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Season 3

Graduation Day
The Fresh Beat Band is getting ready for their graduation from Music School. While setting up for their performance, they start thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. Everyone has a plan except for Marina, who is undecided. They pitch different ideas to her, but nothing seems to be working out. The Fresh Beats also figure out that by graduating and moving on to other careers means that they won't be a band anymore. Is the Fresh Beat Band going to break up?
Giant Pizza
Twist smells a new mysterious aroma in the park. The smell is pizza. Marina, Shout, and Kiki follow Twist's nose to the source. The Fresh Beats meet Harper, who has just moved to town, and is opening the Singing Pizza Café. Harper is in need of help getting ready for his grand opening, which is also Pizza and Pirate Day. The Fresh Beats volunteer to help him out by dressing as pirates and passing out both flyers and free samples. When he gets more customers than he bargained for, the Fresh Beats have to help Harper figure out a way to get more pizza to the customers.
18 Nov. 2011
Dance Floor Superhero
Shout comes across the newest edition of the Mighty Music Band comic book. He calls the others, and they agree to meet at the Singing Pizza Café to read it together. Harper informs them that it is Mighty Music Band Day at the café, and asks if they would wear the costumes and serve the pizzas. The Fresh Beats oblige him. They suddenly hear a guitar rift, and head outside. Someone has frozen Melody, Reed, Harper, and other townspeople. After trying to unfreeze their friends on their own, the Fresh Beats run into the villain Deep Freeze (guest star Nikki Blonsky). Deep ...
Cool Pool Party
The Fresh Beat Band is getting ready to throw a pool party for all their friends. After setting up, they decide to dive into the water. Unfortunately, their splash was so big, it knocked all the water out of the pool. Now they have to find a way to fill the pool back up before their guests arrive.
7 Dec. 2013
Snow Day
When the Fresh Beats use a giant blender to make snow for their winter show, they end up covering the entire town! How will they dig their way out of this one? Ice skating, anyone?
Rock Star
Marina wants Kiki, Twist, and Shout to play the Rock Star board game with her. They are hesitant at first, because she has a habit of trying to cheat. They will play, but only if she agrees to play by the rules this time. The Fresh Beats play, and right away Marina starts bending the rules. After making her play correctly, Twist, Kiki, and Shout have their turns. When Marina gets her second turn, she deliberately bumps the table, and lands on the black and white swirl square. While she didn't play by the rules, the Fresh Beats are curious as to what happens when you ...
Fresh Bots
After a session in the recording studio, Twist and Marina are each trying to remember something they forgot. Twist remembers that he promised Melody they would help her pick berries for her smoothies. Marina remembers that she promised Harper that they would help him make sauce for his pizzas. This leads to them pondering how are they going to be in two places at one. Twist gets the idea to use robots. Shout calls "Robots to Go", and orders four robots to help them. The robots look just like the Fresh Beats themselves leading Kiki to dub them the "Fresh Bots." Chaos ...
Chimps in Charge
Harper asks the Fresh Beats to babysit a pair of chimpanzees, Chewy and Bingo, for him. They think it is going to be easy, but they prove to be more than a handful. Shout and Twist take Chewy, while Kiki and Marina take Bingo to their respective apartments for a nap. While, the Fresh Beats sleep, the chimps proceed to escape and cause chaos along the street. The Band wakes up, and realizes they need to find a way to get Chewy and Bingo under control. Marina and Twist come up with the idea of building a jungle gym.
Pink Swan
Kiki is nervous about auditioning for the Pink Swan ballet. The other Fresh Beats and Harper decide to go along and audition as well. Kiki does very well, but the others had their struggles. The director (guest star Wayne Brady) chooses Kiki for the lead role, but she has to learn how to do five turns in a row. Meanwhile, with Kiki being in the ballet, the Fresh Beats recruit Reed to fill in for Kiki on the guitar.
Hoop Dreams
The Junior Beats are getting ready for their first basketball game. The Fresh Beat Band is coming to the game to cheer them on and perform at halftime. When they find the Junior Beats practicing in the middle of the street, the Fresh Beats decide to build a basketball court for their young counterparts. The day of the big game arrives, and the opposing team doesn't show up. Not wanting to disappoint the Junior Beats, the Fresh Beats put on basketball jerseys and agree to play them. The Fresh Beats planned to take it easy on the Junior Beats, but the Junior Beats have ...
