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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language and some sexual content/nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Theatrical: Four women are in a bed naked. We see one breast and nipple of a woman, her stomach, legs and most importantly full frontal. There is some shadow provided from her legs that cover her vagina but it is still visible. This scene lasts approximately 20-30 combined seconds, with the women either in the background or being the prime focus the entire time. Extended: This entire scene is slightly prolonged with a much longer shot of the nude women on the bed with vagina completely visible; This only lasts a few seconds longer, & one of the women walks away from the bed towards Riddick, with her butt fully visible behind her clothing (brief).
  • From a distance, we briefly see a silhouette of Riddick naked.
  • A woman washes herself in a bathroom. She is seen topless at several points during this scene. Combined the scenes last for a few seconds.
  • A character mentions his intent to have sex (in the context of the dialogue rape is implied) with her and then mentions watching her while she showered. A few crude sexual references are made.
  • A male character pins a female character to the floor and licks her face. There is clear intention of rape although the scene ends shortly thereafter.
  • Sexual innuendos and crude references are made periodically throughout the move.
  • A man tells a woman in front of her male team members that she should have sex with a male prisoner. The next day one of the men states that he will have sex with the woman.
  • There are several moments where dialogue either implicitly or explicitly implies rape. There is no actual sexual encounters in the movie - only references, crude dialog and a lengthy scene of nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • Numerous Brutal/Bloody Violence throughout with many characters in constant peril, some in deadly & rather grisly situations.
  • Lots of gore, most of it from alien creatures, some of it human.
  • A number of characters are killed and their bloodied bodies are shown.
  • The main character Riddick is in constant bloody condition & is brutally wounded several times where he is seen performing surgery on himself in a number of scenes; Very Graphic.
  • A man's head is severed between the jaws with a machete, the upper head falls into a box while his body remains standing with the lower half of the head still in place; Gory/Bloody.
  • A major character's pet is shot and killed; Blood is visible squirting out from its head. VERY emotional/sudden.
  • A character is shot with tranquilizer darts; No blood, but he is seen in agonizing pain, limping to the ground.
  • Riddick is impaled in the abdomen by the tooth of one of the creatures; He removes it, & blood is seen rapidly pouring out of the wound as he collapses to the ground in shock. Riddick is then seen crawling to a bunch of volcanic rocks, picks one up, and performs a cauterization on himself before entering into the final battle; He is shrieking in pain as this happens.
  • A female character is shot while she runs away from a group of characters. She bleeds to death in front of Riddick as he watches her die; Sudden, but quite sad as it makes you feel hatred towards the main human antagonist.
  • The last confrontation of the film with Riddick solely against a swarm of Scorpion Aliens is truly violent & shocking, as well very emotional as you feel for Riddick in this moment, clamoring to survive ..


  • A decent amount of cussing throughout. R-rated language
  • 55 F-Words
  • A few uses of sh*t, b*tch, a**, p*ss, damn, sucks, name callings (dingo-dongo thing, etc.)
  • Some heavy sexually charged dialogue throughout

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Riddick tells a character that his son was addicted to morphine.
  • Riddick and his Alien dog use scorpion venom to develop immunity.
  • A couple of characters smoke.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is the DARKEST, & MOST VIOLENT of the series.. It is also the MOST TRAGICALLY EMOTIONAL entry as we witness a near vulnerable Riddick put through his most physical & mental tests throughout the picture, in a much more desperate/darker side to him than we've seen before where his intellect & ingenuity are his greatest allies ..
  • There are a lot of frightening scenes in the movie.
  • Intense scenes included in the above posted material are considered Frightening & Bloodily Violent
  • The atmosphere of the whole movie is dark and depressive with blood thirsty creatures and death all around.
  • The musical score by Graeme Revell is dark, simplistic, emotional, & powerful, complementing the tones of the film perfectly ..


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The night time looks scary and creepy with the big scorpions.
  • One main antagonist, Boss Johns, the father of William Johns from Pitch Black (2000), has a personal vendetta against Riddick for the "crime" he committed during the events of Pitch Black (2000). He is seen interrogating Riddick during one scene, showing that he is only an emotionally damaged father trying to reconcile the past. He ends up forgiving Riddick in the end & promises to clear his records clean, telling Riddick to not tell him where Riddick is headed next.
  • Riddick's Final Stand against the army of Scorpion Aliens is Brutally Violent & Grippingly Dramatic as Riddick fends for his life as he climbs higher & higher up a mountain side, with Intensified Orchestral Music & Riddick at the very point of sudden death.
  • In the Director's Initial Ending, Riddick flies back towards Vaako' shuttle only to find Krone kneeling before the Underverse. Krone tells Riddick that Vaako, being a decent man, had every intention to bring Riddick back to his home world of Furya, while Krone pulled the strings to abandon Riddick on the deserted planet. In return, Riddick skews Krone's skull, killing him, while uttering "too many words". Riddick turns to the servant girl who is shown with a reddish mark on her face (similar to Krone), & asks her to tell him whether or not Vaako is alive, promising not to kill her; The servant girl responds "both", indicating that Vaako has traversed into the Underverse .. As the camera fades out, Riddick walks towards a circular portal; Vaako' line of "Transcendance" is audible as Riddick is shown looking out into the desolate galaxy of the Underverse .. Haunting & Emotional music soars through this Powerful moment ..

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