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  • A massacre at a Russian airport leads to a war between Russia and the United States. Meanwhile, a Task Force is sent to find the perpetrators and bring the bloodshed to an end.

  • Five years after the events of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007), Russia is in political turmoil once again. Vladimir Makarov, a brutal leader and former associate of Imran Zakhaev, has set in motion a series of events that will threaten global security. After a series of vicious terrorist attacks, the situation is deemed dangerous enough for Task Force 141, led by Captain Soap MacTavish and Co., to be deployed all around the world, attempting to track down Makarov and restore peace.

  • Five years after the events of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Russia has been taken over by the Ultranationalists and an Ultranationalist rebel by the name of Vladimir Makarov carries out terrorist attacks against the West. A CIA agent is put in the ranks of Makarov, but after being killed during a terrorist attack, the Russian government believes the US ordered the attack and invades the US in retaliation. The story focuses on a US Ranger that takes part in repelling the Russian invasion, while a multinational task force seeks to find Makarov and put an end to any further damage.



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  • Five years have past the conflict between Britain and Russia and between America and Afghanistan. The war has broke out again. Vladimir Makarov is a hitman and is willing to do anything to get his hands dirty. He has now killed and imposter who was an American spy and now all of Russia will cry for war. You play three people in the game. Pvt Allen, Pvt Ramirez and Gary 'Roach' Sanderson. They are all ready to kill anything that comes their way. Roach works for the Task Force 141 while Pvt Allen and Pvt Ramirez work for the U.S.M.C. Throughout the game you will be facing challenges such as raiding an airport, running through the suburbs of Brazil, America destroyed by the Soviet Commanders and Russian conflicts. Can you survive.

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