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Ask yourself, what am I expecting from this (or any) experience?
capn_jazz18 August 2017
I honestly don't understand the bad reviews behind this film. I'm writing this, not as a review of the events or themes that take place; but rather, a questioning of expectations from the average film viewer.

It should be fairly obvious that to enjoy any motion picture, one must enable their sense of disbelief. This means when you watch a fantasy film or show you don't question the reality of wands, spells, dragons, etc. Instead, you allow yourself to be immersed within the story. After all, the entire point of art is to transport yourself within the world of the artist.

I take issue with criticism from professional critics to the average person on the basis of "realism," "continuity," and/or any other tropes related to the experience of (in this case film), art.

This movie uses certain themes that have a major impact in the possible near future as its basis for storytelling, and therefore, I can see why some might attempt to hold the themes as a basis to grade its merits.

I must contest this though as I would say you don't read an Asimov, Clarke, Dick, novel and complain that your predictions of the future aren't the same as the author's do you? While watching this I'm reminded of my experience of watching "Minority Report" and it's safe to say that that version of the future hasn't come close to existing yet, but nonetheless it's a masterful bit of storytelling. The point though is this, sure there are holes in almost any plot, especially in films that don't coincide with our present day notions of reality; but what has that to do with our ability to enjoy a film?

Be honest with yourself for a moment, when you're watching anything but a documentary (and even then..) you're primary concern is the entertainment value. To which, this film delivers in spades.

There's great drama, great action, great acting, and one person playing 7 roles. What more could you ask for? Anyone who denigrates this film, I have to know, what are your expectations, and what are your favorite films?

8/18/17 23:38
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Not What I Expected
Gilles1039223 August 2017
Let me start by saying that I did not expect this movie to play out the way it did. The acting by Noomi Rapace is nothing but phenomenal. The movie does have the basic, typical plot in regards to the whole dystopia and one child policy that has been seen before. However, the notion of the seven sisters working together to survive was what made this storyline unique. Although Noomi played seven roles, each character had the chance of sharing their story and distinctive traits. I definitely recommend this movie. Netflix pulled this movie out of a hat.
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s32761699 October 2017
How often do I get to say "wow" when I see a movie? Let me tell you, rarely......

What Happened to Monday is really quite brilliant. It takes the serious real world issue of overpopulation and pits it against the intrinsic human imperative to protect its offspring.

The inevitable collision that takes place when the need to see the species thrive at the expense of the individual, is the starting point of this film.

What happens in between is a cleverly crafted mix of sci fi, masterful storytelling, well executed action with a emotional component that's genuinely touching.

Noomi Rapace of "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" fame hands in yet another show stopping performance, nimbly and ably playing multiple characters, seemingly with ease. That's not to dismiss the performance of other cast members. This is a collectively polished affair.

This is, for me, a "must see" and possibly even "see again" sci fi. Ten out of ten from me.
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GarfieldReviews25 August 2019
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Don't understand what the low ratings are about!!
mirenaguillot2 September 2017
This is a great movie! Shot very well and the main actress is amazing for playing all seven characters. This movie itself is a little bloody for me, but besides that I quite like it. I keep seeing reviews indicating a lower rating, but I don't know why! This film is exciting and has a great story line that makes you think about our current situation in the world. It makes you wonder just how far human society will go when technology starts to really become more advanced.
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A mind-blowing movie that you must see if you like sci-fi and action movies (and even if you don't)
gaturroahn20 August 2017
This movie is by far one of the best I've seen in 2017. I must admit that I thought the story presented in the trailer was cliché, but the movie is mind blowing. I would catalogue it as an action movie, and I usually don't like action movies, but this one in particular, has a very well done story that keeps you immerse in the movie wanting to know more. I read the bad reviews and for what I've seen is people that just watch the superficial and didn't really understand the story and what it wants to transmit, and that's the thing, I had never written a review for a movie, but this one really deserves it, and because I want people to give it a chance and not to avoid watching it because of the bad reviews (that are from people that apparently misunderstood the movie). So I really recommend it, It would keep you entertained and amazed.
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Genuinely enjoyed this movie.
severdancer23 August 2017
It might have been because I hadn't seen a movie in this vein for a while, but it was extremely entertaining! For all its flaws and tropes it's still a very entertaining movie with a huge performance by Noomi Rapace. I would recommend it just for her acting! Oh, and the end; It all comes together very cleanly for the septuplets... storywise, at least, not in the fluffy unicorn parade happy ending you secretly hope for them way.
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Netflix Got this one a bit better
EuricSanti18 August 2017
Well the story portraits 7 siblings trying to live at an overpopulated world. Each one of them a day of the week.

