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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • So, we have blood staind for headshots, though it doesn't look like blood, blood pools for some kills, (not multiplayer) and enemies can crawl away leaving a blood trail, not graphic, would be rated PEGI 16 if it wouldn't be for "No Russian"
  • This game is a military first-person-shooter where players will use a wide variety of firearms to kill virtual enemies. Most of this violence isn't particularly graphic, only a bit of blood is shown. However, there is no explicit gore of any kind.
  • Whenever an enemy is shot, a fair lot of blood will splatter. Occasionally, a pool of blood will form around the dead body. Every once in a while, the player will encounter injured enemies trying to crawl away, leaving a considerable trail of blood on the ground.
  • Enemies can also be stabbed with a knife. However, this attack is very quick and only a little bit of blood appears.
  • As the player sustains damage, blood splatter appears on the screen. The quantity of blood will depend on how badly the player is injured.
  • There is a scene in one level where the player pulls an enemy underwater and slices his throat. This scene is brief, and the actual act is not explicitly detailed. However, a fairly large amount of blood appears in the water.


  • Some of the profanity in this game will spike at times, but most of it is fairly mild for an M-rated game. The overall language differs between the English and Russian dialog.
  • In English, mild-moderate language such as "shit," "son of a bitch," "bastard," "ass," "damn" and "hell" are common.
  • Stronger language includes one fully-audible use of "fuck," and two or three partially-obscured uses.
  • In Russian, stronger phrases such as "motherfucker" are sometimes used. However, it is not translated and most players will not understand it.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In Multiplayer you can have a marijuana leaf as your "Callsign". You also can get the "joint ops" option, which has marijuana leaves.
  • In the mission "Cliffhanger", Captain Mactavish is briefly shown smoking a cigar.
  • In the mission "Loose Ends", General Shepherd is briefly shown smoking a cigar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The other modern warfare games are not nearly as violent as this game, this game is the most dark and violent of the modern warfare series
  • Another possible MPAA rating: rated R for bloody and disturbing war violence throughout
  • Yet another posible MPAA rating: Rated R for sequences of intense realistic graphic strong war violence, a prolonged brutal massacre scene, and language.
  • There is nothing very frightening, but some of the action scenes are pretty intense and rather bloody.
  • This game glorifies military violence by portraying it as entertainment value. There are also points where it focuses on themes such as Betrayal and Vengeance. Some of the character deaths may be upsetting to many players. However, it explores themes of Courage, Truth, and Soldierly camaraderie.
  • There is a level in the Campaign called "No Russian", that has you under cover as a Russian, and you go into an airport and open fire on civilians. You never have to fire at them, but your partners will. You see people trying to drag away wounded ones before they are shot as well. This level can be skipped over though, and part of it's purpose is to evoke the evil of terrorism. This level is cut in the Russian version.
  • Overall: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is rated M for good reason, and is quite violent. However, despite the main purpose of the game being entertainment, it does include a few emotional elements as well to convey a message that war and terrorism are serious subjects.
  • Special note: Although Call of Duty games generally penalize the player for shooting civilians, the "No Russian" level drops this penalty and places the player in the position of a gunman in an extremely civilian-dense massacre. The reason for this is to encourage the player to make the correct moral decision, but this game is an FPS, so many players will probably shoot.
  • If Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) was a movie, it would be: Rated R for graphic war violence and carnage, grisly images, and language throughout.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a highly controversial mission called "No Russian", where you play as an undercover CIA agent infiltrating the terrorist group massacring in an airport. In the first half of the mission, you have the option to kill innocent civilians and airport security guards. Both will be killed by the terrorists, regardless of any action on the player's part. In the second half of the mission, the FSB arrive and attempt to kill you and the terrorists, only to get slaughtered as well. This section of the level is far less graphic. At the end of the mission, Makarov (the terrorists' leader) finds out your true identity and kills you. You are given the option to skip the mission, with no penalty.
  • The characters Ghost and Roach are killed in the mission "Loose Ends" by General Shepherd. Both are shot with a pistol, and they are tossed into a pit. Gasoline is then poured on them and their bodies are burned, all in first-person-perspective. However, this scene is much more emotional than violent or graphic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the mission, "Loose Ends," towards the end of the mission, General Shepherd betrays "Roach" and "Ghost" and kills them. As their lifeless bodies are thrown into a landfill, his soldiers pour gasoline onto their bodies, and Shepherd throws his cigar into the landfill, setting them ablaze. This scene is arguably regarded as the most saddest, emotional, and upsetting moments in the game as well as in the entire Call of Duty series.
  • In the final mission, Endgame, Shepherd overpowers and stabs Soap in the chest. Shortly later, Soap forces the knife out of his chest, and throws it at Shepherd and it flies directly in his eye, killing him. This scene is very intense and rather graphic.

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