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MPAA Rated R for language and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • A teen boy watches a woman perform oral sex on her husband from his window
  • In a few scenes it is implied that couples have had sexual relations. No nudity shown.
  • A teenage boy spies on a man and the boy's mother: the woman says later that she performed manual sex on the man (nothing shown).
  • A teenage boy jokes with a teacher, making a crude sexual remark about masturbating and the teacher sends him out of the classroom.

Violence & Gore

  • Teenager is head locked- winds up with a bloody nose
  • Two teenage girls stab a teenage boy in the back with compasses; we see spots of blood appear on the boy's shirt.
  • A teenage boy lightly slaps another teenage boy on the back of the head as he walks away.
  • A teenage boy smashes a windowpane of a door and breaks into a man's house while a teenage boy throws a bottle at a van and it smashes against the roof.
  • We see a teenage boy with a small bruise under his eye and the boy tells that he had gotten into a fight to defend his girlfriend.
  • A teenage girl says that her dog had been hit by a train and killed; the boy narrates that he had scraped the remains of a dog into a trash bag, we see the trash bag beside him and we later see a burning trash can floating in a river.
  • A teenage girl uses a lighter to melt a teenage boy's leg hair; he allows her and is unharmed. Throughout the movie we see teenagers setting fireworks and setting controlled fires (no one is injured).
  • A teenage boy writes a list of reasons to kill himself; the note is discovered by a teacher that counsels him and the boy insists it was a joke. A teenage boy dreams that he is walking above a long bridge over a sinkhole, and he pauses and stares into the sinkhole nervously. A teenage boy imagines himself shoving a copy of his body under the water in a bathtub.
  • A man tells a classroom of children and teens that the pressure from ocean depths would cause the internal organs of a person to implode.
  • A teenage boy vomits on the hood of a van; we see the vomit leaving his mouth and resting on the hood of the van, and we later see that the rain has washed off the vomit. A teenage boy, while intoxicated, attempts to urinate on a box of DVDs; he is unable to and begins to speak to himself, using crude language, and we then hear the sound of urinating. A teenage boy narrates as we see a teenage boy pulling down his pants and squatting in front of a crowd of teenagers (no nudity is visible) and flatulating. We see frogs and later fish pinned to boards in a classroom for dissection.


  • A boy opens a letter that says "If you're reading this, you're a cock-riding twat". He attempts to pass the note to a girl, but is caught by his teacher. Just before he's forced to ride it in front of the class, the bell rings.
  • 31 F-words (1 middle finger), 20+ more minor language (shit, crap, dick)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers drink alcohol
  • Kid takes anti-depressants and washes it down with alcohol. He is later intoxicated and is hungover the next morning.
  • A teenage girl smokes throughout and a teenage boy attempts to smoke a pipe
  • A teenage couple drink wine together
  • A mom questions whether her son is doing drugs

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The teenagers can be intense at times, but it is not frightening.

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