Carl Jung : Yes. Just talk. See if we can identify what's troubling you. So as to distract you as little as possible, I'm going to sit there, behind you. I'm going to ask you to try not to turn around and look at me under any circumstances. Now...

    [walks behind her as she flinches] 

    Carl Jung : Have you any idea what may have brought on these attacks you suffer from?

    Sabina Spielrein : [stammering]  Hu... humiliation. Any kind of... humiliation.

  • Carl Jung : I can only tell you that she's rather disorganized, emotionally generous, and exceptionally idealistic.

    Sigmund Freud : Well, perhaps it's a Russian thing.

  • Sigmund Freud : I have simply opened a door. It's for the young men like yourself to walk through it. I'm sure you have many more doors to open for us. Of course, there's the added difficulty, more ammunition for our enemies, that all of us here in Vienna, in our psychoanalytical circle, are Jews.

    Carl Jung : I don't see what difference that makes.

    Sigmund Freud : That, if I may say so, is an exquisitely Protestant remark.

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