Die Bergretter Poster

(2009– )

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Season 8

17 Nov. 2016
After his wife's death, Joseph Binder wants to sell the family farm. That surprises his kids, mainly unpopular adopted son Philipp, who fights and storms out in the Alps and joins geology-Ingeneers Carsten and Sabine Lechner, whom mountain guide Jan Fugain and rescuer Tobias Herbrechter accompany to repair broken measuring equipment. They are hit by a rocks avalanche. Philipp however acts on dark motives, vindictive to his biological mother who gave him up for adoption. Tobias is missing himself. Philipp stole explosives for his ultimate revenge, also on the Binder ...
24 Nov. 2016
Tabula rasa
[PART 1] Markus is pleasantly surprised by a visit from his elder mentor Norbert Bichler, who taught him, as fatherless knave, all about life and mountaineering before moving to Chile years ago. Markus notices during an Alpine tracking Norbert isn't nearly as fit, and gives in when pressured to present him to local dairy farm widow Monika Wimmer to preset him to her adult daughter, Marie, who is told Norbert is her father, which Monika stubbornly refuses to acknowledge, until an accident forces things.
1 Dec. 2016
[PART 1] Ambitious archaeologist Maik Zorn and Tom want to complete the research concerning legendary Hannibal's crossing of the Alps, supposedly passing the Dachstein of Tom's late sister Klara, who died in the last earlier expedition, and their famous father history professor Hans Hechtel, who never even told her mother what happened. On the way, their young local mountain guide Jonas makes a bad fall after saving lined-up novice Tom, whom Maik convinces going on is 'safer'. Markus spectacularly salvages him but his heart tampers on the flight to hospital. Markus's ...
8 Dec. 2016
Der Termin
[PART 1] On Frank and Leni Brandstetter's family hike with foster son Felix (8), Frank is badly hurt and falls down a ravine when the boy finds and accidentally fires a flair gun. He tells Leni to take Felix home and fetch him later, so nobody learns about the accident. Felix however twists his foot, Leni must call for help but first smashes a rock to her head and pretends amnesia. * Felix also keeps quiet, shocked, yet witnesses confirm Frank was with them. Markus Kofler starts a risky rescue search while the hospital tries to reassure Leni she mustn't hide the truth...
15 Dec. 2016
Zu kurz gekommen
Entrepreneur Johann Kessler discloses on a ski trip with both of them that he's retiring and handing the CEO post not to devoted son Niklas but to business-natural son in law Jan Hilbert. After an avalanche surprises them, Niklas finds Jan dangling above an ice rift and deliberately fails to save him, but Jan survived the fall. Niklas digs out and drags home his amnesiac father, even gives the wrong bearings to the rescue team. Chief Markus Kofler interrupts courting Emilie Hofer and Tobias handling family business affairs for a search which seems in vain, but they ...

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