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Not awful, certainly not expected...
sionyn_rhys13 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
They drop from the sky with no warning. They do seemingly inexplicable things. They are capable of things that defy human experience. And we see it from the perspective of people we have no real connection to.

My first thoughts were something like, "How are K-Fed and Bobby Brown gonna save the planet?" Turns out, I need not have wondered.

What I thought the movie did very well was tell the story from the point of view of a handful of people that have no extraordinary attributes whatsoever. Disaster movies tend to have characters able to overcome improbable odds to somehow accomplish some measure of victory for Earth and/or humanity. Not so in Skyline. We have an apparently successful recording artist living the high life in L.A. and his friend, who possesses some measure of marketing talent. Rounded out with girlfriends, other assorted attractive female hangers-on, and what appears to be one of the security guards of the condominium complex in which the recording artist resides.

As far from "everyday normal" as this group might seem to be, they could very easily be real people, particularly in La-La Land. And the best part is that they reacted to events in a very normal, everyday human way. Weird stuff happens, and so they try to make sense of it, try to get a look at what's going on. And what they see makes no sense. There are no moments of inspired intuition, no really extraordinary feats of heroism or even ordinary ones.

Every plan of action the characters come up with fails, their safe-zones continually diminish, and characters are inexorably picked off. This is mirrored by the larger reaction of the military and their attempts to resist the alien menace. While slightly more successful in causing some injury to the aliens, their ultimate futility is seen when what looks to be an incredibly agile stealth bomber dances and dodges its way through aerial combat to release the Hail-Mary tactical nuke missile even as it is finally shot down. We follow the missile as it tracks toward the largest of alien craft and BOOM! Lots of bright light and big noise, and we see the alien vessel crashing to the ground as a smoldering wreck. Yay! But wait, holy crap, and oh noes! The aliens have regenerative/repair abilities congruent with their clearly organic-machine nature. The actors best moments come when they convey the despair and frustration of seeing every soap-bubble of hope unavoidably popped.

Earth is a rich and rare cache of resources presumably not found in many places in the vast, cold reaches of space. The aliens are here to secure their own continued survival with our delicious goodies. Our own species does this exact same thing to plants and animals across the globe. So what more motivation do the aliens need? And how could we realistically resist? None, and we can't, any more than the Amazon or marine life could. I don't know how much more "real" the story could get.

The movie doesn't satisfy the audience with a heroic victory for mankind. Or any victory, for that matter. And in this, it bucks the seemingly inescapable trend for reassuring us with some message about how adhering to noble virtues will allow us to win out in the end. To me, the film demonstrated exactly how fragile and small we and our planet are in the grander scheme of the universe. It's an ugly, cold truth, and we might prefer to be deluded that we can overcome if we just (add inspiring platitude here). But if our real-life local and global disasters are any indication, those sorts of wins only come at the very end and from the efforts of survivors after the fact. In the scenario this movie presents, we won't get that chance. Were aliens ever to come knocking, humanity as it is now is simply boned. And that's it.

Lots of people will not like or want to hear that message from a work of fiction. But I think the makers of this film deserve credit for their much more likely message of futility. It's not something we get a lot of from movies. Every now and again, it's a nice change from the improbable happy ending.
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Strangely interesting and stylish apocalyptic science fiction
quinnox-114 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm surprised this move is not higher rated. I think its one of the best science fiction/monster movies to come out in some time.

Awesome special effects in this one, with nice designs for the monsters and the alien ships and tech. The movie is creatively shot and I like how focused the plot was on the few main characters. A wonderful sense of doom pervades the whole film, with no cheap typical Hollywood miraculous escapes or happy endings. It was refreshing to see a movie focus on a grim and frightening reality of an unstoppable alien invasion without the typical cheesy silliness of movies like say, "Independence Day".

Maybe people don't like it because of its pessimistic and unrelenting dismal tone, but I appreciate a director who steadfastly focuses on this aspect of hopelessness in the face of a vastly superior advanced alien force and it makes sense and feels real because of this decision.

Another thing I enjoyed was how the movie at first seemed like it was going to be a shallow, typical Hollywood movie focused on young attractive people who like to party but then the movie shifted gears abruptly to a deadly serious tone which it then kept until the end, which I very much liked, how it faked me out in this way.

