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(I) (2013)

Morgan Freeman: Beech



  • Malcolm Beech : You had me worried for a second. I thought you weren't coming back.

    Jack Harper : Well, I had to prove him wrong.

    Malcolm Beech : You look like shit.

    Jack Harper : Oh, you should see the other guy.

    Malcolm Beech : If I'd told you what you'd find out there, you would've thought I was crazy.

    Jack Harper : Oh, I still do.

  • Malcolm Beech : That is one pissed off weapon.

    Jack Harper : No, it's just a machine. I'm the weapon.

    Malcolm Beech : Oh, I would love to be there to see that things' face when this goes off.

    Jack Harper : Then it'd be a one way trip.

    Malcolm Beech : Yeah! But it'd be worth it.

  • Malcolm Beech : Tell me. Have you ever met a scav up close? Of course not. You just repair drones. Don't go into the radiation zone. Don't ask too many questions. Not part of the job description.

  • Malcolm Beech : I would love to be there to see that thing's face when this goes off.

    Jack Harper : That would be a one-way trip.

    Malcolm Beech : Yeah, but it would be worth it.

  • Malcolm Beech : Welcome back, Commander.

  • Malcolm Beech : [explaining the history of the war to Jack]  I'd been in the army less than a year when that unholy Tet arrived. Saw the moon get taken out. Right up there in the night sky. I couldn't believe it. After that, nature took over. There's bedrock around Chicago, so we were spared the worst of the waves and the quakes. Most people just starved. Then the Tet sent troop ships down. The doors opened, and out you came. Astronaut Jack Harper. Thousands of you. Memory wiped. Programmed to kill. They had taken one of our best and turned him against us. No soul. No humanity. The Tet. What a brilliant machine. Feeding off one planet after another for energy. Phase Two was drones. Repairmen. Fifty years of watching those hydro rigs suck our planet dry. Then one day I saw you set down. Another drone to fix. But in the rubble that day was a book. You picked it up. You studied it. And I thought I saw a way. When you stepped in front of that drone and saved her?

    [motions to Julia] 

    Malcolm Beech : I knew. You were in there... somewhere. I just had to find a way to bring you back.

  • [from trailer] 

    Malcolm Beech : I've been watching you, Jack. You're curious. What are you looking for in those books? Do they bring back old memories? Don't ask too many questions. They lied to you. It's time to learn the truth.

  • [from trailer] 

    Malcolm Beech : [to Jack]  If you're looking for the truth, that's where you'll find it.

  • Sykes : We're wasting our time. The drone will track him here.

    Malcolm Beech : That's Sergeant Sykes. He thinks I'm a fool for having brought you here. I hope you prove him wrong.

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