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Season 4

5 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.1
Professor Muddles gets carried away when investigating the strength of ants. Keith Fitt calls in two judges to watch his football world record. Ants are on the loose in the newsroom, making it tricky for Arthur Sleep to read news. There's a welcome return for Dina Lady and her assistant Tommy Tummy, who are hosting the Bake Me a Star competition. They're looking for the best chocolate chip muffin. The Lost Pirate is also back and he's still lost! Be prepared for some enthusiastic singing from roving reporter Gail Force when she meets a school choir. Robin Hood's ...
6 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.2
Comedy sketch show for younger viewers. Accident-prone DIY Dan attempts to build a kennel for his little dog.
7 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.3
Gigglebiz - Series 4: Episode 3 Hopefully Arthur Sleep will wake up in time to introduce all the fun to be had. Things don't go quite to plan when clumsy antiques expert Ann Teak lends a hand to a vase restorer. Sports reporter Keith Fitt attempts to hula-hoop in the studio. Loveable Humphrey accidentally causes chaos when he joins his neighbour at a painting class. Arthur Sleep urges viewers to be on the look out for extra long pencils and Will Barrow has a tug of war with a very cheeky rabbit. Captain Adorable is keen to teach his new trainee, Awesome Girl, ...
8 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.4
The Berrito Brothers have fallen on even harder times and show off their basketball skills to a small audience. Keith Fitt and Arthur Sleep relax in the studio by playing a silly game. Loveable storyteller Storybook Stan has problems reading a book about flying, and Professor Muddles struggles to get his new invention, a Bounce-Back Fence, to work properly. Gail Force takes to the stage to interview an actor. Dan Step manages to do some extra housework whilst joining in with a tap dance. Rapids Johnson finds himself in a hole when he tries to spot the Pirate Bear. And...
9 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.5
Arthur Sleep gets into a spot of bother when he builds a tall tower in the newsroom. Dobbin the horse causes mayhem at Nana Knickerbocker's panto farm shop. Will Barrow grows a funny-looking flower and the Gigglekids are on hand with another funny joke. Hapless DIY enthusiast DIY Dan gets into a sticky situation when he makes a doll's house. In the supermarket, the Lost Pirate finds a good use for his treasure chest. Dina Lady is looking for perfect chocolate brownies in her Bake me a Star competition. Arthur Sleep warns hay fever sufferers to stay away from flowers ...
12 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.6
Keith Fitt demonstrates his karate skills. Lots of cheeky animals make a big splash when Will Barrow fills up a birdbath in the garden. Roving reporter Gail Force places the final card on an enormous house of cards. Clumsy DIY enthusiast DIY Dan builds a bike shed but the finished result doesn't quite measure up. The Lost Pirate is sailing the high seas at the wheel of his ship, or is that a bike? Things get a bit rough in the studio for Arthur Sleep when he gives an important warning about stormy seas. Dina Lady's got a recipe for the perfect Fisherman's Pie in Bake ...
13 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.7
Professor Muddles uses his latest invention, the Good as New Machine, to try and make himself young again. Sports reporter Keith Fitt attempts to break another world record. This time it's Welly Wanging. Gail Force reports from the Hide and Seek championships and does her best to hide from Arthur Sleep. In Story Corner Storybook Stan struggles to read a book about the inventor of Pass the Parcel. When the Adorovan nearly gets a parking ticket it's the perfect chance for Captain Adorable to teach his new trainee Awesome Girl that a superhero should always know where ...
14 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.8
The Berrito Brothers test their strength and Keith Fitt demonstrates swimming strokes in the studio. The Lost Pirate walks the plank and there are more giggles with Gigglekids. Arthur Sleep joins in with Keith Fitt's swimming demonstration and together they give synchronised swimming a try. Captain Adorable is on hand with another top tip for his new trainee Awesome Girl and QT's there too just in case they need back up! Out in the woods, Rapids Johnson has a workout trying to spot the Exercise Bear. Robin Hood attempts to paint Marion's portrait - if only his singing...