Would love to see a sequel and I think the movie hints strongly that the story is not done.
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Story: Boring. CGI: Terrific
bob-rutzel-121 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Strange lights awaken and beckon our little group towards them.

For almost 40-minutes you see nothing but the light that frightens and draws people towards it. The conversation among our group is stilted, and actually lacking (like you know: dead air) for the longest minutes. Were they waiting for the script to come to them? Very boring. Reminded me of the movie, THE HAPPENING where nothing happened in the entire movie.

After 40-minutes or so, the aliens make their presence known. Weird looking things. Kind of octopi with more than 8-arms going every which way. But, the CGI was terrific, I have to admit. The group tries and tries to defeat the aliens and to make some sense of all this. They should have fought with the Director, Producers and yes, of course, the script writers. I held on because the CGI was really good. Kudos.

If you had seen DISTRICT 9 (great movie, btw), then you know what happens at the end.

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.
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Fun sci-fi/monster action. Not as bad as some people say it is!
phoenix42-676-81366316 November 2010
The movie is an entertaining ride for the most part as long as you go into the movie prepared for something that will have no unique characters or a decent script. - I saw the movie fully expecting a bad script, characters I wouldn't like, no artful directing, and a plot that fails to do anything new or interesting. But I allowed myself to be entertained by it as a simple piece of sci-fi/monster action! This is what you must do if you go to see it!!

I was mostly inspired to do this review because I think the film doesn't deserve some of the really nasty 2/10 reviews I have seen.

Basically the aliens and each confrontation against them are generally exciting and save the film. Considering the film was made on quite a small budget they did a great job with the effects. I think fans of video games like the RESISTANCE series or HALF LIFE should be able to enjoy it a bit more than most.

A lot of people have been to harsh on this film, it is clear from the trailer this is just another alien invasion movie. Anyone who watches it expecting a modern sci-fi classic like District 9 will be disappointed - so don't do that.

Basically if you are unsure about seeing the film but enjoy sci-fi/monster movies for nothing but quick entertainment you should get something out of it.
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Great visuals, soundtrack and action, story, acting and script lacking
TheLittleSongbird28 March 2011
I don't think Skyline is a bad movie as such. While there were better movies from 2010 such as The King's Speech, The Social Network, The Fighter and Toy Story 3, there are also worse such as Fred:The Movie, The Last Airbender, Vampires Suck and Clash of the Titans.

Skyline is not a good movie, but it isn't in my opinion bad either. If anything, my feelings for Skyline are very mixed. I have seen some comparisons to Battle:Los Angeles, and I do agree this is the better movie, while Skyline did have a lot of problems Battle:Los Angeles was clichéd, under-directed and over-edited and other than Aaron Eckhart, a decent idea and one or two decent scenes there was little of redeeming value.

Starting with the good things of Skyline, the visuals look absolutely great. The cinematography and editing are slick, the scenery is striking and the colours and lighting are bold, but the real star is the special effects which are superb. The sound is another plus, very explosive and authentic, and the soundtrack is memorable, not too generic and fits decently with the mood. Also, the action in general is explosive and exciting.

Skyline does also have its flaws though. The characters are not as clichéd or indifferent as those of Battle:LA and some of the worst of the year, but to be honest I did find some of the characterisation underdeveloped and irritating. The dialogue is often cheesy and seems to be taking an exercise in high camp, and the climax while quite freaky and atmospheric feels like a different tone to the rest of the movie and this was a tone that jarred a bit. The story in its structure is quite soap-opera-like, and can get predictable and pedestrian, the direction is sometimes good sometimes flat and the acting is also uneven ranging from over-eager to bland.

All in all, Skyline was not a bad movie in my opinion, certainly not as bad as I'd heard, but it is a hardly exceptional movie either. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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An intelligent Scifi that doesn't cater to the crowd
greyarchive-117 November 2010
After reading so many negative reviews I was actually considering not going to watch it....

I was expecting the worst I even took my android phone in case it was really bad and I could of played a couple of games.

This film doesn't follow the Hollywood method it doesn't have a normal ending, characters are not printed on politically correct paper.

I found the reactions of the people involved to be realistic, normal people with small minds and grasping to small problems in a situation they have no control over..

