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  • Riddick takes place in 2196, i.e. five years after the events of The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) (2004), which was set five years after the events of Pitch Black (2000) (2000), meaning that all three movies happen within a decade. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • She says, "Let me ask you something, sweet-like..." We're not told exactly what her question is but, based on Riddick's words from a previous scene, it is implied that she is asking him to have sex with her. Of course, she already told Santana that she doesn't "fuck men" but she may simply have been lying to Santana because she obviously despised him. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Director David Twohy hinted prior to the theatrical release date that the home video releases could contain a longer version of the survival thriller. It was supposed to contain more of the mythology in the background. The movie's first cut clocked in at 2 hours and 20 minutes, a runtime that is unsuitable for most of today's cinema films. Twohy shortened it until it reached the desired 2-hour mark but promised to enrich the Unrated Extended Cut with some of that material. And that's what he did. While the theatrical version is quite short on the matter that Riddick left the Necromonger throne, the Extended Cut shows that for him staying on wasn't really a life-prolonging option. And the ending was also notably prepared for the theoretical possibility that a 4th film could transport the story in Chronicles of Riddick directions once again. It remains to be seen if that ever happens but in the meantime, fans of Riddick can raise their hopes a little more with the Extended Cut of the film that makes another adventure of their hero more plausible. Edit (Coming Soon)


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