2 Dec. 2011
Bollywood Beats
The Fresh Beats are preparing to perform at the Indian Festival that has come to town. While looking at instruments at Reed's Good Note Music Store, they manage to release a magic genie and his associates. The genie agrees to give them four wishes, but first he smells pizza. The Fresh Beats find the genie and his crew at the Singing Pizza Café. The Fresh Beats want their concert at the Festival to be their best show ever. The problem is when they make their wishes, the genie doesn't understand their modern slang or figures of speech, and takes things quite literally. ...
Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!
The Fresh Beats are sitting in the Singing Pizza Café listening to Harper's new promotional idea when they get a surprise visit from D.J. Lance and the rest of the gang from Gabbaland. They are on their way to a beach party, but Plex has developed a case of the hiccups, and has been beaming them to all sorts of different places. After a joint musical number, Plex starts hiccuping again, and zaps both the Fresh Beats and the Gabbas to different places around the world. The Fresh Beats and the Gabbas would have to work together to fix Plex and get to the beach party.
24 Oct. 2011
Ghost Band
The Fresh Beat Band is invited to perform a concert in a western town. When they arrive, they find out the town is haunted by the Ghost Band. The Ghost Band doesn't want any other band performing in their town so they have scared all the others away. The Ghost Band does their best to try to scare the Fresh Beats off. The Fresh Beats refuse to back down, and face off against the Ghost Band in a series of three challenges. The losing band leaves town.
26 Sep. 2011
After performing a song at the Singing Pizza Cafe, a talent agent named Max approaches Twist. He offers Twist the opportunity for a chance to become a big rap star by performing in his very own rap concert. Twist isn't sure he wants to, and asks his friends what they think. Kiki, Shout, and Marina don't want Twist to leave, but at the same time they don't want to stand in his way either, so they tell him to go for it. Twist embarks on a big media campaign. However, on the night of the concert, Max reveals that it is going to be an entire tour, not just one concert. He...
10 Feb. 2013
Laughing Dance Master
The whole town is getting ready for the Dragon Festival. The Fresh Beats go to audition, but get turned down by Bobbi, the Dragon Festival's director. They ask for a second chance, and if Bobbi knows of anyone that can help. She sends them to the Laughing Dance Master. The Fresh Beats seek out the Laughing Dance Master's wisdom. However, instead of teaching them how to dance for the Dragon Festival, he has them do chores around his house.
The Wizard of Song Part 1
The Fresh Beat Band is getting ready for a concert at the Singing Pizza Café. Marina is bored and doesn't want to rehearse anymore. She decides to take a break, and go cruising for cupcakes in the Fresh Beats' car. In a spoof of the Wizard of Oz, she gets swept up in a tornado, and arrives in a far away land. She meets the Good Witch (guest star Sarah Chalke), who sends her on a path to see the Wizard of Song. She meets three friends along the way, who look sort of like her old ones; the Scarecrow (Twist), the Tin Woman (Kiki), and the Cowardly Lion (Shout).
The Wizard of Song Part 2
The Bad Witch (Melody) tries to prevent Marina and her new friends from reaching the Wizard of Song (guest star Jason Mraz) by placing them under a sleep spell using flowers in a field along the road. The Scarecrow (Twist) gets the idea to start a pillow fight to keep them from falling asleep. They eventually make it through the field, and get to see the Wizard of Song. The Wizard agrees to grant their wishes, but first they have to go back to the Bad Witch, and bring him back some of her cupcakes.
10 Feb. 2012
Royal Wedding
Everyone in town is excited, because there is going be a royal wedding. The Princess arrives first, and informs everyone that the wedding is off. Because she is not in love with the Prince. The Fresh Beats invite her to stay at their apartments in order to sort things out. While moving her luggage, Twist keeps falling over things. The Princess finds Twist very funny, and decides he is the one she should marry. Twist has no intention of getting married, and runs away from her. Meanwhile, the Prince arrives and searches for the Princess. Kiki, Shout, and Marina intend ...
Keeping It Green
Shout and Kiki are playing a game of football against Marina and Twist in the park. The Junior Beats invite them to join them in a game of croquet. While playing, the Mayor and a land developer drive right through the game on a golf cart. The Mayor tells the Fresh Beats that they are ripping up the park to make way for a new office building. The Fresh Beats don't want to see the park torn down, so they first try a few tricks to hold off construction. They then hold a big concert to try to convince the Mayor to change her mind.
Harper is hosting an all night Dance-A-Thon at the Singing Pizza Cafe. The grand prize is all the money in a giant piggy bank. All four Fresh Beats enter the contest. The rules are you must keep dancing at all times, no leaving the Singing Pizza Cafe, and no sleeping on the dance floor. The last one still dancing wins. For the music, they play various Fresh Beat Band videos, which are really highlights of dance numbers from throughout this past season.

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