A humankind shown to be 99.999% normal petty and none heroic.

We watch so many films that follow a formula that show man out to be this amazing being who always survives always wins we are so use to being saved and its not really true is it ? We don't have a ace pilot or elitist hacker we don't have a superhero to fix it all, we be in trouble if something more advanced than us comes to play.

To me this makes it an awesome film and strangely I found the rest of the people in the cinema of the same mind as soon as the film finished people I didn't know started discussing it as a bit of fresh air.

If you like your films like independence day or Armageddon or any film where humankind are groomed and praised where a prayer to the gods or a speech by the president saves the day then you probably won't like this movie.

I look forward to seeing skyline 2
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I saw AVP:R. I was ready to rip SKYLINE to shreds....
drew_atreides13 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
...but to be quite honest, it isn't that bad.

Actually an OK B-Movie.

All of the complaints against the acting are, for the most part, unfounded. It's not academy award winning material, but i think pretty much everyone involved gives competent performances.

And i'm not sure what people wanted from the dialogue. These are regular people in way over their heads in the middle of an alien invasion.

I thought the dialogue was not an issue.

The ending DID push the limits a bit, but at the same time I guess it was the only conceivable way to end on a hopeful note, given that the entirety of the film showed us how screwed humanity was against these guys.

This was not anywhere near the abomination that was Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.

I'd probably rank it a solid 6.5/10.

And i have to admit i'm as surprised as anyone by that. Movie does NOT deserve the critical hate it's getting.
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Great Effects, Godawful Script
changmoh9 November 2010
First, let's work on some maths: "Skyline" is an alien invasion flick that has a touted US$10 million budget! This amount is a shoestring for an alien attack film - it is not even enough to pay the salary of an A-list star! So now you can do the maths and understand why there are no big stars here.

If you had seen the trailer you might have been impressed by the CGI effects of the tentacled UFOs. This is probably where all the money have gone. Everything else, from its lame script and B-grade TV stars to its sets, are all hotch-potch and downright rudimentary. It is an exploitation film that seems destined for DVD.

Synopsis: After a night of heavy partying at a posh condo in Los Angeles, a bunch of friends are awakened in the early hours by mysterious beams of light from the skyline. Those who gaze on the light get entranced - like moths to a flame and get 'burnt up'. Yup, the alien ships have landed and the survivors at the condo unit, Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and his fiancée (Scottie Thompson, pictured below with Balfour), and their friends Terry (Donald Faison of TV's "Scrubs") and Candice (Brittany Daniel) must find a way to escape the aliens' grasp. But where can they run? There are so many things wrong with the movie that I don't know where to begin. The film, directed by the Brothers Strause who did the effects for "The X-FIles", centres the action inside the condo unit so much that we get the impression that LA is deserted and the only folks left are those in the half-empty building. No attempt is made to show the scope of the 'body snatching' and its effects on the millions of other city-dwellers.

Next, the main characters are being portrayed as such selfish and unsavoury people that we root for the aliens to take them away. This may be because the writers have not bothered to flesh out their backgrounds, except for a few predictable turns. The only one who comes on as real is David Sayas (of TV's "Dexter" fame) who plays the building supervisor. Also, the dialogue is lame and clichéd. The writers must have had the notion that audience interest can be sustained if they have the characters yell at one another.

There's no doubt that Strause brothers provide exhilarating special effects - but they need to work on getting a good story to go with their CGI magic. Otherwise it is just a damn waste.
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A Nutshell Review: Skyline
DICK STEEL29 November 2010
District 9 probably rejuvenated the science fiction subgenre of an alien presence / invasion on Earth all over again, with no less than three films lined up close to one another that tackle just that - Skyline being the first, then Monsters followed by World Invasion: Battle LA, where the latter had caused the Brothers Strause's Hydraulx effects company probable woes since there is what's deemed to be conflicting interest in The Social Network sense. That aside, Skyline demonstrates that an independently funded film is still feasible, with the usual merits and expected demerits that come with an effects laden movie, but certainly not one that deserved the kind of backlash that it got.

