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Season 2

17 Jan. 2011
Back to the Land
Lady Ellen is frustrated when Tucker is released from the charge of murdering her husband and her flighty, selfish sister Diana comes to Hoxley Hall. Rather than help Ellen with the billeting of U.S. soldiers, the married Diana flirts with Jack Gillespie, an American arms manufacturer whose late son fathered Bea's son, whom he wants to see. Another new arrival is brash Cockney Land Girl Connie, whose free and easy manner annoys Esther. Connie makes a play for Billy, observed by Esther's son Martin, who bangs his head whilst trying to escape detection. He has detached ...
18 Jan. 2011
Displaced Loyalties
A group of Italian POWs come to work in the fields, and Bea is charmed by the romantic, anti-Fascist Salvatore, to the disapproval of Joyce, whose husband is missing in action. Billy hits the Italian and there seems to be a rift in his marriage. Connie learns that Billy is not the father of Bea's child before singing at a local dance where she is attracted to the pianist, Henry. Thanks to Diana, Gillespie discovers the whereabouts of his grandson, whilst Tucker finds himself an outcast, and Martin's fugitive turns out to be a German pilot, who threatens to kill him if...
19 Jan. 2011
Final Reckoning
Farmer Finch finds Tucker sleeping rough in the barn and assumes he is responsible for the missing food. To raise funds for Martin's operation Finch agrees to a prize fight between Billy and the son of another farmer, Vernon, who has designs on Esther. Tucker, a former boxing champion, coaches Billy in return for work and lodgings on the farm. However, Vernon enters a different son than the one who was expected to fight. He is bigger and heavier and easily beats Billy. The money is lost to Esther. However Bea is proud of her husband, and they unite against Gillespie, ...
20 Jan. 2011
Fight the Good Fight
At an inquiry into the death of the German pilot Joyce is declared a heroine, but with her husband missing she empathises with the widow. Connie intervenes on behalf of two evacuees who are being ill-treated by a pair of dotty, elderly sisters. She has them rehomed, with some help from Henry, whom she kisses. The normally sour-faced Mrs. Gulliver gives Fred Finch money for Martin's operation, but Esther has already been to see Vernon, whose generosity comes at a price. About to be called up and unsure if he will return, Billy advises Bea to take up Gillespie's offer ...
21 Jan. 2011
Darkest Hours
Angry that Gillespie used her for sex and has no intention of taking her to Chicago, Diana tips Billy off that the American plans to snatch baby William and leave Bea behind. Billy races to the air-strip and is reunited with his wife and her baby. Lady Ellen also sees through Gillespie and reconciles with her sister. Joyce still blames Dennis Tucker for turning her husband in, but when he gets his foot caught in a snare and reflects on his torment at having killed Lord Hoxley, she frees him and they call a truce. Connie tries to impress the bishop when he comes to tea...

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