15 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.9
There are more groan-inducing jokes from newsreader Arthur Sleep. Clumsy antiques expert Ann Teak examines a newspaper containing the world's first crossword puzzle, plus Dan Step discovers lots of other things he can do with a newspaper during his tap dance routine. Keith Fitt and Arthur Sleep don't get much reporting done when they fly paper aeroplanes in the studio and Storybook Stan struggles to read a story when he discovers a bookworm in his book. The Gigglekids are on hand with another joke. Lovable Humphrey accidentally causes chaos in his local library. ...
16 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.10
DIY enthusiast DIY Dan does his best to demonstrate how to give a garden fence a makeover. Keith Fitt and Arthur Sleep rock out and play air guitar in the studio. The future looks rocky for some valuable antique vases when Ann Teak attempts to play the lute. Will Barrow and all the animals are sounding very musical in the garden; even the noisy robin joins in. The Lost Pirate warns a busker not to play sea shanties on dry land but is soon dancing a jig along to his tune. In the forest, Robin is determined to impress Maid Marion with his lute playing - if only his ...
19 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.11
There are lots of messy splats in Gigglebiz. Attempting to make his cat laugh, Professor Muddles bravely custard-pies himself in the face! Flamboyant ballroom dancer Enrico Paso Doble gets distracted by a window that needs cleaning. Keith Fitt ropes one of the judges into his attempt to break a three-legged race world record. Things get messy at Nana Knickerbocker's farm shop when the cheeky panto cat runs off with a cream trifle. It's snowing in Will Barrow's garden and all the animals seem to have disappeared. When Robin Hood discovers a muddy bog, he hopes Will ...
20 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.12
Series 4: Episode 12 Hapless DIY enthusiast DIY Dan attempts to make a potted plant display. Rapids Johnson tries out a new technique to find a bear in the woods - it's called 'the bear sense'. Storybook Stan nearly gets blown away when he reads a story about a windy day and the wind keeps blowing in Arthur Sleep's news studio. Gardener Will Barrow is busy sweeping up leaves but the tidy piles are the perfect place for those cheeky animals to hide. The Lost Pirate is convinced that the bus stop is the place to wait for his ship. Roving reporter Gail Force discovers ...
21 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.13
Everybody's getting in the holiday mood. Accident-prone Gail Force causes chaos in a series of reports from Little Bottom campsite. Dan Step struggles to do a tap dance with a heavy suitcase and Professor Muddles has invented an alternative way to go on holiday - a Teleporting Hat. Keith Fitt takes some time out at the athletics track, and things get messy for Storybook Stan when he reads a story about a sunny tropical island. Arthur Sleep's got some gardening tips for viewers. Rapids Johnson has put on his best holiday shirt and is on the trail of the Holiday Bear. ...
22 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.14
Gigglebiz - Series 4: Episode 14 Arthur Sleep has missed the bus so Keith Fitt's got a very important job to do - he's reading the news! It turns out reading the news is quite a difficult job. Loveable Humphrey enters a village show but his preparations nearly stop his neighbour showing off his prize marrow. The Berrito Brothers put on a display of strength in front of a depleted audience. QT has prepared a gruelling workout for Captain Adorable and Awesome Girl to make sure they're super-fit. Plus another joke from the Gigglekids and more funny dancing in Silly Time.
23 Jan. 2015
Episode #4.15
Everybody is dressing up. Professor Muddles gets quite a workout when he shows off his new invention - a hi-tech dancing suite called the Boogie Salsa Tango Matic! Antiques expert Ann Teak gets more than she bargained for when she examines a Georgian dress. Newsreader Arthur Sleep reports that he had his face painted at the village fete, before realising he's forgotten to wash the paint off. Is that a bear in the woods? No, it's Rapids Johnson in his best bear disguise, hoping to spot the lesser spotted copying bear. In her Bake me a Star competition, Dina Lady is on ...
16 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.16
Everybody's getting soaked in Gigglebiz. Reporting from some roadworks, Gail Force struggles to make herself heard over a very noisy drill. Keith Fitt is troubled by a bothersome fly in Mrs Titherington's karate class, and DIY Dan gets a soaking when he demonstrates how to fix pipes and guttering to a house. Back at the roadworks, Gail Force is also soaked when she drills into a water pipe, and newsreader Arthur Sleep has to deal with a dripping roof in the newsroom. Rapids Johnson gets rather wet whilst on the trail of the Rainy Day Bear, and Dan Step tap dances his ...