The Brothers Strause Colin and Greg, responsible for AvP Requiem, bring their visual effects wizardry and know-how to making a film that's skewed toward being just that - a special effects extravaganza. How else can you explain the 10 million dollar effects cost against everything else that was budgeted for 0.5 million. Granted that this film was made on the cheap in Hollywood terms, the look and feel was polished, and there can be no qualms about its effects quality, but the story by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell let it down somewhat.

Unlike District 9, Skyline didn't have anything new to add to the genre, deciding to repeatedly give audiences what we have already seen in a number of genre films, putting them altogether into a single film, be it the Matrix-like sentinels, large spaceships bursting out of the cloudy sky, War of the Worlds like tension between nasty aliens and humans silently hoping everything will turn out fine, with shadows of Transformers, the harvesting of humans for some dastardly alien plan, an Independence Day equivalent of an all out air strike against the aliens albeit with updated weaponry and planes, or even a human-alien hybrid of sorts that opens up the film for a franchise to happen. You're begging for one original thought that the filmmakers could come up with, and you'll find it really tough to get one.

What it did successfully translate however, is how everything was doomed from the start, and gradually we get to realize it's no way out for all the characters, since every conceivable plan that they, and we, come up with, get closed, and closed good. The protagonists are stuck in a penthouse condominium, and escape outside into what's essentially the alien ships vacuum cleaning the entire city of LA of people doesn't sound like a good idea, with the bigger world out there at large, zero communications and a zilch mass media, means questions are constantly raised, with no clear answers.

This fear factor was what I thought the Brothers had successfully translated on screen instead, and frankly will be something quite close to what you or I will do when we panic, and let fear creep in. After all, aliens of all shapes and sizes, flying or on the ground, forcefully ensures every single human being in their sights get sucked into their bodies in the most unsavoury of terms. Think of it as reverse birth, where humans get sucked into what's essentially looks like an alien vagina with plenty of goo, mucus and muck, sometimes with the aid of tentacles shaped like umbilical cords. Bickering is common, with no alpha males stepping up to lead the way because, well, everyone gets picked off one by one.

Characters were expectedly cardboard, although the story did take some unnecessary and uninteresting pains to give us a little bit of a background of those whom we follow. Alas, somehow there's a profound lack of interest in the rich and famous, who stay in swanky apartments and drive cars with the prancing horse logo. There isn't the blue collar, hard worker to root for, and seriously, a bunch of rich pansies don't quite cut it for a film like this where it's about survival of the fittest aided by street smarts. Then again, it does go to show rich or poor, we bite the dust in the same manner when faced with common danger threatening our lives, that Death (by way of Aliens or otherwise) evens the playing field. The premise - you're stuck in a building where all else outside, and soon inside turns into Ground Zero, what will you do?

And also, I suppose films that trumpet the American military might will get the kind of support it does back home, with films like Independence Day and even Transformers 1 and 2, which made it seem like an advertisement for the US Military. Here the military response seems muted and had taken a backseat (well, the budget could be a prime reason), but for what it can muster with the drones and warplanes, one nuke, and a couple of gung-ho boots on ground heli-dropped to nearby rooftops, it isn't the all out war that many perhaps have wanted to see the US forces driving the unwelcome guests away.

With a more original idea and story development to boot, perhaps Skyline could have lived up to its promises and matched the quality of effects put on screen. There's a deliberate void of verbatim answers here, with the filmmakers preferring to keep some cards close to their chest, such as an origin of sorts, or explanation why things occur the way they did, since we're observing from the third person point of view, and the narrative hardly following anyone who has got an idea or a remote clue on what's exactly happening. It's a setup for a follow up film, especially the ending montage, so let's let's hope the area of storytelling gets shored up to develop and add to its mythos.
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Not that bad
eslaughter-113 November 2010
I see many posters claims Skyline is the 'worst movie ever' - that isn't even close to true. This $10 million movie was way better than the $100 million Van Helsing. And also way better than Johnny Mnemonic which is the gold standard by which I judge all bad movies. I actually liked Skyline. It was by no means a great movie but props to the film makers for skipping all of the alien invasion clichés and going with something original. One poster compared it to a zombie movie and I did notice the similarity when I was watching it. The plot does have far more in common with a typical zombie movie than you usual alien invasion movie. Also, way more realistic than any alien invasion movie I've ever seen. Independence Day was fun to watch but it was just cotton candy not serious science fiction.
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not as bad as these posts claim...
joelm1969-117 November 2010
One lesson I've learned is to not read online reviews before I go see a film as I did not find this movie to be half as bad as the people on this site claim. After reading that this movie was not even worth renting and that it was the worst film ever made and then seeing it, I didn't think it came close to any of those opinions.