I haven't read the book and the story is not so distant. At first seems kind of boring but then gets quite intense and thrilling. The final is not what you'd expect.

Maybe the story is not so accurate with real problems, but come on! it's Sci-Fi, not a documentary. The acting is wonderful, if Oscars were not preconfigured to drama, Noomi Rapace at least would be nominated. She portraits seven different personalities, seven different aspects, virtually seven different personas in one set. Which even though has some slight flaws is quite an acting showcase. And that needs to be applauded. (Trust me she did better than Legend, the Tom Hardy one with the twins).

Directors, editors and photography did a great job mixing one person into seven, again, had some flaws but was good work and needs to be applauded.

Supporting actors were not that great, excluding Marwan Kenzari who did a good job. Is not a must watch either a blockbuster for the summer, but it will be a story that you may enjoy any given day.
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A very well done Sy-Fy movie.
sid_615533027 November 2017
I really enjoyed the movie. Every moment is enjoyable.This presents a scenario which is an actual problem and is definitely going to become scarier as time passes. There is not much in the story but the acting and the fighting sequences are very well implemented. Just sit tight and relax, this will not let you move from your seat for another two hours.
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hailahkhaled20 November 2018
An incredible movie A new story oh god i really like the actress She did a god job with acting 7 siblings I definitely recommend this movie👍🏻
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Watch it for Noomi Rapace's dazzling performance
paul-allaer9 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Seven Sisters" (2017 release from the UK and France; 123 min.; US title "What Happened to Monday") opens with a clever montage as to the world's population explosion, leading eventually to a "one child per family" policy. But that doesn't stop Karen Settman, who bears 7 daughters (and dies in childbirth). Karen's dad Terrence is determined to raise his granddaughters "the right way", naming them after the days of the week, and composing an overall "Karen Settman" composite, whereby each of them is allowed to leave the house on the day of the week they are named after. Then one day Monday doesn't return home... At this point we are 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola, best known for "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" a few years ago. Here he goes into the sci-fi direction , playing out what happens in 2073 when society allows only one child per family and other siblings are put into a "cryosleep" until one day things hopefully get better. The movie's overall feel is quite original and imaginative, even if there are plot holes the size of Manhattan. But much of that is compensated by the dazzling performance of Noomi "Girl With Dragon Tattoo" Rapace, who plays all seven sisters, doing it with nuance and fervor. The action scenes are at times way over the top, but always entertaining. Glenn Close has a small role as the "baddie", while William Defoe has an even smaller role as Terrence Settman. But in the end, it's all about Noomi Rapace and her amazing performance.

I caught "Seven Sisters" in the theater recently while on a family visit to Belgium. The matinée screening where I saw this at in Antwerp, Belgium was attended nicely.Upon my return to the US< I noticed the movie has been renamed "What Happened to Monday" for reasons I cannot phantom ("Seven Sisters" seems so much more appropriate). THe movie has been streaming on VOD, and hence I don't know that I will get a theatrical release in the US, which is a shame. Bottom line: if you are a fan of Noomi Rapace, you'll want to check it out, be it on VOD or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray.
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traianvse21 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Noomi Rapace's sharp portrayal of identical septuplets, as well as an inventive and intriguing concept, almost save this dystopian thriller from its clichéd villains and some ludicrous plot points. Though each of the seven identical sisters is supposed to be unique (one slutty, one brainy, etc.), they're sketchy at best. Rapace brings as much depth as she can to them in the little time each holds the screen. Starting with a provocative premise, What Happened to Monday? ultimately becomes a violent search-and-destroy mission, with one brutal attack and death after another.
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Solid sci fi
seansez-1607312 March 2019
Well acted, Well thought out film, Not just a mis match as stated in other reviews,
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Not horrible but far from good
lauranmitrea10 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**some spoilers here"*

