Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) Poster

John Turturro: Simmons



  • Simmons : Years from now they're going to ask us: where were you when they took over the planet? We're gonna say: we stood by and watched.

  • Simmons : Don't worry, I speak their language.

    [doorman opens sliding hatch] 

    Simmons : Do svidaniya.

    Russian Bouncer : That means goodbye!

    [closes hatch] 

  • Simmons : We've go to beak this case down. What we have here, is an astronaut epidemic.

    [Points to different photos in turn] 

    Simmons : MIA, dead, died in a car accident, killed, DOA, car death... it's like these guys can't drive, they can fly into outer space but they can't drive a car.

  • Simmons : Excuse me, excuse me, It doesn't make sense! Can't we get any eyes in there at all?

    Charlotte Mearing : They keep shooting down our drones.

    General Morshower : They want us blind. But we do have a couple of mini-drones we're going to try.

    Simmons : Well, whoever's manning these UAV drones, can we try to redirect them toward Trump Tower? The kid, Witwicky, was on his way to Chicago. Said some point man, human op is there, for the Decepticons! Listen, if I know anything I know this: that kid is an alien bad news magnet!

  • Simmons : [about Carly]  She lives here? Wow!

    [to Dutch] 

    Simmons : You had your chance to frisk her.

    Dutch : I have a girlfriend.

    Simmons : Really, what's her name?

    Dutch : India...

  • Simmons : Tell Megatron, "Let's tango."

  • Simmons : I don't think this is about the Decepticons looking for something... I think it's something they wanted to hide.

  • Simmons : [Wants to impress the Russians with a Russian phrase]  Dutch, give me something tough.

    Dutch : Eh.

    [browses dictionary in panic] 

    Dutch : Baryshnikov.

    Cosmonaut Dimitri : We do speak English.

    Simmons : Dutch, you suck.

    Dutch : It's a Cyrillic alphabet. It's like all the buttons you never push on a calculator! I don't suck.

  • Simmons : Nothing like driving in a Maybach, huh? Germans know how to make cars, let me tell you.

  • Simmons : Well, well, well. Charlotte Mearing.

    Charlotte Mearing : Agent Simmons. Former Agent Simmons. So I see you survived Washington.

    Simmons : Washington, Egypt, heartbreak. I survive. I will survive.

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