It was far from perfect, but as far as entertainment value I was satisfied. It kept up a good pace with semi-interesting twists and turns. I even found myself to be holding onto my seat at times wondering what was gonna happen next.

This movie was 10 times better than something like Sex and The City part 2 or Eat, Pray, Love. I suggest checking it out for yourself and not listening to the scathing reviews on this site.
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I liked it.
magicsinglez13 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Aliens descend on Los Angeles out of the blue, surround the young casts condo, and prepare to finish them off, then the movie switches to "15 hours earlier". What more import information could we possibly need to know, what the characters exchanged for birthday presents? The switch-up kind of made me want to leave the theater. Instead of wondering, who got what as a housewarming present, I was wondering if the theater would give out a refund 10 minutes into a movie. Guess I'm OK with skipping character development. Skyline picks up quick enough after the reset, I did like the movie. In other films, such as the recent District 9, character isn't really developed - the hero's character is revealed as he's exposed to greater and greater stress.

I should admit I'm a fool for these alien invasion movies, I even give Battlefield Earth 8 of 10 stars. Some of the dialogue in Skyline seems a bit off, but at least it's not safe, politically correct or predictable. At times the dialogue is off on purpose. When one of the characters says something like, "we're OK now" you just know something really bad is about to happen. It's almost a cue.

For some Skyline will conjure up images of 9/11. Other's have already taken parts of the movie as a metaphor for rampant consumerism. I felt the attack was a metaphor for the 'illegal alien' invasion of the present day. More specifically, I guess, a replay of the phenomenon of black guys sleeping with a lot (I assume) of white girls. Tragedy after tragedy befall our young heroes and in the end one of the young girls sums it all up by saying, "I hate Los Angeles". In no way is it funny.

There was some infighting among the groups of survivors, perhaps less than in some movies but I felt there was still a bit too much of it. The sympathetic adult our cast befriend has to keep telling one of the young men something like, "Don't bury your head and hope this goes away", "It's real". When the alien machines turn out to be powered by human brains the guy beside me at the theater cringed. He had a valid reaction. White people aren't That smart. The evidence isn't looking too good on that. Besides, brains don't really seem to be what they are after.

At times the movie switches into the mode of fantasy. Some of the American aircraft appear to be models we've never seen before and they have odd sizes and shapes (not sure I've ever rooted for American airplanes this much before). At other times the cast remain remarkably unaffected by the action on screen. It's not even just narrow escapes. Skyline is such an intense movie, and frightening, the fantasy element may help cut down on the tension. I wonder if the disjointed beginning also keeps the movie from being too frightening. When it's revealed we're sort of fighting ourselves it adds even more creepiness and perhaps provides some afterthoughts (of hopelessness) to the experience.

Do we ever actually see the aliens? Did they even bother to land on Earth, or just send army sucking probes here? Why didn't the aliens use robot brains instead of harvesting zombies. Are they tapping into some kind of unknown 'life force'. Is it a matter of invading on a budget? We'll never know unless there's a sequel. Maybe instead of Alien vs Predator, Cloverfield vs Skyline. Both movies are very similar, actually. Maybe both attacks come from the same intelligence. A sequel seems unlikely, though, this movie can be summed up with the words 'we lose'. The main thing going for Skyline (aside from the fear, action and horror) is the ending. The ending is atypical: bleak, realistic, frightening, with again just a touch of fantasy to ease it through.
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Couldn't disagree more with the bad rating.
sgbreton7713 November 2011
I usually agree with IMDb ratings, but with this one I could not disagree more. 4.5???? Ridiculous. Yes, It's certainly not a masterpiece, and doesn't have an incredibly clever or elaborate script, however it has a lot of virtues that deserve a whole lot more than a poor 4.5: First the visual effects are really, really good. Second: the acting in my opinion was also very acceptable, very natural and according to the situation, the way normal humans would react to an extraordinary terrifying situation, an alien invasion; a few cliché dialog but nothing really to be annoyed for. Another plus is the end: incredibly bizarre and surprising, didn't see it coming. Finally and most important, it kept me interested all the way till the end, which is what a movie should do. Now, knowing that the budget for this movie was $10 million I honestly think the producers and the whole team did an excellent job. 7/10 seems a fair rating for me and I truly recommend it to sci-fi lovers despite the bad ratings.
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Well I liked it anyway...
chrisward00014 November 2010
Well just got back from seeing this and sorry critics, but me and my wife both enjoyed it.