This was an OK movie as far as acting is concerned, and while I can appreciate that it was a multinational effort, the first thing that jarred me out of it was the lead actress's accent. It's not that she (Rapace) had an accent in general, it's that she had an accent that sounded nothing like her grandfather's. Grandad(Dafoe) was shortly and sweetly played, and made out to be the only person the identical septuplets (heptuplets?) were exposed to for most of their young life. How do you want end up with different accents?

Anyways... The dialogue was very clunky at times and despite that I think Rapace did a good job of acting like 7 different people. I think they did a good job at filming the 7 copies of Rapace interacting convincingly and seamlessly, so that deserves props!

However, the plot was rather convoluted and I had a hard time believing that any of the steps taken by the government were actually necessary. There wasn't enough world building to actually make me care about these people and their plight.

The plot twists came and I rolled my eyes and at times laughed heartily with my partner. I suspend my disbelief with the best of them, but some of the dialogue was hilariously bad, and the film lost me before the big reveal. I did watch it until the end and we both saw it coming and were not surprised at all about where Monday actually was.

Sooo, 4 out of 10 as far as I'm concerned, mostly because it made me laugh (unintentionally) and that's worth something to me.
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A fascinating exploration of government control in the name of good
denise-31414 October 2017
This had been out on Netflix for a while and I hadn't really been drawn to watch it, but I am so glad I did.

The film portrays a dystopian future where overpopulation has lead those in power to create a one child rule, with chilling justifications for abhorable acts in the name of protecting humanity.

In a time when we already see more government interference and control in our own daily lives, its not too far of a stretch to consider a time when government might implement drastic measures to control population.

This film is a horrifying example of the peoples need to never allow this or anything like this, to ever happen.

Well written and thought provoking, I would definitely recommend watching this film.
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7 Noomis are a real viewing pleasure!
alainguet28 August 2017
Just after watching Unlocked, also starring Noomi Rapace, I hesitated before watching this one: wouldn't too many Noomis at the same time "spoil the broth"? But I finally watched it, and enjoyed every moment of the movie. Glenn Close is deliciously horrific (reminds me of those Nazi wardens in concentration camps), and Rapace is simply extraordinary. The bad guys are scary enough, the atmosphere of a one-child-only society fairly oppressive. A nice one before going back to school...
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Good idea. Bad execution.
sanjin_963220 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The idea for this film is good, but Tommy Wirkola, whose movies I liked in the past, especially Dead Snow and Hansel and Gretel, really messed this one up. There are a couple of scenes that actually work, but the dialogue is far too wooden. The ending's predictable, even the twist with Monday.

There are so many flaws in this movie. It's full of missed opportunities too make it better and it's far too long, due to misguided dialogue and ultimately, a more than dull story line development. The real problem here is the script. The performances by the Scandinavian actors in supporting roles are also not the cream of the crop.