17 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.17
Captain Adorable is on hand with another top tip for his new trainee Awesome Girl - this time he shows her some very silly ways to hide. Keith Fitt is hiding too - he and Arthur Sleep are playing hide and seek in the newsroom. Ann Teak examines an antique magic cabinet but things go wrong when she accidentally breaks the magician's wand. Storybook Stan has a go at being a magician and tries to use a magic spell to open the storybook. Once again Robin Hood's plans are dashed by Will Singalot's constant singing.
18 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.18
Keith Fitt makes another world record attempt - this time he's trying to juggle the greatest number of teddies ever. Loveable Humphrey stretches himself at a yoga class, whilst the Lost Pirate finds himself marooned on a desert island that looks a little bit like a sandpit. Down on Nana Knickerbocker's pantomime farm, Daisy the cow refuses to be milked. The Berrito Brothers perform their Time for Bed routine - hopefully Justin will stay awake until his big moment. It's also bedtime in the woods and Rapids Johnson is on the trail of the Bedtime Bear. Plus a knock knock...
19 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.19
DIY enthusiast DIY Dan builds a birdbath for all the little garden birds. Arthur Sleep keeps getting distracted whilst trying to give a very important piece of news. Sticky toffee pudding is on the menu in Dina Lady's Bake Me a Star competition and there are some very hungry slugs in Will Barrow's garden. The Lost Pirate climbs the rigging in search of dry land and Keith Fitt takes part in a hurdle race. Professor Muddles and his favourite teddy Bobo try out his latest invention - a flying machine.
20 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.20
Rapids Johnson dons his bear disguise in search of the Lesser Spotted Copying Bear, Gail Force sings her heart out when she meets a school choir and the Lost Pirate walks the plank with his faithful parrot Captain Crackers. There are new giggles when Ann Teak examines a set of antique bowling balls, Will Barrow meets a butterfly with a tickly nose and DIY Dan tries to build a mug tree. Robin Hood tries to dodge the sleeping slime-spitting frogs. Hopefully Will Singalot's singing won't wake them up.
23 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.21
Rapids Johnson is in search of the honey bear in Gigglebiz. It's autumn in Will Barrow's garden and a cheeky squirrel is finding lots of places to bury his nuts. Newsreader Arthur Sleep has trouble with his important newsreader's chair. Ably assisted by Tommy Tummy, Dina Lady is on the lookout for winning cupcakes in her Bake Me a Star competition. DIY enthusiast DIY Dan does his best to build a garden bench. Sports reporter Keith Fitt demonstrates the art of boomerang throwing and Captain Adorable gives Awesome Girl a very funny lesson in talking to animals. Finally ...
24 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.22
The Lost Pirate has got a plan to find his way off a desert island - he's going to send a message in a bottle. Newsreader Arthur Sleep mistakes his diary for the news script. Antiques expert Ann Teak gives a masterclass in spotting the difference between real and fake china plates with smashing results. Keith Fitt has found another way to exercise in the studio - an exercise bike. Simply unpacking the bike gives him quite a workout. DIY enthusiast DIY Dan is doing his best to do up an old sofa and explorer Rapids Johnson has upgraded to some modern technology in his ...
25 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.23
There are lots of tasty treats in Gigglebiz. Rapids Johnson enjoys an ice cream on his search for the Ice Cream Bear and Storybook Stan is distracted by some chewy toffees. When an ice cream seller turns up, Ann Teak finds another use for an antique Viking helmet. Will Barrow builds a slide for all the cheeky animals in the garden. News reader Arthur Sleep catches up on some sleep in the newsroom and Keith Fitt has a go at the limbo. There's one more tasty treat when Robin Hood bakes a cake for Maid Marion but his singing minstrel Will Singalot asks 'did he really ...
26 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.24
Gail Force reports live from a new playground and is very keen to try out all the new equipment. Gardener Will Barrow waters some very funny flowers and Professor Muddles has got a brand new invention to help tidy away toys. The Lost Pirate has found an interesting way of paying for his supermarket shopping. Arthur Sleep seeks advice on how to deal with some local desk thieves only to be caught out by the crooks. In Story Corner, Storybook Stan gets a surprise when he reads from the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Keith Fitt joins in with Mrs Titherington's ...
27 Feb. 2015
Episode #4.25
Another chance to see the best bits from Gigglebiz.

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