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Season 2

17 Nov. 2010
Ilsa Pucci
Six month after the liberation of Winston, who was kidnapped and tortured to force him help bank-robbers, Chance still lives in Nepal, where he came to clear his mind. Ilsa, the widow of billionaire philanthropist Pucci, who recently died in a helicopter crash, is convinced it was murder and hires Chance. The team is reassembled and has to make her bait at the Pucci philanthropic foundation's annual grand benefit. There the opponents surprise the team, stealing and kidnapping. Chance however follows them to Switzerland, where all threads come together. Finally, a ...
24 Nov. 2010
The Wife's Tale
Donnelly, Chance's boss in his hit-man days, tips him off that there is a contract on Rebecca Brooks, economy professor like her late husband Daniel, whom Chance killed, with a top-assassin. He accepts out of guilt to protect her. Winston has to explain things to widow Pucci, why trying to work out how her expensive new equipment works. Guerrero is not amused with unruly greenhorn Ames' meddling, even when he's locating and terrifying an intermediary lawyer. It soon becomes clear the late Daniel's research is the real target, Rebecca's wrath the worst complication.
1 Dec. 2010
Taking Ames
Chance was right to watch what Ames gets up to in her 'spare time': stealing explosives from an industrial plant with her foster days buddy Brody Rivera, an incurable rascal who just got out of jail. Warned it's more then her job is worth, she still plays along when Brody accepts for both of them to partake in redoubtable crime lord Andre Markus's latest robbery plan, three historic diamonds in a museum exhibition. Guerrero gets a caught hired cahoot to betray enough for Chance to take his place undercover. Only on the spot he discovers he was hired as 'cleaner', and ...
8 Dec. 2010
The Return of Baptiste
When Ilsa's friend is held hostage, Chance must turn to the only person he knows has information to help rescue her: his archenemy Baptiste, who is currently banished to a Russian prison.
15 Dec. 2010
Dead Head
Winston is hell-bent on the team taking the case of an amnesiac John Doe, whom they call J.D., as he's threatened by a motor gang hired by dirty SFPD lieutenant Broward, who wrecked his own police career 8 years ago. As the investigation progresses, it becomes clear JD was a criminal himself and a coward, but he's the only way to hit Broward where it really hurts, his Caribean bribes and blackmail fruits bank accountant.
22 Dec. 2010
The Other Side of the Mall
Richard Applebaum hires the team for protection, believing he and his family are under attack since he anonymously tipped off the FAD about his company's dodgy research practices. It turns out the superior Richard suspected only barks. Son Joel however, whom Ames was assigned to, made his own enemies after overreacting to a zombie game. Meanwhile Chance and Pucci learn to deal with their aversion from Christmas.
5 Jan. 2011
A Problem Like Maria
Chance and Ilsa's partnership is put to the test when Chance's old flame asks for his help in rescuing a kidnapped colleague from a ruthless South American dictator.
5 Jan. 2011
Communication Breakdown
Winston, Guerrero and Ames must save a bumbling private investigator whose botched case has him targeted for death.
14 Jan. 2011
Chance and Ilsa must protect her sister-in-law when a night at the opera turns into a hostage situation.
14 Jan. 2011
Cool Hand Guerrero
Guerrero gets a taste of southern hospitality when he's framed for the murder of a friend, forcing Chance to help break him out of prison.
31 Jan. 2011
Kill Bob
Chance and the team protect a husband who doesn't know his wife is a Russian spy and out to kill him for classified defense secrets. Meanwhile, Ames has a secret of her own that she doesn't want Chance to find out.
2 Feb. 2011
The Trouble with Harry
Chance is reunited with Harry when he is hired to protect the girlfriend of a rival security agency owner. Meanwhile, Ilsa must go into the field on a mission for the first time, and two team members get closer than ever.
9 Feb. 2011
Marshall Pucci
Chance's investigation into Ilsa's late husband's past uncovers a web of deception and lies that may tear the team apart forever.

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