Beautiful Creatures (2013) Poster

Jeremy Irons: Macon Ravenwood



  • Ethan Wate : [under Macon Ravenwood's spell]  ... I'll get my teaching degree, and, and, probably teach at the high school... Or maybe I'll take over the library from Amma... I'll, I'll probably marry Emily Asher and we'll have two kids, but... I'll never make enough money for her, so I'll start drinkin'... Get three DUIs and lose my job, and uh, have an affair on and off with Savannah Snow 'til I'm 49; the kids will live with their mother after we divorce - then when I'm 52 I'll have my first heart attack; another one at 63. I'll move into an apartment above 'The Wayward Dog' bar and help them sweep up after hours for free drinks, and then when I'm 64, I'll hang myself... But they won't find the body right away, until I stink...

    Macon Ravenwood : Well... You've got it all planned out! Good for you!

  • Ethan Wate : There's no way that what Lena and I feel for each other is going to turn into something wrong and evil. There's no way.

    Macon Ravenwood : As long as I live I will never understand you creatures. You have no real power, you live at the mercy of forces outside of your control and yet you believe that what you feel, will somehow make it alright.

  • Macon Ravenwood : Lena, why don't you play something for our guest?

    Lena Duchannes : Because we're not in a Jane Austen novel.

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