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27 Jan. 2014
Grammy Win/Cash for Jobs/C1 Cafe
Joel Little on his Grammy win for 'Royals'/'If you've got the money, you've got the job'/C1 Cafe in Christchurch opens/David Cunliffe on his state of the nation.
10 Feb. 2014
Castaway José Alvarenga/Akaroa Cruise
Jose Alvarenga floats up in the Marshall Islands after over a year at sea; Akaroa steps up for luxury liners; and Lachlan Forsyth eats a hot chili live on air.
11 Feb. 2014
Postal Scams/Western Australia: 2 Years On
Shocking lotteries scams target the elderly; Two years on: A better life in Western Australia? And the first in this years' series 'Our own backyard', featuring Turangi.
12 Feb. 2014
IPL Auction/Have Kiwis Run Out of Luck in Australia?/DIY Coffins
IPL auction: What's Luke Ronchi's price tag? We ask: have Kiwis run out of luck in Australia? And DIY coffins break down taboos.
25 Feb. 2014
Powerboat Threat to Dolphins/Western Australia Jobs: 2 Years On
Offshore Powerboats threaten baby dolphins; and is the pot of gold still in Australian mining?
26 Feb. 2014
GE Free Hawke's Bay/Western Australia Housing: 2 Years On
Is New Zealand really GE-free? Has Australia's mining boom turned to bust? And horizontal parachuting with a top skydiver.
27 Feb. 2014
Termite Tragedy/Canoeing the Cook Strait
Termite tragedy for one Waikato family; and History repeating: Canoeing the Cook Strait.
5 Mar. 2014
Christchurch Flooding
Another disaster Christchurch didn't need.
1 Apr. 2014
One Night with a St John Crew/Shop Around for Veges
One night with a St John crew; and why it pays to shop around for vegetables.
7 Apr. 2014
At Home with the Leaders: John Key
Over the next few weeks, Campbell Live will be taking a look inside the homes and lives of our leaders.
25 Apr. 2014
Anzac Day
As we remember Anzac Day we commemorate the sacrifice made by so many thousands, indeed tens of thousands, of Kiwi men and women who've given so much in service and support of their country.
28 Apr. 2014
Legal High Ban
What does the future hold for legal highs?
12 May 2014
At Home with the Leaders: David Cunliffe
This election year, Campbell Live is taking a look inside the homes and lives of our leaders. The show ends with a tribute to 60 Minutes cameraman Ross Kenward.
20 May 2014
Key's Meeting with GCSB Boss Revealed
On December 16, 2011, the GCSB began its illegal surveillance of Kim Dotcom. Neither the Prime Minister, nor the incoming GCSB head Ian Fletcher, were told about it.
2 Jun. 2014
How to Make New Zealand's Biggest City, Better
Campbell Live tonight aired a series of stories on how to make New Zealand's biggest city, better.
9 Jun. 2014
The Unsung Heroes of New Zealand's Emergency Departments
The sights, the sounds and the carnage that frontline staff are confronted with every weekend make them unsung heroes.
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S10, Ep108
25 Jun. 2014
Dead Sea Spa Targets Elderly Woman/Pet Stag Attacks Owner/Scheme Transforms Learning for Maori Pupils
Dead Sea Spa kiosks targets elderly woman in shopping mall; Pet stag attacks owner; and a new scheme transforms learning for Maori pupils.
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S10, Ep131
28 Jul. 2014
New Termite-free Home for Te Aroha Family
Campbell Live alongside the team from GJ Gardner Homes was tonight live from Te Aroha as the Lawton family received the keys their termite-free home.
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S10, Ep134
31 Jul. 2014
Inside Auckland Women's Prison/Foil Insulation Fatally Unsafe
Auckland Women's Prison - rehabilitation or luxury? Foil insulation fatally unsafe; and Nana Gates' Monster Chocolate Cake recipe.
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S10, Ep151
25 Aug. 2014
Auckland Beggars/At Home with the Leaders: Jamie Whyte/Living Rough for Art's Sake
Auckland beggars: 'Don't judge us'; At Home with the Leaders: Jamie Whyte; Best of the NIWA Wellington Science Fair - Wellesley College; and Living rough for art's sake.
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S10, Ep153
27 Aug. 2014
18-hour Struggle for Survival/Blind Kiwi Preparing for Lift-off/Human Rights Through the Lens
Kiwi couple's 18-hour struggle for survival; Blind Kiwi preparing for lift-off; and Human rights through the lens.
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S10, Ep158
3 Sep. 2014
Dinner with the Deciders
Campbell Live hosts a minor leaders debate. Held at the Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant in Auckland.
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S10, Ep159
4 Sep. 2014
Christchurch, Four Years On
Tonight Campbell Live went to air from Shirley Boys' High in Christchurch and invited anyone who has unresolved issues with EQC or their insurer.
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S10, Ep160
5 Sep. 2014
Lunchbox Day 2014
Campbell Live's second Lunchbox Day has raised $810,000 to help KidsCan Charitable Trust.
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S10, Ep171
22 Sep. 2014
Prime Minister John Key
John Key's outlook, goals for the next three years.
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S10, Ep198
29 Oct. 2014
Auckland Traffic Compared to the World
A $2 toll has been proposed for every time you use an Auckland motorway onramp to pay for the reinvention of Auckland's transport system. Plus swishing for clothes.
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S10, Ep208
12 Nov. 2014
Phillip John Smith's Victim
The survivor of the horrific home invasion and three years of sexual abuse at the hands of fugitive Phillip John Smith talks exclusively to John Campbell.
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S10, Ep215
21 Nov. 2014
Petrol drive-off dockings/Hamilton's 150th
The Government has launched an investigation into the practice of docking the pay of service station employees for drive-offs; and Hamilton's 150th Birthday.
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S10, Ep235
19 Dec. 2014
A Very Campbell Christmas
Campbell Live Xmas party celebrates the best of 2014.

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