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  • This Unrated Extended Cut of the movie is a really satisfying affair. Even though it adds over 9 minutes of material, barely anything of that is useless. Much of the new stuff is so entertaining that it bares the question why it wasn't included in the short theatrical version in the first place. Especially striking is that the Unrated has considerable additions in the violence department. It wasn't even necessary to put the ominous "baby scene" back in to heighten the death toll. Wirkola stated in an interview that this moment provoked shocked reactions in test audiences and was removed. All in all, the film's fun factor is visibly increased by the Unrated Cut, making it decidedly recommendable for viewers that already had fun with the theatrical version. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It was to match Jeremy Renner, as it would be weird for siblings to have different accents. Edit (Coming Soon)


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