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Excellent Show...great cast and writing
nshafe6 November 2009
This series ranks as one of my favorites. Rescue me, Always Sunny, Now this...FX gets it. I've only seen the 1st two episodes and I have to say my buddies and I are hooked. Even my buddies agree that this is so funny. Mild profanity but nothing bad, and great characters. Well written, I cant wait for next week.

The ladies are super hot and the guys have lives other that fantasy football. This runs contrary to the belief of others that fantasy players and have no lives. We can enjoy playing it while carrying on a normal life.

Even if I didn't play fantasy football I'd watch this series. Im 42 and a professional male...I wonder if I'm the demographic or not?
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danajs244 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This would be hilarious if I was still in high school. Maybe. A lot of the jokes are what I would like then, with a few of the more dry comments actually striking home. Also, I found out that Pete and Jenny are actually married in real life? And actually 4 years before this show even aired. Ruckson is the clear favorite for least liked right away, with Taco surging ahead as favorite. I don't mind Kevin or Pete, but Andre is quite annoying as well. The 26 minute play time and it all being on Netflix really sold me for this one, as well as it being NFL season in a week. I hope the show gets a bit more intelligent with it's jokes in the future, because I feel like it has some promise, despite it being a bit older.
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