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Season 1

5 Jul. 2010
Second Life
Former undercover cop John Bloom joins Martha Lawson's team,who specialize in identity theft. He meets Justin Curtis, a former war hero who has attempted suicide after being accused of running over Audrey Byrne,a woman he claims not to know. Justin persists in his story that a man he calls 'Smith' stole his identity,cleared out his bank account and caused his marriage to collapse. Bloom is cynical,notably when the team's computer whizz Tessa finds evidence that Curtis and Audrey Byrne were in the same service station but Martha is more sympathetic,especially after ...
12 Jul. 2010
Chelsea Girl
Bloom gets back with Turkish girlfriend Adile, whom he met whilst working undercover as Brendan to smash the Turkish Mafia. Meanwhile in Australia back-packer Olivia Knighton is murdered by Jane Calshaw, who uses her victim's credit card to pay for her flight home and finance a flat in a false name, having befriended Olivia's mother. Calshaw is wanted for stabbing her boyfriend, putting him in a wheelchair, and is now out for revenge on her father, who caused the accidental head injury which accounts for her psychopathic behaviour. Mr. Calshaw is re-marrying and Jane ...
19 Jul. 2010
Suzie Green's husband kidnapped and killed a little girl. Suzie,coerced into helping,gave evidence against him and received a light sentence. Ten years later,her name changed to Amy Quilan under the witness protection scheme,she is living with her little boy Sam when her true identity is revealed on an anonymous blog and she and Sam are moved to a safe house,from where Sam is abducted. Bloom recovers him but has suspicions about Amy's part in the abduction. He and the team follow her to a supposed meeting with her parents to discover the truth.
26 Jul. 2010
Indian millionaire - and former criminal - Bansi Dutta is planning to inject much-needed cash into ailing Mirax Motor Company but,after he has momentarily disappeared during a break-in at his high security house, his dentist claims that he has been replaced by an impostor. Bloom investigates,posing as a bodyguard and locates the real Dutta,imprisoned in a cellar. However Dutta's assistant Jamilla,aware of Bloom's part in a revenge killing to avenge his Turkish girl-friend,uses this to get him on side. The fake Dutta is actually an avenging angel,using the ...
2 Aug. 2010
Somewhere They Can't Find Me
After being run over by a car, middle-aged housewife Miriam Brolin is taken to hospital. There a blood sample taken matches that of Nadia, part of a revolutionary group who robbed a bank in 1981, killing a man, and who was never caught. After Miriam has gone on the run with former accomplice, ex-convict Mario, DCS Thacker, the original investigating officer, reveals to the identity team that she is actually Sandra Conway, an undercover cop, who infiltrated the gang.But is he as innocent as he seems? And why is Miriam so keen to help Mario elude the law? Bloom,...
9 Aug. 2010
Martha's team is called in to identify five corpses found in a mass grave at a disused cement factory,including that of Atif,killed by Adile. The bodies are established as being Turkish and enquiries in the local community lead to Adile's family,the Kemals. Suspicious cop Anthony has been gathering information to link Bloom to the family and threatens to expose him unless he resigns. Bloom counters by offering information to bring down the Kemal empire whilst planning to flee the country with Adile. However,when Adile's father abducts Martha,Bloom rallies the team to ...

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