Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) Poster

Josh Duhamel: Lennox



  • Que : Ah, good, you're here. My name's Que. I do hope you have answers for him. I've never seen him so upset!

    Lennox : Optimus, you remember Charlotte Mearing, our director of National Intelligence?

    [Optimus stays in truck mode] 

    Dino : He's in a bad mood. He's not talking to anybody today.

    Charlotte Mearing : What is this, the silent treatment?

    Ironhide : We've seen that and this is not that.

    Que : Definitely not!

    Ironhide : This is worse. Prime, make something of yourself!

    [bangs fist on top of Optimus's cab, Optimus transforms] 

    Ironhide : He's pissed.

    Optimus Prime : [pounds the ground]  You lied to us! Everything humans know of our planet we were told had all been shared!

    [points to component] 

    Optimus Prime : So why was this found in human possession?

  • Lennox : What the hell was that thing?

    Optimus Prime : That is Shockwave.

  • Sam Witwicky : [to Lennox]  We gotta get Sentinel outta here, he is the key to all this...

    Sentinel Prime : Indeed I am! What you must realize my Autobot brothers, is we were never going to win the war! For the sake of our planet's survival, a deal had to be made... with Megatron!

    [blasts Ironhide] 

    Lennox : GET BACK!

    Ironhide : [rusting away]  Sentinel... what have you done?

    Sentinel Prime : [to Ironhide]  I hereby discharge you from duty!

    [shoots Ironhide again] 

  • Charlotte Mearing : CIA's up my ass about this mystery raid in the Middle East. So it's time to come clean. Was your unit involved?

    Lennox : Uh, I'm not sure ma'am.

    Charlotte Mearing : As director of National Intelligence, I'm a really big fan of intelligent answers.

    Lennox : I really can't tell you definitively. These Autobots are like teenage kids, they like to sneak out of the house every once in a while.

  • Lennox : Listen up! You wanna hit back? We're gonna have to wingsuit in. It's the only way to get close. I can't promise anyone a ride home, but if you're with me, the world needs you now.

  • Lennox : Epps! Epps, I've been looking for your ass! How you doing?

    Robert Epps : Your time is whack! Even worse, we can't get across the river to that building and the Autobots are upstairs surrounded.

  • [the Autobots and NEST gather around to reawaken Sentinel Prime] 

    Lennox : [to Mearing]  That's the Matrix of Leadership, the only thing in the Universe that can repower a Transformer's spark.

    Optimus Prime : Let us begin... Sentinel Prime, we bid you return.

    [drives the Matrix into Sentinel's chest, reviving him... Sentinel grabs Optimus in a deadlock] 

    Lennox : Hold your fire!

    Optimus Prime : Stop! Sentinel, it is I, Optimus Prime!

    Ironhide : You are home, Sentinel.

    Ratchet : There is nothing to fear.

  • Lennox : [looking in the Driller's claw]  Why was he after this?

    Optimus Prime : It's impossible... This is an engine part, from a long lost Autobot ship.

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