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  • No. It is an original screenplay that Sean Durkin began writing in 2007. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When the group members answer the phone at the farmhouse, they always give their name as "Marlene Lewis" (for women) or "Michael Lewis" (for men). This was written on the wall there by the phone. We hear Martha identify herself as Marlene on the telephone near the end of the film (to a caller named Jane), and earlier in the film when Martha phones the farmhouse from Lucy's place, the person who answers says she is Marlene. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Ultimately, it's left up to the viewer to decide Martha's fate. The film gives just enough clues to end the film on an ambiguous note - the black SUV which appears at the lake house and is identical to the one driven by Watts and Patrick; the phone calls that begin after Martha phones the cult in a moment of weakness - the phone call she quickly hangs up only to be startled by the ringing phone immediately after; the bartender at Lucy's party who Martha believes she recognizes, causing Martha's paranoid state of mind to escalate into a full blown panic attack; the man at the opposite end of the lake resembling Patrick - this same man also runs in front of Ted and Lucy's car and quickly jumps into a black SUV and follows Martha in the final shot of the film. Director Sean Durkin's intention is to end the film on this ambiguous note, leaving the viewer in Martha's state of mind - never quite sure if the cult is after her. Edit (Coming Soon)


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