I like Rapace, Defoe and Close, but they obviously didn't have enough to work with here. I don't know the actual budget for this movie, but I imagine it wasn't cheap, since Netflix is a billion dollar company. Wirkola's visualization and the work done by the storyboards people leave an insane amount of room for improvement. Mediocre at best. 4.5/10
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An average film that had potential to be a lot better
alindsay-al12 September 2017
This film just arrived on Netflix and I found the premise quite interesting so I gave it a watch and it is really quite bland. The premise of the film sees a family of seven identical daughters going about there lives in a world where being a sibling is illegal. When one day one of them doesn't return home. Noomi rapace plays the lead 7 roles in this film, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and she does a great job in these roles. She gives different characteristics to the different characters and you can see there different personalities shine to make them distinguishable. Willem Dafoe is in this film in flashbacks as the girls grandad and he is also really good in the film even though he isn't in the film that much overall. Glen close plays a corporate person in this film and I found her character very flat and bland which is disappointing because with more screen time and better writing I feel like she could have been an interesting character. I also found the love interest security guard was a waste of a character that was unnecessary. The story has interesting potential but I feel like this film misses it. I liked the relationships between the sisters but I feel like the film misses the boat when it comes to its wider more complex themes. The script is very forgettable though, the humour is non existent and the drama does feel cliché and falls flat. The style of the film has some decent action scenes in it that actually were pretty hard hitting. But I found the films pacing a bit messy with them breezing over things a bit too quickly for my liking. Overall this is an average film that hasn't got anything that special in it.
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Wasted time for me
carolrmag1 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am giving it 3 stars because the acting is great. Other than that, the story really didn't appeal to me. Being from a large family, I think the story actually sucks. Perhaps it is because I don't have a psychopath for a sibling. I do agree we humans are too many and are destroying the planet. And that will happen until nature wins, because we forget but we do need it to survive. The solution provided in this movie is too horrific (characters don't know what really happens until closer to the end). But basically you have a sweet grandparent that goes beyond efforts to keep his 7 granddaughters safe in a world where one child per couple is allowed. They grow as team, being stronger when working together. In the outside world they share the same persona so they are not discovered.

There is too much fighting and visual, which seems to be in fashion this days.

Now for the MAJOR SPOILER... Don't read ahead if you don't want to:

One of the sisters falls in love and gets pregnant, hiding it from her other sisters. Onde day she disappears. All sisters work together to find and save her, 4 dying along the journey and one being brutally stolen an eye.

What we find out is that the first sister to disappear basically condemned her 6 sisters to being aggressively persecuted, like I said, most die, only she could have her happily ever after with the man she loves and her unborn children.

To me, that woman is a psychopath. Even though the surviving two sisters understand her choice and are set to take care of their nephews (all OK in the taking care of the nephews, but what their sister did has no excuse in my opinion).
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Bare Bones, No Meat
tdwillis-2627319 August 2017
The premise of this story looked interesting and had the potential to have a lot done with it.

But this movie was bare bones. No Meat. Maybe even missing some of the bones.....

The story felt too simple and "spoon-fed" for me. There was little character development. When things started going bad for all the sisters, I had no emotional attachment to them to care. There was a sex scene (a little too over the top for no reason at all)that really did nothing to add to the depth of the characters or the meaning of the film in any way. It was as if they stuck it in there to check off that box of "scenes you have to have to attract broadest target audience" And I think that includes people with IQ's below 70.

The acting was well done and the production and technical parts of this movie were average/decent enough but with such a simple script the only strong emotions this movie brought out in me was boredom. I made it thru the whole movie. Barely.
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***SPOILERS*** Great idea, awful execution
damiangardiner26 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The idea behind this movie is great and could have made for a good movie. But it seems the director went so all out for edge-of-your-seat scenes that he forgot that overdoing drama can ruin a good drama.

So to give you just a few examples of silly writing: 1) There is a task force surrounding the building in which the siblings live. They fire smoke grenades into the building from the ground floor. Every single grenade manages to hit its target - smashing through small windows into the apartment. Not a single miss.

2) the siblings make their way through the building and use the fire escape to make their exit. Of course, the back entrance to a building is always the safe way to leave when you have a determined army looking to make you disappear. I mean, why would the army want to guard a back door? That would be a waste of men!

3) The task force who have planned this intrusion storm the building. The a sibling returns to the apartment and collects some aerosol cans and pops them in the microwave for 60 seconds. Then she breaks a gas line. Meanwhile the task force have gathered outside the apartment door. Way more than 60 seconds elapse as the sibling attends to some last minute photo transfers, then she presses send and as the microwave counts down to zero, this is the exact moment the task force attempt go to make their move, and the moment the sibling finishes her dramatic sentence. The microwave hits zero and the apartment explodes - propelling the task force into the air. (So who knew that aerosol cans take exactly 1 minute in a microwave to detonate!?). And there's enough gas in the building to completely destroy it, yet not a single member of the task force smell gas and think twice about entering the apartment

4) in the very next scene, the leader of the task force, who one would have thought took the brunt of the explosion that destroyed the apartment is stood on the ground floor unscathed giving orders to his team.