It's not a masterpiece, and not original, but I found it entertaining. I don't know why people are complaining about a lack of plot, it's basically a slasher movie - lots of dislikable people get knocked of in entertaining ways. That's worked for many movies before it, and it works here. It's basically a knock off of Cloverfield, and not as good, but still good fun.

It's not a 'Plan 9 from outer space' but it does have a 50s B-movie sensibility about it. I think the only thing it was missing was a bit of humour to acknowledge the basic silliness of all - Independence Day was better in that regard. To be honest I enjoyed this more than Spielbergs War Of The Worlds, which I found annoying, disjointed and boring.

Great SFX I thought, lots of video-game images brought to the big screen (Quake, Gears Of War, Resistance Fall of Man etc.) and couple of scenes that are genuinely spectacular, especially given the budget relative to something like Avatar (now that was a boring film!).

I can't say I was one of those really desperate to see this from the trailer, and perhaps lower expectations helped, but it no way deserves the critical panning it has received.
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It kept me interested
Duke-5612 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well a lot has been said in a very negative vein on this movie....and I do not get that. I also don't get where you see your movies? I paid $7.50 as a senior, but the top price here is $10 in Fresno.

The acting and the CG VISUALS were very good to say the least. Transformers, Aliens, Predator, Matrix, etc. The plot or story was OK to, it got quickly to the reason we were see the alien invasion. Heck, in the first minutes they did that!!...the the 15 hour earlier sign came on.

The ending was interesting, and I saw the identification move coming a mile away, but I still like it. They showed it at least 3 times earlier in the movie so I figured they'd use it sooner or later, like a comedian setting up a joke line for the finish.

I look forward to the sequel and how they couple gets going on in the plot line. Especially since she looks a lot different that he does at the end.

I enjoyed a lot of the previous movies by these brothers....thats what drew me to this one. My last sci fi movie was District 9 and Avatar, so I do not see many.
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One of the worst movies of the year
littleNero12 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is easily the worst movie I've seen this year. It's saying something when the writing is so bad that even an end-of-the-world alien invasion can't stop boring you senseless.

The characters are passive participants to the events around them. Sure they scream on cue, but their lives and struggles are devoid of feeling and emotions. The film lacks the frantic pace of the somewhat similar Cloverfield where the characters and their environment felt desperate and chaotic. Instead we get destruction without fear and survival without passion.

I'm a big sci-fi fan, but I honestly can't remember the last time I was this bored in the theater despite a few moments of great special effects. Avoid this movie at all costs.
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I found a quarter on the theater floor, it was the best part of the film
tim_edwards20 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Earlier in the day I picked up two tickets for Harry Potter for my daughter and myself. When it came time to leave, my son changed his mind and decided he wanted to go along as well. Unsurprisingly, the show was sold out, so I had to find something to do for 2 hours. Unfortunately, a screening of Skyline started ten minutes after Harry Potter. I made the mistake of going to that instead of taking a nap in my car in the parking lot. I never would have imagined that the end of the world could be so boring.

