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Don't miss this one
marktcards17 February 2010
I don't normally feel the need to add my 2 cents to the review pages here but Archer has motivated me to do so.

This is definitely one of the best animated comedy series I've seen in a while and had me laughing all the way through; if anyone can make being a real s**t funny then it's Archer. I'm not familiar with Jon Benjamin who supplies Archer's voice but he's perfectly cast and his comic timing is spot on. The rest of the cast is strong too, especially Chris Parnell who's voice I immediately recognised from his very funny Dr Spaceman (or Spe-che-man) in 30 Rock.

In a world where other offerings are losing their shine (Family Guy, American Dad and even South Park are not as fresh as they used to be and of course the Simpsons jumped it's shark years ago) Archer shows that there's still plenty of good material being written out there.
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Great Show overall, but loses its touch.
sniffthemonkeys26 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Archer is an amazing TV show. It is truly hilarious but it loses its touch during the later seasons when they have new settings each season, it doesn't feel the same, which can be refreshing but also makes the show not feel the same. 9/10
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YOU MANIACS..what have you done to the great show..GOD DAMN YOU...GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL
Archer00722 June 2018
It was a great animated comedy show..umm correction..the GREATEST animated comedy show.Its gone downhill from season 7.Danger island is the worst.I cant believe I am struggling to find a laugh.We miss the original spy comedy.It was perfect.Bring it back.
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Wow! Just ... Wow!
dkbengel17 September 2009
Having just seen the special sneak preview of 'ARCHER' on the FX network, I have to say that this was possibly the most entertaining, most ribald, most disturbing and just plain hysterical thirty minutes of television I have ever seen. Think 'Venture Brothers' meets James Bond meets a truck load of self-obsessed heroine addicts and you'll begin to get an idea of what awaits us all in January when this series comes to the masses in prime time. Fans of H. Jon Benjamin will love him as he brings his own dead pan cadence to Sterling Archer, a character that is arguably the most narcissistic is television history. The writing is quick and sharp, the animation is stylized and hip and the laughs come faster than you can catch them.

In short, watch for this amazing show to come to your TV in January and prepare to be amazed. Seriously, watch this show!
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Epic new comedy!
greendaylink6 February 2010
Archer is quite possibly the funniest show on television, rapid fire jokes about whore island, a hungry hungry hippo, and baby crazy ex girlfriends, all that plus the brilliance of stir Friday. I am a total TV alchoholic and this show is incredibly funny. Though there is a slight issue with the comedy, if you take yourself too seriously and or you can't laugh at sheer stupidity the show might not be for you. Anyways you won't know if you like the comedy or not without watching and episode yourself. So I strongly incourage everyone to sit down watch an episode or two and I bet you will be rolling on the floor due to the doucheness that is Sterling Archer. Alright Andy I know the fact that arrested development got canceled still hurts but it doesn't mean you should start bashing a different kind of comedy. Archer is incredibly funny, and yes it is basic raunchy humor, but it is the sheer ridiculousness of each situation that allows the comedy to turn in literal loll. so open your mind laugh at a Russian roulette joke and enjoy the brilliant stupidity that is Archer.
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Ultimate Television Entertainment!
vod_kao8 May 2011
This show is the best thing that's happened to modern day TV. It is animated, yet hits serious topics right at the spot. It makes it look like a kid's show, but definitely with adult situations, which is great. The characters are light and well situated. The dialog is outrageously funny and naughty, containing serious amounts of irony and masked profanities. The plot of the show revolves around a secret agency (ISIS) and the relations between the people working there. The main character is the confident, arrogant and self-involved, yet not that adequate secret agent Sterling archer - a handsome hedonist man, that never cares about anyone but himself. Hilarious. 10/10
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Classy, sexy, exciting and hilarious!
drummergareth4 July 2014
Before watching archer I would watch cartoons like Family Guy, American Dad and Futurama. These sort of animated shows are good but old and don't change the formula of a successful show. They are all the same, a family/ group of friends getting into mischief everyday and each day is completely different but with the same people.

At first I though Archer was just going to be another comedy cartoon like Family guy. I thought it would be loads of random jokes (not saying random jokes aren't funny but Seth Macfarlane has been doing the same routine over and over) and hardly any story, but I tell you now I was wrong, so terribly wrong.

