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Lea Michele: Rachel Berry



  • Rachel Berry : [after Finn is finished singing "Hello, I Love You" in front of the rest of the group]  And that, fellow Glee clubbers, is how we say 'hello'.

  • Finn Hudson : I've been thinking a lot lately. I feel like I have all these problems, you know, with Quinn and... and basketball and girls and stuff, and I've been so overwhelmed trying to figure them all out. Then I realized the only thing I needed to fix was us. I... I want us to be together, Rachel. A real couple. Look, I even circled some dates on your crazy calendar.


    Finn Hudson : Is you not being able to talk right now a good thing or a bad thing?

    Rachel Berry : I can't.

    Finn Hudson : Can't what?

    Rachel Berry : I... I can't be a couple with you. It's the team. We... we can't have any, um, drama right now. You know, we need... we need to focus on regionals. And I appreciate your offer, but in the spirit of being a team player, I have to decline.

    Finn Hudson : [she turns to leave]  Hey, whoa. I'm just not some guy that you met at the music store that you can just blow off. I don't give up that easy.

  • Jesse St. James : Most spots are 2,500 watts. This one is ten times brighter. We have to wear sunscreen onstage, but it's worth it.

    Rachel Berry : I guess everything is bigger and brighter here.

  • Rachel Berry : Hey, guys.

    Kurt Hummel : Cut the butter, Benedict Arnold. We heard about your new boyfriend.

    Mercedes Jones : Look, Rachel, we're all happy that you're happy, but we've worked too hard in Glee Club to let you throw it all away on a relationship that might not even be real.

    Rachel Berry : Why, 'cause he's in Vocal Adrenaline?

    Kurt Hummel : Their motto is "Aut neca aut necatus eris." Which loosely translates to "murder or be murdered."

    Tina Cohen-Chang : They give their dancers human growth hormone.

    Mercedes Jones : Look, we're not saying the dude is playing you.

    Kurt Hummel : He's playing you.

    Mercedes Jones : We just think that until regionals are over, we can't risk the possibility that he is.

    Tina Cohen-Chang : None of us want to go through what happened at sectionals again.

    Rachel Berry : Okay, look, Jesse and I might not be true love, but what if we are? I know who I am. And how many chances at this am I going to get?

    Kurt Hummel : If you don't break up with him, you're out.

    Rachel Berry : You can't kick me out!

    Artie Abrams : But we can all quit if Mr. Schue doesn't.

    Rachel Berry : Well, good luck winning without me.

    Kurt Hummel : Everyone is replaceable. Even you.

    Rachel Berry : How could you do this to me?

    Mercedes Jones : How could you do this to us? We're a team, and all you've ever wanted was for us to be great, and be a part of something special. Now is that still true or not?

  • Jesse St. James : Lionel Richie, huh? One of my favorites.

    Rachel Berry : Oh, my god, you're Jesse St. James. You're in Vocal Adrenaline.

    Jesse St. James : And you're Rachel Berry. I saw you perform at sectionals. Your rendition of "Don't Rain on My Parade" was flawed. You totally lacked Barbara's emotional depth. But you're talented.

  • Will Schuester : [after the kids sing "Gives You Hell"]  I don't want to be a buzzkill, but the assignment was "hello".

    Rachel Berry : [pointedly to Finn]  I'm sorry. I was just focusing on the first syllable.

  • Rachel Berry : I know being my boyfriend is a challenge. I'm not Quinn. I don't look like her. I'm not popular, and my personality, though exciting and full of surprises, isn't exactly low-maintenance, but... I'll always be honest with you. Painfully so. And all I ask in return is that you're just honest with me.

    Finn Hudson : I don't think I want to be your boyfriend.

    Rachel Berry : What?

    Finn Hudson : Look, Rachel, you're really awesome, but I think I need to connect with my inner rock star before I can fully commit to one woman. I need to find out who I am now.

    Rachel Berry : I'll tell you who you are. You're a scared little boy. You're afraid of dating me because you think it might hurt your reputation; though, which you'd never admit it, is very important to you. You hate what Quinn did to you, not just because it hurt, but because it was so humiliating.

    Finn Hudson : You're freaking me out. It's like you're inside my head right now.

    Rachel Berry : I just see you for who you are. Unlike you, who can only see me as this silly girl who made a fool out of herself in her first glee club rehearsal. And that's where you lose, Finn. Because if you take a second look at me, you'd realize that I'm the only person in your life who knows you and accepts you for who you are, no matter what.

  • [first lines] 

    Mercedes Jones : Hey, babe. Looking good.

    Rachel Berry : Feelin' good, Mercedes.

    Mercedes Jones : This is amazing. Ever since Glee Club won sectionals, everybody looks at us differently.

    Jacob Ben Israel : I want to be with you, Rachel.

    Kurt Hummel : We're glitterati. I feel like Lady Gaga.

    Rachel Berry : Get used to it, guys. We're stars now. On par with all the jocks and popular kids. Oh, it's the dawn of a new era here at McKinley, and we are gonna rule this school!

    [they all get slushies thrown in their faces] 

    Dave Karofsky : [laughing]  Welcome to Loser Town.

    Azimio : Population: you!

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