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Season 9

Forget Me Not
A beloved teenage daughter is missing for a month before being discovered murdered in tranquil La Porte, Ind. Dogged investigators spend 15 years searching several states, only to find a killer close to home.
4 Oct. 2017
Field of Nightmares
On a summer day in Springfield, Ill., an infant daughter left in a sweltering SUV is the only sign of a young mother that's gone missing. A frantic search leads to an eerie sight at the edge of town, and a killer who may have more secrets to expose.
Down to the Wire
A mother of three grown children is stabbed in her own home in the middle of the day. Digging back through her life for motive, detectives are led to some unlikely suspects. It takes years, and one bold wiretap, to uncover what really happened to her.
18 Oct. 2017
Dance With the Devil
A New Jersey woman with a thirst for fun takes the plunge and buys a home close to her family. The wrong house guest will prove deadly though, as police dig through her life to find an enemy that is hiding very close.
6 Dec. 2017
A Taste for Blood
A young mother's body is found in the bath in what appears to be an accident. The evidence doesn't add up, however, and the case turns into a murder investigation. Two more victims are connected to the killer, who cops must catch before he strikes again.
1 Nov. 2017
Final Curtain
Costa Mesa, Cal., is a beautiful place to live, but it comes at a cost. The murder of a young girl and the disappearance of a former Army soldier leads investigators down a dark path into the mind of an unassuming killer.
11 Oct. 2017
Snake in the Grass
Police looking into the murders of a married team of sun-drenched Southern California entrepreneurs investigate whether the couple may have found out the hard way that no amount of money is worth losing sleep-or your life-over.
22 Nov. 2017
Tangled Up in Red
One woman is killed and her best friend hospitalized in two separate attacks in a normally quiet Georgia suburb. Investigators digging for the truth uncover connections that show some members of these two families were much closer than anyone thought.
8 Nov. 2017
Devil Went Down to Georgia
When a young law school graduate goes missing, friends organize a search party. When detectives interview this circle of friends, a gruesome discovery leads them down a path of infatuation and terror.
15 Nov. 2017
Terror Under the Moonlight
An unthinkable murder and miraculous story of survival take shape in a small Gulf Coast Texas town. A quiet night out between teenage friends turns into every parent's nightmare when a killer stumbles upon his unsuspecting prey.
20 Dec. 2017
Fatal Impact
A farm foreman is killed in what looks like a deadly accident. The ATF, however, confirms this was no accident It was a bomb with an intended target. Trying to misdirect police, the killer is eventually brought down with the help of a little sunlight.
25 Oct. 2017
In Summit Township, Michigan a mother is gunned down in her home in the middle of the night. Suspicion swirls around those close to her before a plot unravels to reveal how being in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to paying the ultimate price.
Shattered Dreams
A couple is gunned down in their home during the night. Evidence points to the couple's relatives, sending cops down a path that has dire results for a suspect. Police get the killer, but at a severe cost to everyone associated with the victims.

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