Archer is pure brilliance. It's like James Bond became an abusive alcoholic and that everyone he works with are insane. It looks pretty and is well animated, it's full of funny jokes and most importantly of all it has a story line that runs through out the whole series!

I love Archer because it doesn't have a new story every episode and forgetting what happened last time. You get to know the characters and see them develop as episode go on. The show doesn't shy away from changing things up, one minute you think that it's just an ordinary mission and the next minute something massive happens which leads to a character changing and this is who the character will act from now on.

The jokes are funny and always make me laugh and sometimes the situations they get in are funny. The character are horrible people, if you met them in really life you would hate them but in the show you can't help but love everyone. The show also introduces loads of new characters that stick around or return every now and again for a episode.

I have loved watching every episode and I've just started season 5 which is insane. The best animated TV show I have ever watched! 10/10 Highly recommend watching if you like shows like South park, American Dad, Bobs Burgers, Robot Chicken and Frisky Dingo.
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Excellent show
Willtur1 October 2009
I was a fan of the hit and miss show Sealab and later on Frisky Dingo which was less hit and miss and quite entertaining. If you like rank shows. I am also a fan of Venture Bros and I don't see how you cant draw the similarities between the two. I am also happy to see Jon Benjamin get some steady voice work and he was great in Dr Katz and Home Movies. I would recommend it to anyone to watch the first episode before making your judgment. This is the best pilot I have seen in a while and usually their pretty lame even on shows I think have promise.

The show involves a super spy whose boss happens to be his mother. He has an ex lover as a fellow spy that is currently dating some guy in accounting. You have a blabby HR lady and some other people thrown into the mix like a secretary who is in love with Archer. The situations and under the breath comments are laugh out loud to me and my friends. I can't wait for more.
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hilarious! i haven't met someone who hasn't agreed
dalearyous19 February 2010
finally a funny entertaining show! lately it seems the other short 30 min comedy shows have become lazy and stale. and with south park not starting for another month i was very happy to find this show down right hilarious from start to finish. sure its simple. but the characters are so funny and its pretty well written.

the humor comes quickly and many times unnoticed. i have watched every episode at least twice. i like the style of animation and the voice acting is well done. they have also had some big actors show up as voices of minor roles. Thomas Lennon showed up as a gay guy (big surprise).

Anyway, everyone should at least watch the first five episodes. 100 minutes of enjoyable chaos.
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What have they done?
simondo120 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When Archer first aired it was my favourite TV show, it was slick and the humor just hit the spot but the writers have managed to destroy this once great show. When they changed from secret agents to drug dealers I persisted even though it was pretty poor simply because I liked the characters and it still had the odd chuckle but each season since has become less and less funny until we reach Dreamland, this is where it has become so bad I haven't been able to finish an episode yet. It's bland, unfunny and just plain boring. The show has been renewed for more seasons still and I can only fear at how bad it will become. I originally rated Archer an 8, since season 5 its slowly decreased until I can't give it any more than a terrible 1. To coin an Archer phrase 'eat a d1ck, writers!'.
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Archer is magically raunchy
athomed15 January 2010
In only 22 minutes, Archer gets away with referencing dirty sex every scene, showing off the backside of a woman with the sting of a ping pong paddle still red, and being a very funny, witty new show! It gets away with them because it is funny and also happens to be animated. The animation really works with the style of the show.

Who said comedy is best when it's offending at least one body of people? There's something for everyone to love in this show and probably something for everyone to hate in this show. The first episode I saw last night was very promising. I haven't seen a quirkier show in a long time. It really moves to the beat of its own drum. The pace is very fast and what struck me was, besides the absurd situations and hilarious dialog, the basic plot line has actually been very coherent and interesting.

