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Anna Paquin: Sookie Stackhouse



  • Pam : I should have told you that lavender is my favorite color.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Pam, I'm in no mood for lesbian weirdness.

  • Eric Northman : So what brings you to Fangtasia this balmy summer night?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Bill's been kidnapped and I think you did it.

    Eric Northman : I didn't. Any other theories?

    Sookie Stackhouse : I'm still on this one. Thank you very much.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : [watching Eric with the new dancer]  What the s...?

    Eric Northman : [stops and turns]  Sookie... see anything you like?

    Pam : I do.

    Eric Northman : I take it Sookie couldn't be stopped?

    Pam : What can I say? She overpowered me.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : Tell me where I can find Lorena? If you don't have him, she does.

    Eric Northman : Solid theory. But given the tenure of your last run-in with Ms. Krasiki, I think it's better if I delt with her instead.

    Sookie Stackhouse : How do I know if you will?

    Eric Northman : Because if Bill was in fact kidnapped, by human or vampire, I am duty bound as sheriff in the area in which he resides to find him... even if I do want what is his.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : I take it you heard what happened last night with Bill?

    Sheriff Bud Dearborne : Kenya told me. She also told me you gotta hint out of line with her.

    Sookie Stackhouse : If anyone was outta line, it was her! The man I'd be engaged to right now if I gotta chance to say yes, was kidnapped last night and Kenya wouldn't even file a missing person's report.

    Sheriff Bud Dearborne : Well how the hell can she, Sookie; when the person missing ain't even a real person.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Okay, tell me you did not just say that. 'Cause if you did, I might have to forget that I was brought up to respect my elders. We are all suppose to respect our elders. And since Bill Compton has gotta about a hundred years on you, I think he deserves at least a hint of your respect... There's a woman, a vampire actually. Her name is Lorena Krasiki and I think she's the one who took him. I need your help to find her.

    Sheriff Bud Dearborne : You have to understand, Sookie. I got dead bodies pilin' up on me. Dead bodies and I can't be spending this departments limited resources followin' up on hunches about vampire-nappings.

    Sookie Stackhouse : See, I don't think I should have to understand that because I love Bill just like you love your wife and your children and your grandchildrn. So to my mind, that makes him worth following up on.

  • Jessica Hamby : [about the symbol]  It says something about Operation Werewolf.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Werewolf...?

  • Sookie Stackhouse : [comes in, seeing her crying]  Tara?

    Tara Thornton : [sobbing]  It's Eggs.

    Sookie Stackhouse : What happened?

    Lafayette Reynolds : They shot him.

    Sookie Stackhouse : What? Who?

    Lafayette Reynolds : Andy Bellefleur said Eggs came at him with a knife, confessing to killing those women and cuttin' out their hearts.

    Tara Thornton : The fuck he know any of that?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Oh my god. Tara, he came to me earlier today. Said he needed help 'membering what Maryann made him do. So, so I helped him.

  • Jessica Hamby : [to Sookie as she comes through the door]  You might wanna start lettin' me know when you're gonna be swingin' by. Have you considered...

    Sookie Stackhouse : Has Bill called you?

    Jessica Hamby : No, and I told you I would call you if he did.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Not that kinda call. I was just with Pam and she got all shivery. Than she told me Eric had just called her and she had to go.

    Jessica Hamby : She was shiverin'?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Have you felt anything like that?

    Jessica Hamby : Last night. It came over me like a wave and it made me feel sick too! Just like that time I drank Kahlua.

    Sookie Stackhouse : This isn't about under-age drinkin', Jessica! Bill is missing and without your help he might never come back.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : [looking through the wrecked car]  There's a body in here, but it's not Bill's! Give me a hand!

    Jessica Hamby : [races down the hill and pulls out the body]  Ewww!

    Sookie Stackhouse : Is there a wallet or phone that might tell us who this fucker is?

    Jessica Hamby : [quick search]  No wallet, no phone.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : Why aren't you takin' this seriously, Kenya? My boyfriend has been kidnapped.

    Deputy Kenya Jones : It's Deputy Jones and I'd appreciate you addressing me as such. How how long were you in the bathroom?

    Sookie Stackhouse : No more than a minute or two.

    Deputy Kenya Jones : Was it one minute or two?

    Sookie Stackhouse : What difference does it make when every second you spend questioning me, these bastards are getting further away!

    Deputy Kenya Jones : What if there were no bastards? What if, while you were in the bathroom for a minute or two, your vampire friend realized he didn't want to be humiliated any more and took off?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Well than, how do you explain the turned over table inside? Because to me that looks like evidence of a struggle.

    Deputy Kenya Jones : To me, it looks like a man lost his temper... and with good reason.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : Bill's been kidnapped.

    Jessica Hamby : What? I thought y'all were just going to dinner.

    Sookie Stackhouse : We were. But than he proposed and than...

    Jessica Hamby : Oh my god. Wait, Sookie...

    Sookie Stackhouse : I-I didn't say yes.

    Jessica Hamby : You rejected him?

    Sookie Stackhouse : It's not like that. It's just... if he does come home, for what ever reason, call me and let me know even if he commands you not to.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : Where were you tonight around 11 o'clock?

    Eric Northman : Here, with Yvetta.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Doing this?... For the last six hours?

    Eric Northman : You seem surprised. Is Bill's stamina not up to snuff?

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