Die Bergretter Poster

(2009– )

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13 Mar. 2014
Tödliche Abgründe
[PART 1] Founding CEO Jan Ritter and business partner Tanja Wiemer engaged married two study buddies, mountain guide Sabine Haller and expecting father Paul Emerling, a brilliant but acrophobic engineer, to solve on the spot troubles in installing their demo installation of cellphone connections in too high areas by radio transmitter, urgently as a potential buyer is expected. When intoxicated Jan flirts with his ex Sabine roughly, she freaks and falls, apparently fatally, but actually onto a ledge, where Tobias comes rescue her by rope from the helicopter, but ...
20 Mar. 2014
Gefangen im Dunkel
[PART 1] Environmentalist siblings Tom and Jana Huber desperately seek to document a golden eagle nest to obtain site protection before their father, real estate tycoon Dietrich Huber, and his local partner Peter Herbrechter, can build a ski resort there. She falls, requiring a helicopter rescue by the Ramsau aces Andreas and Tobias, which costs the pilot his license. Tom reproaches Jana she wants to 'revenge' their late mother more then preserve the birds, blaming their father while he wants a family reconciliation. While Andreas and Jana share his mobile home bed, ...
27 Mar. 2014
Der vermisste Sohn
[PART 1] Frantically searching since two weeks their hiker son Niko (15), separated parents Christoph and Julia Treberist drive off a mountain road onto a cliff. Andreas saves them just before it crashes into a ravine. Tobias is not amused by peter's mayoral intent to charge Andreas for the rescue-lost equipment. Feeling guilty as Niko blames him for the broken wedding due to his lover, Christoph Treber is so determined to keep searching, however hopeless and regardless of dangerous weather, that Andreas ends up agreeing to be 'hired as mountain guide'. On the road, ...
3 Apr. 2014
Das fremde Mädchen
[PART 1] Looking, as latest occupational therapy, for a rare wolf wandered into the region from Italy, Andreas's father Franz Marthaler suddenly finds one, but also the wreck of a crashed sports airplane. Andreas swiftly mobilizes his team, to fly the badly wounded pilot to hospital. Once Toni works out it was Martin Hallinger, transporting a donor heart for his little son Linus Hallinger, and had a young woman aboard, utter hast is required, as the rare fitting heart is good only six more hours. After taking Linus to Emilie Hofer, Andreas gets the boy to confide the ...
10 Apr. 2014
[PART 1] Markus Stollbacher takes his girl friend Jasmin on their first hot air balloon trip from Gerhardt Hinzinger's company where she works, having taken the standard pilot course there from Gerhard's heir, his buddy Thomas, but the gas burner blocks, so they lose control and crush into mount Dachstein. The Ramsau helicopter rescue is just in time before it crashes down. Jasmin blames Markus, who froze unable to reach her while she dangled, while the Hinzingers, who aren't covered by insurance, even claim damages from Markus, who therefore resolves to find proof of...
24 Apr. 2014
[PART 1] Niklas Hochfilzer and Sophie Tiefenbach plan to marry according to his family's tradition, in a high mountain cabin. Niklas however gets hurt in a fight there with her overprotective brother Florian, who can't get over Niklas's affair with his own sports gear shop employee Lena Sahlmann. Andreas Marthaler came along as mountain guide, with Jana who is Sophie's good friend, and strains his arm saving Niklas. Meanwhile high pregnant Lena and her fiance Patrick find out her paternity test was falsified by doc Sophie Tiefenbach: not he but Niklas, whom she really...
6 Nov. 2014
Mit letzter Kraft
[PART 1] Seriously ill Sarah Lehner accompanies daughter Emma to Ellmau, for a beginner mountaineers tour guided by Lucas Baumgartner, but he left as they are late, and finds young Oliver unmotivated to continue, actually waiting for girlfriend Emma. Experienced Sarah decides to catch up, but never told Emma about her illness. Unpredictable falling stones scare Oliver into returning in panic, but Sarah falls on her line after fainting. Emma calls Andreas's rescue team, which flies them to hospital, where Sarah must admit she has terminal cancer, hoped to spend a last ...
13 Nov. 2014
[PART 1] Locally born Felix Mooslechner returns from Munich to act as mountain guide for his goal-getter girlfriend, art history student Marie Langhoff, but Andreas's helicopter team must rescue her from the peek after she ignores his warnings. Needing an easier way up, Felix takes Marie to his brother, Bastl Mooslechner, who felt betrayed as they were raised -parentally abandoned- by a late grandfather whose farm he continues, while Felix left to the city. Marie explains that grandfather Mooslechner was the only survivor who has opportunity to hide in the mountains a...
20 Nov. 2014
[PART 1] Totally estranged after 20 years, 15 in Canada, Markus Bergmeier learns his stubborn father has cancer and travels home, a first visit to Ramsau for his wife and son Benny. Markus must alert the rescue team, having found a goodbye letter announcing his retired parents are taking their lives in the beloved Alps. While Anton and Ina Bergmeier painstakingly climb the local peek Dachstein in, they hear the helicopter searching for teen runway Juli Arwanger, who risks her life to avoid community service and gets badly wounded making a fall. The Bergmeiers exert ...
27 Nov. 2014
[PART 1] Tobias Herbrechter wants to propose to Emilie Hofer after her kids accept his as future stepfather, so he sneakily takes Lukas and Hanna 'ditching' the last day of the term. They applaud Tobias but the weather suddenly turns nasty and he falls down a slope, unhurt but unable to climb back, so tells them to wait for him there. When Tobias arrives, the kids have gone with Ralf Trembacher . He was earlier that day observed on video camera by meteorologist Phillip Meinert kissing his wife and mountain weather station partner Franka Meinert as her secret lover, ...
11 Dec. 2014
Gefangen im Eis
[PART 1] Andreas must interrupt his photo-shoot model debut, diving from a mountain, as his team is mobilized to fly to hospital a woman who fell into a ravine wearing a wet-suit and awakes amnesiac. Then pregnant fishmonger Sophie Zeidler needs her missing husband Paul found, who went mountaineering on the Dachstein and rented a shelter cabin, where Sophie is shocked to find with Andreas there the belongings of a woman, apparently his (second) affair, who turns out to be her sister, just awoken from coma, Annie Furrer, whom their parents always spoiled at Sophie's ...
18 Dec. 2014
[PART 1] Andreas and Tobias repair a climbing course when they see a disoriented girl stagger and fall down a slope. When Andreas hospitalized the 16 year-old Paula, she's found blind and was looking for her father Carsten, who disappeared during their morning mountain walk. Mother Johanna Gastein asks for a search, which turns out empty until recognizes them on a photograph and remembers they went to the Gämsepfad south of mount Dachstein, still no finds. Another witness reports seeing them on the northern glacier side road. Tobias is delighted to meet a witness, who...

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