Don't miss this show. It's got a lot going for it.
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What an absolute treat.
Marinerman19799 February 2010
This show caught me off guard. I dismissed it without giving it a chance at first, but then went ahead and watched it on demand. I am sure glad that I did. Archer is an over the top raunchy fest based on the doings of a supposed spy firm. You have Sterling, an insecure guy who thinks very little, does very many, and says just enough to keep us laughing...mainly because he is so stupid. You have Malory, an unhappy boss who loves an enemy, hates being Sterling's mom at times, and has shown more than once to be off her rocker. You then have Lana(L-a-n-a), Sterling's Ex who isn't over Sterling. She is also a no nonsense, ass whipping babe. This show nails it. I highly recommend it.
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great. very funny.
mudvaynelife2430 January 2011
if you don't like this show, then you have no sense of humor or you take your movies and TV shows far too seriously. this is a very funny and in your face comedy. lots of laughs, stupid jokes, just impossible situations. all of this creates an out of this world event. the premise if just a ridiculous secret agency that never gets the right things done. Archer is just a high school jock that never grew up. i showed this show to a few friends who'd never heard of it and we continued to rewind just to hear the jokes because they were just too funny. these jokes take it right to the edge without ever stepping over the line. its a must see for adults who still love their teenager side.
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What the hell happened at season 8?
anders-n-aa-larsson11 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this show a lot from season 1-7, and when in season 8 the comatose central character Sterling Archer in a dream becomes a hard-boiled private eye in the 1940's Los Angeles, I thought this is perhaps no worse than when, for example, Bobby Ewing died in "Dallas", and the story later, just turned out to be a bad dream his wife had.

But when Archer continues to be comatose in season 9, and the show instead goes on to become a bad mimic of the 1980's tv series "Tales of the Gold Monkey", it really have jumped the shark.
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One of if not the best animated show out there, with one hitch
commanderquigley1 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love Archer. I have re-watched it countless times, and have enjoyed every moment of it, with one exception. Season eight horrible. I literally made an IMDb account to let people know about this. It's such a disgrace to an amazing show. I would give this a perfect ten, but I have to take away something for season 8. Watch all of it but season 8. Stay away.
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Going down hill fast - 6/16/19... and I'm OUT
shadden6620 May 2018
First few seasons are fantastic, but ever since they stopped being a spy agency and did all this alternate timeline stuff it has become garbage.

Hope the show goes back to the spy genre next season, or I'm just going to have to drop it.



Really? Now its a space show rehashing the same old lines?

Dropping it.

Might come back if they all go back to being spies again. Last few seasons - and what I saw of this one - garbage.
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Best Animated TV Comedy
davematherson27 December 2017
Season 1: Great Season 2: Better Season 3: Amazing Season 4: Fantastic Season 5: Amazing Season 6: Great Season 7: Amazing Season 8: Bad

This is probably one of my favorite TV comedies, its weird callbacks and jocks may drive off some viewers at first, but drive in and you'll find an instant cult classic. Of them all, Season 3 would have to be my favorite, I don't know why but people think that the Archer Vice change wasn't a good idea, but I think it absolutely was. It shook it up so it didn't stay the same for too long. Season 8 could be described by one word: Boring. I was only able to get to episode 2 before having to take a break and watch the good Archer episodes. This may seem like a lot to you, but I have binge-watched an entire season in one sitting, that shows how boring it is. All in all, this would have gotten a ten if it wasn't for Season 8.
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Looking forward to season 2
bmactennis28 October 2010
I like this show, it's one of my favorites from last season and I'm looking forward to Season 2. As far as animated shows go, it's pretty much the only one I watch regularly. Family Guy is OK, I'm bored with the Simpsons, can't stand South Park, and really haven't watched that much animation since I was kid watching Space Ghost and the Herculoids. (Loved those rhinos that shot the pellets!) The guy who does the voice of Sterling is perfect. The adult-themed comedy is basic, sophomoric, but that's what makes it funny. I guess if you're not intellectually challenged as some people assert then this show may not be for you. So, don't watch it. I'd rather miss a Mensa society meeting than miss an episode of Archer. It's a lot more fun, and a lot less pretentious.
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reasean-cavana21 August 2014
I started my cynicism with Ren and Stimpy, Log was my Favourite, and even in single digits I understood.

I have gone on to watch just about every animated comedy series to some degree including around half the stuff you can think of off the top of your head. If it were top trumps, Archer and every character in it would win hands down, with the exception of Woodhouse. You will know why. It covers so many genres sometimes in one episode that you are left wondering what happened thorough, of course, the tears of laughter. I can see why some person may have given this show 7 stars or below, but I would disagree with them and suggest a sense of humour transplant. I'd know the guy to ask as well.

