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Must see behind the scenes for music video enthusiast
william-rendell7 February 2014
This series is not about watching full music videos. There are oodles of other TV programs that fulfill that purpose - MTV etc. etc. This is a documentary series fulfilling the avid music video fan's desire to know more about what has gone into the classic music videos we so love. There are loads of interesting anecdotes by the musicians in interviews, plus the unsung, but all too important directors without whom there would be no artistic videos. This is an interesting series and certain episodes featuring one's favourite artists are must sees for the music video enthusiast. Each episode is around twenty minutes in length and kept brief and not boring.
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mboyd198621 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What is the point of showing 5 seconds of a classic music video and then have some unknown - except in his own lunchtime - video producer talk about all the problems, options, setbacks, etc. that he had in making it. Hey! Mr. Producer - we don't care! We just want to listen to the great music without your incessant babbling all over it.

Who is Brian Grant? Apparently a video producer. Who cares? The last thing I want is to look at or listen to him just as "Physical" by ONJ starts. Just as we are getting into the music, up pops Mr Grant telling us his story, just for his five minutes of fame. It is the artist that gets the fame, not the producer. How about the editor? The sound recordist? Do we want programs with them talking all over the music?

Here's a tip: back-room boys stay in the back-room. We don't want to see you, or hear you.
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