If the aliens need our brains, they definitely should stay away from the people that made this movie. Those brains are not going to do them any good.
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Skyline (2010)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain14 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Poor Skyline. After some good early word of mouth, the film hit, and critics hit back. I was surprised to see such hate towards this little sci-fi film, but now I understand why. This isn't a major film. It's a direct-to-DVD or made for TV movie. In that realm, it's one of the best. Had I seen this on the Sci-Fi Channel, it would stand out more. What we have here are two effects wizards, trying to showcase their talent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The film follows a small group during an alien invasion. Most alien invasion films focus on the big wide world outside. This territory is usually tread by the zombie genre. The build up is clichéd and dull. Pregnant girlfriend, new job offer, affairs hinted at etc. but the main chunk of this film is non- stop action. I liked how it built up to the big scenes. At first, there's a sneaky alien in the home. Then a big bastard outside. Soon there are aerial battles and soldiers. The effects are a mixed bag. Some of the big aliens look fantastic, but look closely as they interact with the world and you'll see huge flaws. As Balfour goes hand-to-hand with an alien, it's easy to tell that he was just swinging at nothing. The Brothers Strause can certainly render an effect, or deliver some reliable action, but when they try for their dramatic moments, they often leave it feeling clunky and amateurish. If you like your B-Movies, then give this a try. Unfortunately, it punched above its weight and ended up being torn apart.
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Absolute crap!
tdevereaux12 November 2010
Skyline was probably the worst piece of crap I've seen in a long time. Just when I thought it was finally over, it got even worse. Just picture a bad version of Independence Day, but instead of following the exciting people who will save the planet, you sit in a room with the most annoying people on Earth.

I liked the concept with the Cloverfield feel without the camcorder shakiness. But you never get the feeling that you care what happens to these people. I found myself hoping they would all get killed. It was a lot like War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, except not as good. And that was not a good movie. A movie about aliens destroying the entire world, and you spend it in one room for almost the whole film. Now this wouldn't be all bad if done right, except the actors are just props and the drama is empty and forced.

I would recommend showing it to film students as an example of how to make an action movie boring.
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xavboy412 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It's rare that I'll give a movie an 'awful' review - I can usually find something of interest, even if it's only of interest to me! Having just been to see Skyline however, I felt numbed and cheated - I hadn't paid, but I still felt I was owed some money back... With no likable characters, a 'plot' that goes from bad to worse to literally nothing, it's difficult to recommend anything about the movie. I've already had my fingers burnt by the Brothers Strause before - when they took 2 much loved franchises in Alien and Predator and made their fans weep. That film, just like this one, has some cool looking set pieces but absolutely nothing of value to tie them together - totally refusing to give the viewer any reason to care about what they've churned out.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
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I don't know what to tell you.
DavidZAllen15 November 2010
It seems like I'm the only fish in this pond who actually enjoyed this movie.

If you're having high doubts about this movie, then yes, you'll probably confirm those thoughts about this movie.

But if you're a big science fiction fan, have a creative and expansive imagination, and love the beauty of alien artwork and a story which makes you feel as if there is actually and alien invasion, then this movie is great.

I watch a lot of movies, a whole lot. To give you a feel for my style, my favorite movie is Avatar, followed by this here Skyline, followed then by The Matrix, The Abyss, Galaxy Quest, and District 9 (top six).

People say "If you like War of the Worlds, Cloverfield, and Independence Day you'll like this." Personally I didn't like Cloverfield or War of The Worlds much at all, and this just blew Independence Day away.

The acting was great in my opinion. I think people found it bad because they are used to more script-oriented movies, however this one is much more natural and sounds more realistic, which I guess people mistook for bad acting. In real life, we aren't all good actors though.

Whoever wrote this movie was amazingly creative, the ending was great in my opinion, totally unexpected. Used a lot of interesting and unique ideas in this movie, such as the blinds on a timer, the alien technology, and the use of telescopes.

Everything had a perfect buildup, showing the audience specific ideas so they could be returned to later during the invasion to make more sense, such as Jarrod putting his hand on his girlfriend's nose.

One thing that rather irritated people was the lack of sensibility from the plot. Two responses to that, one being that it is science fiction, and I believe that the movie viewers have been straying away from what's fun and enjoyable about science fiction, and the second being the purpose of the confusion. This movie wasn't supposed to be understandable. It's following an experience boots-in-the-mud in which the characters have no clue what exactly is going on, and this feeling is planted into the audiences mind as well, which didn't go down so well I guess, people just complained that they didn't understand it. Sorry.

A solid 97/100, I love being blown away by people's creative take on another species, especially in contrast with the nature of our own species.