In short, it has only one flaw, there is not enough Archer.
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This is how you get ants!
Clive_W5 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I love archer, such a good show, been watching it since 09 when it started, and hasn't gotten dull yet, there has been maybe the odd episode here and there that aren't my favourites but that's not saying I still didn't enjoy them. And in recent series archer has allowed itself to explore other story lines rather than him just being the worlds greatest spy, so long Brett, he was always useless but he died doing what he loved haha. Then when they became drug/gun smugglers, was just brilliant, I would say the detective season is not top my list but that gave us archer in a coma world, and the stories we've had from that have been amazing parodies, season 10 has one the best archer moments or more quotable moments. But that's not to say archer isn't full of quotable moments, this ones just new to add onto the growing list, but I won't spoil it for people. To anyone that hasn't watched archer should really check it out, and I hope we have many more archer adventures to come.
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i-markovic9912 October 2014
Having only seen bits and pieces of Archer, I was very skeptical to give it shot; but having accidentally forgotten to cancel my Netflix trial account I decided to give the show a three episode trial; and I am glad that I have; I am not a guy that is easily brought to laughter, for me, visual content has to be matched with brilliant witting to give me chuckle; but this show had me literally laughing out loud.

Sterling Archer is neurotic, superficial, obnoxious, narcissistic, and dealing, like most men, with awkward mommy issues. However for each of his flaws there is a grandiose compensation in raw talent. His superb combat skills are only outmatched by his wit. His command of the English language, as well as Russian, is borderline educational for the viewers.

But not just him, each character has so much personality that you just have to love them. From an insane scientist, that uses his coworkers as lab rats, to a pot smoking secretary, all characters bring something unique to the show.

This show is a gem, a huge leap forward for the American animation in Japanese dominated market. The writers, the animators, and the voice actors are all just brilliant. And with great enthusiasm I just want more Archer.
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As TV comedies go, this one fires on all cylinders
Mr-Fusion30 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
ARCHER is a brilliant combination spy show and workplace sitcom, with all the quirky and messed-up characters therein. H. Jon Benjamin is perfect as Sterling Archer, but the whole cast is excellent (Amber Nash, Lucky Yates and the always-hilarious Dave Willis, in particular). You could go blind from the heightened dose of smartassery and the dialogue zings back and forth like flying bullets. It's actually kinda rare for an animated show … -ANY- show to be as consistently funny as this one. It's insanely quotable and packs obscene replay value. Seriously, it goes down like candy. And I love that they made Archer's spy car a '70 Dodge Challenger. Bonus points, right there. This show's a personal favorite.

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Just watched the first few episodes
liammccollum-774-2363115 January 2014
One liner after one liner after one liner after one liner, this show is just super sharp. Honestly, from what I've seen it is as good as South Park in its prime, although different in style. This show looks dumb when you watch it, but it makes you laugh constantly. It's an insanely sharp script disguised by dumb characters and I bet if I watch these episodes again I'll pick up new jokes I didn't notice the first time around.

If you like South Park, or Family Guy (old family guy) then give this show a chance, the first episode should win you over. I have to stop writing this now because I really want to watch another episode.
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Do not say the Chekhov gun
copperncherrio13 March 2011
Sterling Malory ARCHER, Code name Duchesses… the over needy, sexist, mama's boy of a man.

One of the best adult animations ever, with the outrageousness and crudeness of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but with the surprising allure and quick wit of Modern Family and Community.

This show may not be for everyone, but its brilliance and quick dialog. This show speaks for itself and the animation style is perfect for the genre and the type of humor it exudes.

It has the greatest quotes! And it's not as crude as you think once you actually listen to the conversation. It's really clever.
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Archer proves you can be completely disgusting and still be hilarious
chrismueller8317 March 2010
Archer is quite possibly my new favorite show. This comes from the creator of Frisky Dingo, the show that took a similar comedic aim at superheroes. Archer has some of the best character flaws on television. Sterling Archer is the womanizing main character who despite his aloofness and major flaws is one of ISIS best agents. Lana Kane plays his mocha ex lover who loves inter-racial porn and turtleneck skirts. Carol or cheryl or crystal, whatever her name is this week, is the sex crazed secretary who like to be choked in bed. Cyril is the comptroller who is somehow sleeping with Lana while trying to impress her more than Archer. Malory is Archer's mother/leader of ISIS. Her dog duchess spawned archer's codename and her torid love affairs with other spies all over the world get in the way of ISIS being the number 1 spy organization. And Pam is the chubby outspoken HR rep who is always looking for some way to appreciated while also insulting Carol for being Carol. The characters in the show mix so well together that each episode has the ability to be rewatched numerous times. Watch Archer on FX and see for yourself
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