This is just one scene. But there are loads of scenes like this that take the film beyond credulity and, for me anyway, spoilt the movie.

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alainintaiwan21 September 2017
Strong start, but the plot becomes increasingly implausible as the film progresses. By the end it's nigh ludicrous. Gratuitously violent throughout. One wonders whether the creators had something against children in general. The child actress should have matched Rapace's accent, because it seems that Karen has inexplicably developed a foreign accent after childhood. Why doesn't she sound like her grandfather any more? Bleak, unsatisfying conclusion.
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Predictable and typical
j_achim19 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really do not get the hype about this movie. It has all the standard, typical stuff for a movie in this genre, alongside with The Hunger Games, Divergent and so on. That being said, I have not read the book so this review is based on a simple guy heading to the movies with friends.

First, everything in this movie is predictable. From the second Cayman entered the screen you could tell that she would be the powerful bitch. She even wore makeup that made her ugly and annoying. You know, that punchable face. Just like Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter. I am sorry to tell you that the predictable, annoying parts of this movie does not stop here.

Secondly, the seven sisters were way to different from each other for it to be even close to realistic. In every single movie made for the teenager segment (which this has to be), the group of characters is always significantly different from each other. The clever one, the computer geek, the strong one, and so on. Exactly like that is it with these sisters. Wouldn't they become very similar by living literally the exact same life?

And of course, the evil, huge and powerful state. Obligatory for this kind of movie, the bureau is super mean. Like, for no reason whatsoever. They get the order from Cayman: Capture this random innocent girl because she is a sibling. Fair enough. But out of the blue the agents hate this girl so much they want to stab her in the face and call her a whore.

And then there's the dialogues. Yeah, you guessed it: predictable. The webcam chat with the blonde one: "I love y.." *Bang*. Shot in the head. I even heard a guy in the audience laugh when it was supposed to be a surprising and heartbreaking moment, probably because he predicted it. All of the dialogues are like this. The meetings around the table, where everyone have to say a stereotypical phrase for their character. The classic bust of the evil empire, literally on a huge screen in front of the entire world. Caymans obligatory breakdown when she gets busted, when she yells that everyone sucks and does not understand.

On the other hand it is fair to say that I was entertained. Even though everything is predictable and the ending is supposed to be surprising (which it was not), I guess it is worth a watch. One of the things that actually impressed me was Naomi Rapace and her acting skills. It obviously is a hard job to have that many roles in the same movie. Dafoe also does a good job as the caring but tough father. The minor roles did not impress me though, and some were even quite annoying with their typical lines like "step into the f*cking van" in bad English. Some of the scenes were pretty cool, like the fighting, explosions, special effects and getaways. However, that is pretty much the good things about this movie.
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I enjoyed this one
sunnya-3064721 August 2018
I can say I thought one person playing several parts usually doesn't work but this one did . She did great playing 7 people. What an evil plot never know what the world could come too.
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Noomi is a master of her craft
kingramze18 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
We've come a long way since Multiplicity and other twin-style movies. The split screen and computer aided work are very convincing. Noomi plays off of her duplicates very well and gives each her own personality and style.

Beyond that, Noomi really shows her ability to rise to the level of a true action star. (As if I had any doubts about the star of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

In the world of the future, a one child only policy is made and all siblings after the first child are sentenced to be frozen in cryostasis in the hopes they can be thawed out in a future that has been made less overpopulated. It's thought that the children might have horrible nightmares that last hundreds of years in their cryonic state.

Because of certain biological contaminations, it's become more common for people to have more than one child at a time, so when seven girls are born -- all identical, instead of subjecting six to cryofreeze, a man sets out a plan for each to take on the identity of one person -- to share a life between the seven.

There are hardships endured in only being able to leave the home one day per week -- and even then, only to play a role of a person that must be consistent from one day to the next as siblings switch out the responsibility of work, shopping, and possibly having a love life. They can not trust anyone to know their secret, so no one can get too close.

One day, things go very bad when one goes missing... and then from very bad to worse. Don't miss out! Watch. And maybe you'll find out what happened to Monday!
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