Can't wait for the Blu-Ray.
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Not half bad.
5durham14 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It's not Shakespeare, but if you want that, go and see Shakespeare. Too many reviewers seem to forget that this is just a 50's style B-Movie with updated effects, it doesn't have pretensions other than to be enjoyable. On that level it works fine. It's better than Independence Day precisely because it is spare on script and characters, ID was spoilt by too many silly and annoying characters and ridiculous plot devices. This doesn't aim for any more than focusing on a small group in peril and it's all the better and believable for it. The special effects are stunningly good, shown, refreshingly, in full daylight rather than the usual dark / rainy shots (which seem designed to hide any flaws). There's no attempt to explain the arrival of the aliens and it's great to see a film of this type (Cloverfield aside) which doesn't go for the simple, happy ending.

Good fun and worth 90 minutes of your time.
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Stretches the imagination beyond the breaking point
pmstone224 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not one of those people who gets bent out of shape because a sci fi movie isn't 100% scientifically accurate. It is, after all, fiction. I don't care if space ships go wooosh in a vacuum. But I do prefer that there be enough scientific basis to a movie that it is at least plausible. Skyline goes so far beyond believable, its not even preposterous. An alien race arrives on Earth to harvest humans. OK, I can buy that. But not for food. Or any other believable purpose. They do it to harvest their brains so that they can....uh....put them in new alien bodies to make more aliens? Huh? Let's see, an alien can grab a person, violently rip their head off, and then pluck out their brain and spinal cord, completely intact and unharmed, with about as much effort as pealing a banana. Of course, that's believable. Nothing wrong with that picture. And then this brain is handed to a new (baby?) alien who sucks it in and shazam, a new, fully functional alien. Got it. So are we saying that this alien race can't procreate without human bodies to pluck brains out of? So how did they get started to begin with?

Then there is the idea of why the aliens would even want the brains of the people in this movie. Who would want a brain of anyone that dumb? Let's see now, we're hiding for our lives from big bad aliens who will do anything to catch us. I got an idea. Let's hide in an apartment, on the outside top floor of a tall building, in plane sight. The apartment with the great big, floor to ceiling windows. Oh, wait, we taped bed sheets over the windows. That'll fool them. Should we go down in the basement maybe? No. They might find us there.

Oh, and how about ships that have legs hanging out the back, and when they want to move, they pull in their legs and then push off with them, causing the ship to lurch forward. Like frogs jumping. OK. I can see that. Even if they did borrow it from the movie Altered. Perfectly plausible. Hey, if I was a super race capable of interstellar travel, that's how I'd make my ships work.

Give me a break.
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good film
dillon8017 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
big aliens big fights scenes great movie for the money spent on it i can not wait for number 2 the plot is they come to harvest our brains to use so they can procreate a bit like the Borg in star trek films its not a dull film plenty of action in it and the aliens remind me a bit those in crisis games the two snipers at the end with interventions rifles how bad are they at aiming they sud of at least played cod for some tips i loved the airplanes battles predators f-19s f-16s all the planes in the USAF this film is a cross between independence day and transformers its got it all anyway if you like sci fie like me please watch this movie it wont disappoint you at all 8/10 great film
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Why Nobody Should Ever Try Anything New
jeremy27282 December 2010
Skyline was not the most fantastic movie I've ever seen. . While a bit slow to develop the movie does manage to convey a decent feeling of growing panic. However, the fact of a modest budget to realize a brand new type of alien invasion should earn it a little respect. That is the main attraction of this movie - New Aliens. It's not more predators or "aliens" aliens or new twist on greys(AKA - Independence day) but actual New Aliens. The movie doesn't spell out everything you would like to know about the invaders, but you should be able to get the gist of it. In My humble opinion a larger cast(forbidden by this budget) would have served the movie well. If a sequel is under consideration it should expand the setting, double the cast and delve a little bit more into the aliens(maybe a brief recent history or something). It's impossible to make an honest review without mentioning my dislike for the one-sided reviews that just want to label it an awful movie and possibly stick us with nothing but a neverending supply of sequels and remakes of already successful franchises. It really didn't deserve the 9 stars I gave it, but all the supercritics out there were just bagging it so unmercifully that I felt the need for a little counterbalance

Bottom line - Skyline is a movie with a lot of potential that wasn't fully realized, but was still very much worth watching. Give it a chance - it's kind of a mix of independence day/war of the worlds/the mist.
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